Lone Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Virginia On-Air Shooting

Part 1: Vicki Gardner told her husband she never saw the gunman coming until he shot Adam Ward and Alison Parker.
10:06 | 08/29/15

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Transcript for Lone Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Virginia On-Air Shooting
They were just doing the New Year's morning now and maybe he meant commuters. On air and it continues to get worse showed it's unthinkable. Three innocent people on a deadly collision course with the ticking time bomb so that's brass Williams with him as a kind of extension to kill solved tonight we're taking you into the mind of a killer. These are new. 23 page suicide note he sent out. Well let that note is all for hill and it's not for us saying he was a human powder K just waiting to go boom. And waiting for this. The early shipped at WD BJ TV Roanoke Virginia. Popular local personalities. Reporter Alison Parker and camera man Adam Warren we were driving to work while it's still dark. Leaving their loved ones. Nice. Have a pre K honey she send and well tonight's report. That was the last either. While there are getting ready to go on the air so is Bryce Williams in the eighteenth district planning. He'd been hired bear ice Williams WTVJ Saturday and iron bear and two years and are from our doorstep. A loose cannon plotting his revenge desperately just one more closeup unique sounding. Hey not sure what happened air I bring us thinking who consumes. Neither was the morning producer whose cameraman beyoncé was just gunned down 91 hair the man she was going to marry. Was shot and killed in front of her son her eyes tonight we're taking you from the manhunt. Arm. Through his ruling madness I think of the vasser at bats I met. Ten years ago and they look like Jacqueline high job my job to the breaking point. I noticed him in the review in my car I hope he does have a gun he gets all of this attention the last few hours he's alive. And that's what he was looking. Could he have been stopped. Before two innocent lives were taken to. Good evening I'm Deborah Roberts David and Elizabeth are on assignment tonight. For so many of us like myself who started out in small TV stations or any kind of small office where everyone is family. This tragedy hits close to home. Fifteen gunshots turning a workplace into a sort of war zone. But one bit of good news tonight is that one of those victims Vicky gardener is up and talking. Her husband sharing. Here's Jim Ottawa. Vicky gardener woke up this morning to her brave new world. A world where she's lucky to be alive the lone survivor of a gunman is killing spree. When she came to an recovery room doctor told me its prognosis is or ceramic a full recovery. Morris a kidney and some other small parts Rwandan. I'm tremendously positive prognosis after two surgeries on her back and kidney. Since Vickie believes the gunman was intent on killing her as well homes and yet she told her husband she never saw any of it coming there's a bright lights are facing camera with a light the morning Nelson. Good morning tennis dress and Freel was focused on building their interview this killer set his sights on them Alison obviously it was a initial target and it went. He shot several times. He then shoots Vickie in the back standing over her and what could have been her final moments so we catch came over to do it yeah. Food across as he missed twice. And then she dove to the ground and curl up on the ball. This time the only sound are not explosive gunfire but the clicks and apparently jammed gun. We'll Trevor several times. It's hard winds would blow Alison Parker an anti war dead at her feet didn't gunman long gone. Vicky gardener manages to rise to her feet. She's one of those individuals assess a fact get a bomber get up she got up and walked an ambulance. For Alison Parker and Adam ward. The Eagles were. The rare individuals and makeshift memorials are out front of the WD BJ news room. And inside to grant. There's an anchor at our sister station KY colleagues from sister stations in the midwest have flown in to help as the grief stricken staff's struggles. Through shock over the loss of who calling. This we will not a cause and reflects. And woman want to share with you once again what made these two so special not just us but de all of our hometowns and WD BJ seven service. On August is typically quiet here in Roanoke Virginia although the gentle sounds of river to. Not the rapid fire explosions of gunshots. This is your home tell means we. I have yeah. 24 year old reporter Alison mark was there to cover everything from bacon bass and charity events next to a recent series on trial. Experts say neglect as a form of child abuse that is just as damaging as physical or sexual abuse. 27 year old cameraman and award a big personality. Known for his sense of fun. Was also a big part of the news. Occasionally turning the camera on himself and by Tuesday the heart in the weather winds. Eileen good day I'm bit ago that it was correct high level on record hurricane apart up upright piano so happy I had no idea. A local boy an avid sports fan Adam ward grew up twelve miles away in the world's pound of savings. Affectionately known as Virginia's championship city. Where he played football for the Salem spark. Both Adam and Allison are full of the radiant energy of journalists. Just starting out were paired off by their bosses who saw their potential as a dynamic duo. They were together for over a year and day in day out as we look at the pictures and the ones that we showed. And our various newscasts. We see all the fun moments they had together. While growing up in the small town of Martinsville Virginia she found the thrill and working on her high school's robotics team. And later even tutored others in calculus. She was just scratching the surface of her potential. I saw her the first time when I met her and she left my office and I said Allison had. Had that it factor. Here on the campus of James Madison university and Allison made a big impression of the student newspaper and even intern at WDB changing the very station she grew up watching. Don't let the smile fool you she was a really hard news reporter tenacious as the word that I keep coming back to. Parents were concerned about the principal taking matters into work I don't hang. Alison soon got her first job on air at a new brick North Carolina station even before earning a diploma. Her family was thrilled Joshi who always homelands they were paid to have to think about packaged she did that every single day. Then last year Allison came home at WG BJ seven dotted WD BJ's. Quarter a well rounded charisma quickly made her a local fan favorite. When I was younger I wanted to either become a doctor or become a farm assessed but as a journalist I get to cover those types at the old so it's. Close enough. In this video produced by the station. To introduce Allison to viewers she talked about a few of her favorite things. I absolutely love Mexican. And the spicier the better. Yeah. And it was over some of that spicy Mexican food that Allison found her. Next great love we had our first day we want to have Mexican food. She loves Mexican food and we didn't even need any evidence because we were nervous and every day after that has been pure voice. I. Chris Hurst is the main anchor on the station's evening newscast we would go to station events and appearances together. Is a reporter and anchor not as boyfriend or girlfriend. We couldn't even really out of there either because we've just for someone loves. Soon they moved in together they were so thankful and she just tickled. Funny jabs at him and he just take it hit that. Cameraman Adam ward also had a serious relationship with colleague Melissa ot the morning show producer. Me started dating. After they went to the wedding another coworker and then. Obviously just fell in love. Then last December Adam dropped to his knee and popped the question. And like any good photo journalist he made sure the big moment was shared on FaceBook for the world to see. Mullis was talking about her wedding happy wedding chat happy plants. And in what now feels like cool iron this couple was poised to start a new life together in a new town. It just didn't come soon enough. It was her last. News cast she's taken a job Charlotte N Adam's gonna go returns are uncertain allies together down there was that he was just be happy day. But little do either these young colleagues know that their fates will soon reconnect with a killer. A former coworker they've all but forgotten. But he's never forgotten there.

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{"duration":"10:06","description":"Part 1: Vicki Gardner told her husband she never saw the gunman coming until he shot Adam Ward and Alison Parker.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"33396827","title":"Lone Survivor's Harrowing Tale of Virginia On-Air Shooting ","url":"/2020/video/lone-survivors-harrowing-tale-virginia-air-shooting-33396827"}