Lori Vallow gets married in Hawaii as authorities search for missing kids: Part 1

Recently widowed, Vallow had been married four times before her marriage to Chad Daybell, whose spouse had also recently died.
9:16 | 02/27/21

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Transcript for Lori Vallow gets married in Hawaii as authorities search for missing kids: Part 1
When you imagine what a tropical island would look like and what it would feel like, kauai is exactly that. It's a pretty amazing place. The wedding between Lori and Chad daybell was in kauai. That's right. Were you invited? No. I don't think anybody was there except for the two of them and whoever preformed the services. The photos are great, but the one thing you notice about them is it's only the bride and groom. 7-year-old son J.J. Is not there. Neither is 16-year-old daughter not at the wedding, not in Hawaii, not staying with friends or family. J.J., say hi. Cops are looking high and low, but they can't find them anywhere. And yet, the wedding goes on. The story and what's happening at this wedding is incredibly dark. The urgent search for those missing Idaho siblings. Officials say the kids have not been seen since September. Good morning, Tom. This is really a mysterious one. The story goes national, number one, because nobody's seen these kids in weeks. But what really drives this story is that the mom is completely silent, which bothers people. It's very bizarre. Why wouldn't she just tell people where they are? Why keep it secret? Chad, Lori, can you tell me where your kids are? Would you tell me what happened to J.J.? Can you tell me where tylee is? Just to see her utter disregard for, you know, people's questions. With Lori silent, we reached out to her family to see if they could shed any light on her behavior or the whereabouts of her kids. They agreed to sit down with us early on in the investigation. At the time, they painted a radically different picture than the one the public was seeing. Well, I'm Janis cox, and I'm Lori's mother, and I am very much appreciative of an opportunity to say what I know to be truebout Lori. She's beautiful. She's sweet. She's kind. She's generous to a fault. Lori and summer both took dance, and they both ended up being cheerleaders. They both loved sports. They both played on the softball team that I coached, our church softball team, for three years. Lori was the pitcher and would never let me take her out. It was really sad. She became a hairstylist because she loves help making people look more beautiful. But the most important thing to me is the kind of mother she is. The way she dedicated herself to her children. I realize that it looks bad, but I know Lori very well, and I know she would not harm her children or anyone's children. I know Lori. I know Lori's done everything she can to protect her kids. When I first started talking to her, the first thing she said to me was, mom, you know me. You know I am taking care of my kids. So, the way the family describes it, they describe this is the a very close-knit unit. But there is something really weird. They weren't at the wedding because they didn't even know there was a wedding. I don't think I knew that Lori married Chad daybell until I saw it on TV. To fully understand Lori, I think it helps to go back in time to see how her past relationships may have played a role in her current situation. In the late 1980s, Lori's a high school cheerleader in rialto, California. She's popular, smart, she comes from a devout Mormon family. In 1992, she marries her high school sweetheart. He wasn't my favorite, and we didn't have a close relationship. She left home when she was 18. And we asked Lori to wait a year, but they just went off and decided to do their own thing and got married. And so we didn't go to the wedding. There soon was a second marriage, and it's out of this marriage Lori's first child, Colby, is born. We weren't in favor of him, even though he was Colby's father. Hoping the third time is the charm, Lori marries again. This time to Joseph Ryan. You know, they caught people's attention because they were beautiful. They were magnanimous. They were both extroverts. They were, you know, just kind of larger than life. One reason Lori had wanted to get married was to have another baby. So, she got pregnant with tylee right away. And she was really excited about having tylee. Wheel of fortune It's during this time Lori makes an appearance on the game show heel of fortune." Gopher, doc, Isaac and captain stubing. Yeah! And in that clip, Lori describes married life in glowing terms. I have a wonderful husband, Joseph, at home who is watching our two beautiful children, Colby who is7, and tylee who is one. What do you like to do for fun? We like to play all kinds of sports on our three acres. Okay, sounds like you have a nice life there. We do. And here we are, the contestants for Mrs. Texas, 2004. Contestant number 4, Lori Ryan. Lori does not lack for confidence. She was bold enough to get up on stage in a Texas beauty pageant. She is Mrs. Hays county. Her husband is Joseph. They have been married for three and half years, and they have two children. In 2004, Lori was recruited to do the pageant, and she worked really hard to get in perfect shape. I don't know what prompted her to want to do the pageant, other than it gave her kind of an outlet. And she thought that might help her marriage at the time. Lori does have stage presence. She's very poised. She did everything beautifully. Tell us who you are. What makes you tick? Being a good mom is very important to me, and a good wife, and a good worker, and being all those things is not easy, so im basically a ticking time bomb. Joseph Ryan appears to have been a bit of a ticking time bomb himself. I did witness him be physically abusive toward Colby. He was physically abusive from the very get go. And that "Wheel of fortune" clip we saw Lori in becomes a lot more interesting, because we're able to see how she can portray this illusion of happiness, even when her marriage is falling apart. The marriage implodes under allegations of Joe Ryan abused both children. Those allegations are investigated but never substantiated. The custody battle drags on for years. How are you guys doing? Enter Alex cox, Lori's brother like no other. I found out Christmas was wrong. Jesus was not born in Bethlehem. He was born in El Salvador. Alex cox has show biz aspirations doing cartoon voiceovers, as well as comedy on stage. I haven't got a rabbit's license. He will play a pivotal role in Lori's life. He is a key piece to a puzzle that will take investigators months to put together. I'm Alex cox and I'm gonna be looney tunes. Tell me what your impressions of Alex were when you met him. My impressions of Alex was that, um, he was a little off and lacked social skills or just maybe didn't really connect with people. I think that's all. What did he tell you about Lori's previous husband, Joseph Ryan, tylee's dad? He had told me that there had been some allegations of abuse and that he kind of took it upon himself to protect tylee and Colby and that he had attempted to take Joe's life. Alex got into it with Joe Ryan in a parking lot and assaulted Ryan with a taser in the heart. Alex winds up serving time for aggravated assault. It's another failed marriage for Lori. Enter Charles Vallow, a man who will eventually become husband number four. It's interesting to note Lori's early marriages didn't last very long, but it didn't sour her on the institution of marriage either. I don't know why Lori's been married so many times. I think she's always worn her heart on her sleeve. She thinks that she is trying to help people when she marries them. Can Charles make Lori happy? Can anyone make this mother of two happy? It's like the old adage -- mama ain't happy, nobody's

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{"duration":"9:16","description":"Recently widowed, Vallow had been married four times before her marriage to Chad Daybell, whose spouse had also recently died. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"76147090","title":"Lori Vallow gets married in Hawaii as authorities search for missing kids: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/lori-vallow-married-hawaii-authorities-search-missing-kids-76147090"}