Lotto Murder: Accused Killer Proclaims Her Innocence

Act 4: "I would never harm another human being!" Dee Dee Moore tells ABC News' "20/20."
7:38 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for Lotto Murder: Accused Killer Proclaims Her Innocence
Announcer: This special edition of "20/20," crazy stupid luck, continues. Reporter: Convicted murderers rarely talk while they still have appeals left. But dee dee moore isn't your run-of-the-mill killer. I'm not nervous. I don't get nervous. Reporter:20/20 was granted an exclusive interview with dee dee here in her cell block's cafeteria. Upon arrival we quickly learned that for ms. Moore, all the world's a stage. And she, a player, sauntering in ready for showtime. I've been on tv before. Reporter: Was I about to hear an apology for her role in this shakespeare's tragedy? Maybe remorse about his death? Hardly. This shrew had not been tamed. I think people are complete idiots that think I had anything to do with it, I really do. I think they have no brain cells. That's just my opinion. Did you murder abraham shakespeare? Absolutely not! Did you bury him in your backyard? Absolutely not!! Why are you laughing? A man is dead, he was clearly murdered and you're laughing. Because I find it entertaining that people are that ignorant. Because there's so many things that proves my innocence. Reporter: Detectives say she's a woman who believes she can convince anyone of anything. You ended up in his house, with all the rest of his money. Then he ended up dead on your property shot by your gun. You don't find any of that unusual or odd? Absolutely not, considering the people he hung around. I knew only this man 4 months so I think that everything that people are saying is very ignorant. I knew this man four months and I'm going to -- oh, my goodness I met this man and you know what? I'm going to plot a murder in four months. Reporter: Welcome to dee dee's world. A place where she is the star and heroine. Let me show you this. This is fan mail? I have more than just fan mail. I have places wanting to do a big screen. A movie producer doing a big tv screen production of my case. They want to reenact my whole case. Reporter: Like any decent actress, she could switch emotions on a dime. At times full of bluster -- I made good money myself, i didn't need abraham shakespeare's money. I don't understand how you went from being a potential biographer to somehow being his money manager and confidante. That's just my nature. I tend to help people out when they're in need. So when abe needed help I just jumped in and helped. How did you get yourself into this mess? Stupidity. Um, I am not a person to hang around drug dealers. I'm not a person to hang around bad, mean, evil people. I wouldn't say naive I just was not street smart. Reporter: Then she would melt into utter despair. Reporter: When the guilty verdict was read -- the defendant is guilty of first degree murder. The defendant did actually pose and discharge a firearm causing death. Reporter: What went through your mind? They murdered me by the hands of justice. I am murdered. You might as well kill me, because this is no type of living in here. I would never harm another human being! I would never hurt nobody! I liked mickey mouse and donald duck, and disney! I like tinker bell and kind things. I am not a mean person. I know I'll go to heaven, god knows I am innocent. That is one person who knows I'm innocent. Reporter: If god believes her, why didn't the jury? She blames a bad lawyer. I personally would have convicted myself for what they got to hear. They didn't get to hear my side, they didn't get to see my evidence. They didn't get to hear my witnesses. Why didn't you take the stand then? You had every opportunity to defend yourself. I wanted my witnesses to take the stand. For me to take the stand, my lawyers said we didn't need it. Your lawyer was that convinced you were going to win? Yes. lawyer, byron heilman, told us the decision not to testify was dee dee's. We discussed with ms. Moore whether she wished to testify. That discussion had gone on for quite some time and she made the decision not to do that. Reporter: Nevertheless, since she claims her case was not presented in court, she laid it out for us. Sort of. People were trying to frame you? Absolutely. Why? Because, first of all, I was an easy target. Reporter: A target, she claims, for drug dealers. Still sticking to that story about the so called drug dealer ronald. She explained that his band of killers threatened her. They were going to take my son and kill him and chop him up and put him on my doorstep. Who? These guys that the sheriff's department says didn't exist. That we have witnesses that they do exist. And there is blood dna at the crime scene of them. I cant make up dna! I'm not a magician! Reporter: Detectives say they didn't ignore blood at the scene. But say it proved nothing about "ronald." Perhaps most ludicrous this. Did you ever propose that you would have a sexual relationship with the detectives? Absolutely. Ronald was telling me the detectives were playing bad cop good cop and he purposely made me flirt with him. He said you can tell that he's recording you because he's not flirting with you when he's recording you. He said flirt with him and you'll know when he's recording you. I had to. My life was at stake. Do you understand how listening to you sounds bewildering? Do you understand how listening to you sounds like a bunch of stupidity? You're going around and around. You don't make any sense. That's because you're looking at it the way the court system wants you to. You're trying to convict me. Reporter: As for those witnesses who corroborated her story, dee dee says she has witnesses but she wouldn't show us their names. What are your witnesses? Can we take their names? I would have to ask my lawyers. Maybe they might. The thing is, I have to ask their permission because they are witnesses in an on going case. This is one -- just so you can see it from far away. This is stuff not in my discovery. These are witness statements. These witnesses don't exist and that certainly looks like your handwriting. What do you mean? It looks like your handwriting. What you said were witness notes looks like your handwriting. I don't think these witnesses exist. As our time ran out and dee dee saw the curtain fall on her performance -- why don't you give us the witnesses and we'll have ronald existing. She dangled one name as she exited stage right. Her first name is deanna. I'll give you that. Reporter: We asked the detectives about deanna. They say it was dee dee's final concoction, a final lie from a convicted murder who is set to spend the rest of her life behind bars. As for greg smith, the man who played the fool in order to put dee dee away, you can find him back in the barber shop still cutting hair. And just a couple of miles down the road, a simple resting place for fortune's least favored son, abraham shakespeare, a man who just played the lotto only for good luck and found out the hard way that indeed some rise by sin and some by virtue fall. Announcer: Next, the office

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{"id":20220695,"title":"Lotto Murder: Accused Killer Proclaims Her Innocence","duration":"7:38","description":"Act 4: \"I would never harm another human being!\" Dee Dee Moore tells ABC News' \"20/20.\"","url":"/2020/video/lotto-murder-accused-killer-proclaims-innocence-20220695","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}