Making of a President Part 3: Donald Trump's Family and Children

Donald Trump married his wife Melania in 2005, and their son Barron, now 10, was born a year later.
7:15 | 11/12/16

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Transcript for Making of a President Part 3: Donald Trump's Family and Children
Reporter: In the early '90s, Donald Trump is on the hunt for three things. Power, money, and women. An easy way to understand Donald Trump is that his appetites are whetted and heightened by the chase. He is certainly drawn to very beautiful women, and many of them are very intelligent. Reporter: Wife Ivana trump is one of those beautiful and intelligent women. She's just not the only one. The couple's 14-year marriage is on the rocks after whispers of an affair with Marla maples. A woman the tabloids have dubbed the Georgia peach. Wife Ivana, who has three kids with Donald, tells ABC's "Primetime," she never saw it coming. Did you see warning signs? I really didn't. I really didn't. Are you following the trump thing? You can't miss it. The front-page fiasco of lovers, lawyers, and large settlements. Reporter: In the end, Ivana gets more than $20 million in a divorce settlement in 1992. A year later, Donald weds maples, a former beauty queen. But for Donald Trump, one beauty queen simply won't do. So in 1996, he buys them all. Can you stand it? Reporter: Purchasing the miss universe pageant and putting Marla front and center as the new co-host. If for any reason miss universe cannot complete her reign, the first runner-up will become miss universe. Reporter: But soon, it is Marla maples' universe that's about to change. Her marriage to the Donald is now in trouble. I give it four months. Reporter: Actually, the relationship lasts just under four years. Here's Marla, leaving divorce court. A little wealthier and a lot wiser. He's always got to win. Reporter: Playboy Donald is back playing the field. And wants everyone to know about it. He even has a publicist named Jon Miller, who sounds like Donald Trump. In the world of trump, any news is good news. In 1998 Donald finally meets his match at a party in nyc. A model from Slovenia named Melania, who told Barbara Walters she played hard to get What was your first impression of Donald Trump? Well, he was very charming, and he -- we had the great sparkle. He came with a date. So he asked me for the number and I said, I will not give you my number. So if you give me your numbers I will -- I will call you. He was known as kind of a ladies' man. And, but we had -- Oh? Reporter: The two marry in 2005. Donald is a generation older than his model bride. Your husband has been married twice before. Did you have any concerns that it might not work out? No, I didn't have any concerns. We have a great chemistry. And to be with a man as my husband is, you need to know who you are. You need to have a very independent life as well. And supporting him. You need to be very smart and quick. And be there for him when he needs you. That's the big difference in this marriage. I think that she appears to be very focused on his needs, on being Mrs. Donald Trump, and she's not focused on getting anything for herself. Reporter: After a year, they have a son, Barron, who Melania refers to as little Donald. Now ten years old. Father and son share a love of golf. That's Barron taking a practice swing inside the family's marble living room. When he comes home, we spend time together, two of us, or two of us and Barron. Just be at home. Because that's a really quality time together. Reporter: Quality time for trump's older kids, Donald Jr., ivanka, Eric and Tiffany, was not always at home. Your father has said that he was not, I'm using his words, very present when you were growing up. I would challenge him on that. He was very available to us and accessible to us. If we called, he took the phone. I mean, from -- Always. When we were 6 years old, I'd call. He'd be negotiating with a CEO of a major bank or whatever it may be. And he would make them wait. He'd take the call from us. Our times together were learning, you know, playing in his office. He would always sneak me down to get a candy bar, you know, in the lobby. Reporter: Does it take time for him to kind of mold into that, into that role or is it just different? He's more old-fashioned? How would you describe it? And so instead of going out in the backyard and throwing around a football with them, they would come down to his office and be playing with legos and, you know, toys there in his office while he's doing business deals. He found a way that was true to him to connect with us that maybe is a little less traditional. You know, his work is his passion. And he found a way to share it with us. Reporter: They say their father also taught them to respect the value of a dollar. To say we weren't spoiled would be laughable. But we were spoiled with great education, great experiences. But we weren't the kids showing up to college with, you know, a ferrari. We always had to sort of earn whatever it is that we wanted. Reporter: And it seems the Donald Trump work ethic is genetic. I think we all have a very competitive spirit. And I think that can be harnessed in one of two ways. To our detriment, meaning that we're competitive in spite of ourselves, or for the positive, which means we push each other. Reporter: Ivanka is, perhaps, the most well-known of the group. And quite possibly daddy's favorite. You better do a good job or you're fired. Who is his favorite? I'm going with ivanka. I'm going with ivanka. Reporter: Today, three trump children work as executive vice presidents at the family business, trying to keep pace with their dad. Sometimes I'll tell him, like, "Oh, you have to, you know, slow down." But it's the only speed he knows. And I, and I kind of love that about him. Reporter: Tiffany, trump's daughter by his second wife Marla maples, recently graduated from her father's ALMA mater, the university of Pennsylvania. I think that it's all I know. I'm so happy to be Tiffany trump. So happy to be, you know, in the family I'm in with my siblings and my father, and my mother. Hello, grandpa. Reporter: Trump's eight grandchildren are also being groomed for the family business. Look at this, huh? What a troop. What is your father like as a grandfather? He's been great. Everyone having a good time? I can see my kids running up to him and giving a hug and just respect him a lot. Reporter: Those grandchildren have an unlikely uncle in 10-year-old Barron. The boss right here. Look at him with all these -- how did you keep all these kids in line, Barron? I don't know. We joke, you have to really respect your uncle, even though there's a one-year difference. So that, that drives my kids crazy. Bye, everybody. Bye. Reporter: But will this family become the first family? How a simple joke may have pushed Donald Trump towards the presidency. And we were all taking bets, like, "Who actually thinks he's gonna go out and do this?" Reporter: When we return.

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{"duration":"7:15","description":"Donald Trump married his wife Melania in 2005, and their son Barron, now 10, was born a year later.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"43483309","title":"Making of a President Part 3: Donald Trump's Family and Children","url":"/2020/video/making-president-part-donald-trumps-family-children-43483309"}