Melanie McGuire's lover takes the stand to testify against her: Part 9

Dr. Bradley Miller, who McGuire was having an affair with, secretly recorded conversations with her for authorities while she was being investigated for her husband's murder.
7:43 | 09/26/20

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Transcript for Melanie McGuire's lover takes the stand to testify against her: Part 9
Do you want to call your next witness, please? Yes, your honor, the state calls Dr. Bradley Miller. The most anticipated day of this trial is when the man whom Melanie Mcguire had a three-year affair with, Dr. Bradley Miller, took the stand. Everybody knew that that was the prosecution's star witness, and the court was filled. And when you saw him, what was your feeling? How could you? How could you? Dr. Miller was in a very difficult spot. He and his family had gone through a very difficult time, and it was just made clear to him, just take a deep breath and make sure you tell the absolute truth. Can you describe to the jury what was your relationship with her? Uh, we worked together. She was a excellent nurse. She took very good care of the patients. They all loved her. Sir, did there come a time when your relationship with Ms. Mcguire got more intimate? Yes, it -- it did. It was towards the end of her second pregnancy. She was about 38 weeks pregnant, and, um, before she went on maternity leave, we had oral sex in the office. So not proud of that. It has to be pretty hard to hear it come out in court. Hard for me to hear it. Hard for me to think, oh, my god, my parents are hearing this. My 84-year-old grandmother is hearing this. Were you in love with the defendant? Yes, I was. Had the two of you discussed future plans together? Yes, we were hoping to be together in the future. If we ever do make it through this, I'll take whatever money I can get and get away. With Dr. Miller on the stand, prosecutors are able to score some points, because there were certain things Melanie never told Dr. Miller. Did the defendant ever tell you that she purchased a gun? No, ma'am. I had no knowledge of her purchasing a gun, no. Did the defendant ever tell you that she went to Atlantic City and parked her husband, bill's, car at the flamingo hotel? No, she did not. Did there come a time when the defendant shared with you that she had done that? Yes, and I asked her, well, why didn't you tell me this sooner? And she told me that she didn't want to be upset that she was going back to find bill to bring him become and rekindle are relationship. We looked very closely at Dr. Miller. There was no evidence connecting him with this crime. This is in reference to consensual recordings between Brad Miller and Melanie Mcguire. You agreed to consensually record a conversation with the defendant. Yes, I did. The prosecutors really wanted the jury to hear those intercepted calls so they could get a sense that maybe her desire to be with him was the motive for the murder. During the calls, Dr. Miller spoke about their future together, probably prompted by detectives. After a divorce and she gets half the money, there would still be something to live on. The understanding between us had always been that the children came first. And he starts talking about divorce and a future and moving forward, and I even say on the tape, why are you talking like this all of a sudden? I'm confused, because you've been the one to stress to me that we have to wait and see how everything plays out. The defense was also able to score some points with those recordings, which called into question Dr. Miller's character. At the time of those secret recordings, he was still having an intimate relationship with her. After you tape-recorded her, sir, you then had additional intimate relations with her, correct? Yes, sir. Did you tell her that, by the way, that you had tape recorded her? No, I did not. I think that was damaging to his character. It was a very big turnoff to the jury. Have you ever had contact again with Dr. Brad Miller? No. No. After the day he testified, I haven't laid eyes on him since. You have no desire. It's -- it's tough. That was a tough betrayal to swallow. What matters is whether the state, and the burden is on me and I welcome it, whether the state has proved each and every element beyond a reasonable doubt. When you combine the computer searches, the prescription for chloral hydrate on prescription pads that the defendant used, and then you have the victim found inside their matching luggage, the bullets consistent with the gun that she purchased. It was a mountain of evidence. There's no question in my mind that she did it. I also don't believe that she acted alone. Now, who helped her? Patty Prezioso told the jury that there was a very good chance that Melanie had an accomplice. Although he was never charged, investigators took a hard look at Melanie's stepfather, Michael cappararo. The prosecutor needed somebody, so they focused in on me. Anything they wanted, we gave them. We hand them DNA. We gave them hair samples. I had nothing to do with anything involving that crime. You don't need the precise when. You don't need the precise where. You don't have to find that she pulled the trigger, you don't have to find that she had hands on physically in regards to his death. Boy, that leaves a lot of speculation out there for this jury. You can't guess someone into prison for the rest of their life. The jury goes into deliberation, and Melanie and her family are waiting on pins and needles. I was very concerned. I think we all, as people, like to believe that uh, if someone was capable of committing this type of murder, that the person who did that would look like a monster, but sometimes killers look just like Melanie Mcguire. The day the verdict was read, the atmosphere in the courtroom was just electric. Has the jury reached a verdict in this case? Yes, your honor. How do you find as to the count charging Melanie Mcguire with the murder William Mcguire? Guilty. I just remember seeing her collapse. I remember grabbing Joe's arm, and I remember feeling my legs just go out from under me. She's alternating between, I didn't do it, I didn't do it, and, my babies, my babies, and referring to her two children. The court finds that the maximum sentence should be imposed. Melanie is sentenced to life in prison plus five years. We're going fight on. This is a definite setback. This is round one. This is not the end of the story. This is episode 14, direct appeal. I see a mountain of reasonable doubt. And thanks to these two professors turned podcasters, it isn't the end of the story. How can anyone be vikted with

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{"duration":"7:43","description":"Dr. Bradley Miller, who McGuire was having an affair with, secretly recorded conversations with her for authorities while she was being investigated for her husband's murder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73252286","title":"Melanie McGuire's lover takes the stand to testify against her: Part 9","url":"/2020/video/melanie-mcguires-lover-takes-stand-testify-part-73252286"}