Two men rob a bank at gunpoint in Katy, Texas: Part 1

Employee remembers when the First Community Credit Union was robbed of over $29,000 in 2012 by two men who seemed so familiar to each other that they could've been family.
7:44 | 07/02/19

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Transcript for Two men rob a bank at gunpoint in Katy, Texas: Part 1
It doesn't end there. On October 1st, 2012, in Katy, Texas, a suburb of Houston, it was a pleasant afternoon, 1:50 P.M. It's a little bit quiet on this particular Monday. Not a lot going on at all. You know that lazy feeling you get after you have lunch? And everything gets kind of quiet and subdued? That was exactly the atmosphere in first community credit union. There was seven people inside the bank. All employees? Yes, sir. And a silver Ford focus drove down a street called Cinco ranch boulevard, toward first community credit union. And the car stopped near the bank. And out come two men. What we're seeing here is the two suspects have arrived on the scene. And they have on Orange vests like construction workers or street crossing guards often The first thing that stood out to me were the bright Orange construction vests they had on. And I thought to myself for a split second, "What are they here to fix?" One man has a painter's mask on his face. Another man is wearing a fake mustache. They're wearing blue latex gloves. One of them is brandishing a gun. This is a bank robbery. Give me all your money. Hands up. This is a robbery. The older suspect, he takes control of the room. He's got the weapon. Immediately, the younger suspect hops the teller counter. When he jumps the counter, that's a takeover robbery. One of the men rushes toward a teller and says, "Give me everything you've got. I've got bills to pay." What goes through a banker's mind when a robbery happens? Fear. Just to do what they say. Give them what they need. They have guns. One of the tellers actually is able to slip a pack of bait money into the bag. This is money with the serial numbers recorded so the cops are able to trace it. It was pretty brave, on her part. One of them jumped the counter, one of them rounded up everybody in the -- in the office. You can see that he goes directly for the bank manager, 'cause she's in charge. She's the one that's gonna have access to the safe. She becomes instantly aware that there's a robbery taking place. She activates her silent alarm Several of the tellers were actually still on their lunch break back in the break room. Were you having lunch? What were you doing in the break room? I was sitting in there. I was heating up some food. I was talking on the phone. One of my other coworkers was in there. She had just come in to have her lunch. They didn't even realize anything was happening until they see a blinking alarm going off. And I just kinda stopped, and I looked up, and I told the person on the phone. I was like, "I've gotta go." They get everybody together in the -- in the safe room, and they order them to open the safe. The only thing that tripped them up, they were so flustered, they couldn't get the combos right to open the safe fast Do you remember the thoughts that -- that went into your mind as soon as you realized that this is real, this is happening? To be honest with you, I wanted to go out. I wanted to go out, because I didn't know what was happening. My heart was racing. I felt a pit in my stomach. I felt scared for my coworkers. They ask somebody where the backdoor is, head straight to the backdoor, out the back of the building. Little did they know that they pass right by the breakroom, where these other two employees are monitoring the situation. Like a bolt of lightning, ran right past the break room, out this back door. As soon as they busted through that door, the alarm sounded. So this door right here is the back door of the bank, and this is where they busted out the door. That moment, it hit me. They just robbed us. It took everything I had to remember, "Oh, my god, look out the window and look for them." So I -- these blinds, I did, like, this real quick. They literally walked down the sidewalk, fast as they could, until they got to the curb and then they stopped. And they just kind of casually walked to the car. Bank employees just inside here saw them heading down the alley, and one of them saw -- said she saw them get into a silver car. Which was the car parked over here. And this is the first time we get the description of a silver And they're gone. What seemed like 30 minutes was I believe they were in and out in less than three minutes, because they knew exactly what they were doing. They had done this before. And a successful bank robbery is completed. And a successful bank robbery has been completed. When you heard that this bank had been robbed, were you at all surprised? I was, because we had had a previous bank robbery here about six months prior, and I -- I was thinking, "Well, that guy's in jail. Who's robbing it now?" That detective and other Texas lawmen I interviewed for this story had one question. Who were these guys, brazen enough to knock off a bank in the middle of the afternoon, during bank hours? And investigators immediately try to find eyewitnesses, noticing that there's a chiropractor who works right next door. He had noticed two men wearing contractor reflector vests, as if they were simply taking a break. They were sitting right there, next to my back door. Like against the wall? Yeah, they were actually, can I -- they were actually right here. They were right there, and that's unusual for anybody to be sitting here in the middle of the day. And they both had mustaches on, so I said, "You know, hey. How you guys doing?" And they said, "Fine." And I told the little guy -- I said, "Nice mustache." And he kinda giggled a little bit. Could you tell that the mustache was fake? Oh, it was fake, yeah. Oh, you could tell. And then -- and then the FBI actually came back, and they're the ones who told me that those were the guys who robbed the bank. A closer look at the older bank robber reveals that he's got a walkie-talkie. Because of the walkie-talkie, we believe that there is someone, on the outside of the bank, giving them a hand. So they had those trash bags. How much money did they actually get put in there? A little over $29,000. It's a pretty good haul. I've had bank robberies where they've had $3,000 or $4,000 total. You can imagine what the employees are going through? Oh, my goodness. You start walking in a bank and you order them to cough up the money? You that can change your life forever. The sheriff's detectives are about to make a series of really jaw-dropping discoveries about these robbers. For one thing, this isn't the only bank they've robbed! There was a robbery with similar M.O. At the comerica And another thing, those robbers, one older, one younger, the way they worked so well together, almost like they were family. That was noticed by all of the employees there, that there was something special about that relationship there. They could have been father and

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{"duration":"7:44","description":"Employee remembers when the First Community Credit Union was robbed of over $29,000 in 2012 by two men who seemed so familiar to each other that they could've been family.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"64030224","title":"Two men rob a bank at gunpoint in Katy, Texas: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/men-rob-bank-gunpoint-katy-texas-part-64030224"}