Miami copes with Hurricane Irma's aftermath

The storm was originally headed towards the city but changed paths west. However, Miami was still hit with heavy rain and strong winds.
7:12 | 09/11/17

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Transcript for Miami copes with Hurricane Irma's aftermath
Welcome back to the special West Coast edition of 20/20 we're gonna go now to Miami this city that thought was going to get hit right smack in the dab. And the senator frank hurricane Herman but actually. It was supposedly missed it. Tell vaccinated people in Miami it has suffered its backlash flooding now which is a major concern flood waters throughout the city. ABC's GA but he does is there now Ngo that those floodwaters came up pretty fast calling the storm. Absolutely Elizabeth and you know people really didn't expect that because once that tracks ordered shifting they said. Oh you know what Miami is not gonna get it that bad. Wrong the wind was unbelievable today it was howling like crazy it woke us up in the middle of the night in fact it's. Really incredible that it's still going we are still getting these Gaza this has been going on since yesterday we're talking about like 24 hours a want to show you what one point. This was so strong look at this this is our window here are door just look at these cracks look at these cracks that you see form. This was the wind that caused all of this and it was so powerful at one point hundred miles per hour or so. That I actually had to use the tether you probably saw me on the air during our coverage with the sort of candy cane rope because we had to really hold on just to make sure that we were really statement and tell other. I'll know the other issue is praise Elizabeth cranes here in South Florida. We have these giants right scrapers that you see it so famous for that but you have these cranes that actually started falling. We thought but that was going to be a problem they started spinning and spinning and spinning. We saw two of them do just that. Then we're talking about that flooding you mentioned the flooding. Downtown Miami blocks of it adjusts. Flooded because of that storm surge so were already seeing that and also we have some video now. Of died April we reported. Walking through these floods in the middle of these intense storms. That's just incredibly dangerous and that's a warning for a lot of people about why we're showing it to you it's a warning of how dangerous second base. Not just a few get knocked over but if there is a downed power line then you're in big trouble was. And we do know there are lots of downed power lines that Miami Dade County is one of the counties that is having severe electrical issues. An addition to that we've had it like urgent all caps warnings today from the National Weather Service saying stay away from the water. They of warned about a store surge that could be up to ten to fifteen feet not necessarily in Miami but. Certainly on the northwest coast of Miami so will laugh keep it on that flooding in downtown Miami will get back to each year thanks so much. Many families have been high. Hanging out to show taking shelter gathering up for this storm we've got one such family a brother to sister. Who along with five adults six kids one dog three cats and a hams turner. Have all been taking shelter in when they're mere Florida near Orlando. Susanna Matthews and her family are hunkered down how are you all making out what are conditions like. Well. As you can see where there were lit by actual act so we lost our. Very. I think we're having some audio issues with you guys the flashlights working great the microphone has sent we're gonna try and get back to you in just a minute. But part of the problem that this Stanley sitting in the dark with no power. They're winning just millions of people in Florida right now without power let's go now to rob Gould who's the chief communications officer. A Florida power and light and and rob I know you've got almost three and a half million people now with no power in Florida. You know we do it's a rough night for a lot of our customers in Florida certainly the West Coast now of our service territory is taking the brunt of it. We've been seeing it across the entire territory we extend from the Georgia line all the way down through toward the keys and then back up toward where your reporters are. And it's been really rough and we we are just. We're just ready to get out there and begin restoring power as quickly as we can once these winds subside. You in some of those counties. Sir you've got and three quarters of the population in the dark rate gap how long are they going to be in the dark. Is this gonna take days or even weeks to repair. Well Miami date for example you were alluding to a we've got 80% of our customers out of power right now. We've been able to restore about a half a million customers. Since the event began due to a lot of automation on our network. But the reality is we need to get out understand what the challenges are for us. And then we will get about the power of rust restoring. All of our customers. It's going to take quite a while on the East Coast. What we've seen is it's going to be more of a repair effort talking about days. Candidly what we're seeing on the West Coast they're so much damage that we believe we're going to see we could be talking about. A complete rebuild which in fact could take weeks. Weeks oh my goodness that is not good news probable thank you so much. For all those millions of people in Florida alone without power to hear news at least on the West Coast where the storm is hitting hardest that it could be weeks before we. Get the lights back on is tough. Lights back on refrigerators back on medications that she'll properly that sort of thing a lot of facilities cannot operate. Without power and a lot of families I think we're back parade. We're here here hair tell me what you guys have been going through and that in the dark as the storm is Reyes. We are sick flashlights were there we are lit by flashlight at about 730 her under toward that import. We didn't. Actually lost salary and so we've been there and get the family it. All of credit load up to stay safe right. And you actually are not from wind you're married you're just sheltering their right don't you live. And all some if you live near when the mayor actually but not all of you. Well rather than when the air my age children that he Bernstein and Florida Wendy. Projected path. And up without a home I had it if -- very parked car after it. Everett fourteen it's that get the as yet there he. OK well I know we're having a hard ten hearing you but you guys look great and really calm which is fantastic. And your your own. Miniature version of Noah's Ark with all your animals and she'll threaten. And next time we check in with you we hope that you've got some some power and some food in some shelter and that things have been OK so thanks so much for joining us for our. I heard little Noah's Ark update. When he returned the man who flies into the storm whenever what else is running away.

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{"id":49760202,"title":"Miami copes with Hurricane Irma's aftermath","duration":"7:12","description":"The storm was originally headed towards the city but changed paths west. However, Miami was still hit with heavy rain and strong winds. ","url":"/2020/video/miami-hit-harder-expected-hurricane-irma-49760202","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}