Miss Florida Is In It To Win It

Act 2: With just weeks to get ready, Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones prepares for Miss America.
9:08 | 09/15/13

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Transcript for Miss Florida Is In It To Win It
Pageant confidential continues. Once again, lar aa spencer. Miss jacksonville. This is pageant land. In the sunshine state of florida, the contest is more show than pageant. Time to go. We've been competing for five and six years together and so we have created our own little sorority here. Competed top ten and this year I'm miss miami. The art of swimsuit comes naturally. Gets you pretty dark. After all, this is the land of sun and surf. After sucking in those tummies, a little guilty indulgence. Thank you very much. We reward ourselves right at swimsuit with the best brownie ever. I probably have chocolate in my teeth, so, please excuse me. The talent competition offers variety and maybe a raised eyebrow or two. ♪ No giving thanks for all the christmas toys you bring ♪ after I got off the stage, i felt like crying. So, yeah. I think it's okay. Reporter: The cham . The champion baton twirling rocked her performance. World baton champion for the nation. It finally paid off. This is my best friend. I got to come to miss florida with my very best friend in the world. It was perfect. Yay. And the night was about to get a lot more memorable for miss palm cove. Your new miss florida -- myrrhanda jones is miss florida, 2013. I'm going to let her breathe for a couple of moments and then we start preparing for miss america. Going to come quickly. Marry sullivan is the hands on executive director of miss florida. Do you have any other tv interviews? And each year, she gets her state representative ready for the national stage. Which part do you think the reality will set in? Probably not for four or five days, until I leave to go home with miss mary and go to camp. Camp mary, that's mary sullivan's beauty boot camp. Miss florida will move into mary's miami home, which is a shrine to all the miss floridas before her. How many times a day are you supposed to eat? It is a 24 hour a day, seven day a week regimen. Okay, what I can eat in here. Ah -- well, I could have fruit up until yesterday. Now I can't. Carrots and broccoli. I'm here and once we got into the house and settled into the new house, it's been completely focused on miss america. Really? Tried to get all fancy. Lots of energy. Right there. There's extra pressure this year, too. The miss america pageant is four months earlier than usual, leaving the state winners only weeks to prepare. I focused and prepared for this moment. My entire life. Who knew picking an evening gown could be such serious business? I've seen anything from mine, $400, to $4,000. Which, to me, is insane. But some girls, being on this stage is a bigger day for them than probably their wedding. Wow. Turn around. And miss florida misses zero opportunity to remind us she is in it to win it. It's not a vision of what i want, it's a vision of whether or not I can do this. When you're crowned, you mean? No, I love it. I do love it. I found the dress. Ah. While the dress works, she's convinced her voice doesn't. Working to improve it looks like this. How are you doing today? I always eat lunch at 7:00. Little high pitched. Kind of bringing it down, making her aware of that. There's mary, nitpicking like a pro again. Last year, it was this. We have to do something about the fact that your butt's fat. I'm sorry. The purpose of it is to be speaking and pushing from your diaphragm, rather than pushing from your throat. I am miss florida and you are not. That's my favorite one. Mary's feeling pretty good about the progress. Awesome. My only complaint, and it's not a complaint, because I know you absolute absolutely -- but I want you smiling from here. Oh, yeah. Even when you're practicing. Okay. Have it come from here. Because the deer in the headlights is kind of like -- i want it coming from in here so there's never any question that that smile is in there. Great. Love it. I don't think it's truly set in, that it's only a month and a week away, but I'm ready. I'm very ready for it. But she has no idea that even camp mary won't be able to prepare her for the unexpected twist she'll face at pageant time. It is exactly one month before the pageant. She has a chance to size up her competition at an orientation in orlando. Fun fact about me, I can change a nascar race car tire in 6.2 seconds. I can talk like a chimpmon chipmunk. I have really double jointed fingers. A group trip to disney world offers a moment of fun before things get intense. Can I get a hug? It's always a chance to meet with young fans. This guy is more than a little taken by miss south carolina. ♪ I can show you the world ♪ ♪ shining ♪ ♪ shimmering ♪ ♪ splendid ♪ ♪ unbelievable eigsights ♪ ♪ indescribable feeling ♪ ♪ a whole new world ♪ the great state of oklahoma, famous for its oil and its vicious twisters, is also home to something else. These are our three miss americas from oklahoma city university. And so, we make statues out of our miss americas. Oklahoma is tied with ohio and california for the most miss americas ever. Six. And kelsey krgriswold wants to be next. Come on. Last one. Getting ready for atlantic city, with just two weeks until the competition, doesn't fluster this pro. Come on. One more. She's been competing in pageants for years. See that line that came out. Do it again. To get ready, she sculpt her body in a rather untraditional way. Good. Being taught how to fight with swords makes me fierce. So, if the sword gives miss oklahoma an edge in the competition, maybe this will, too. I am the reigning oscar mayer weiner jingle jam girl. That's little kelsey on "the rosie o'donnell show." ♪ Oh I wish I were an oscar mayer weiner ♪ ♪ then the buns would really relish me ♪ though one has taken that title for me yet. So, I'm still here ♪ I will make the mustard cry ♪ if I can be a spokesperson for a hot dog contest, I can do it for miss america. They're basically the same. They're like the exact same thing.

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{"id":20264591,"title":"Miss Florida Is In It To Win It","duration":"9:08","description":"Act 2: With just weeks to get ready, Miss Florida Myrrhanda Jones prepares for Miss America.","url":"/2020/video/miss-florida-win-20264591","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}