Model Child: Dannielynn Birkhead

Larry Birkhead opens up about his and Anna Nicole Smith's daughter, and her Guess ad campaign.
9:07 | 02/02/13

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Transcript for Model Child: Dannielynn Birkhead
In just a few weeks, you are going to see the launch of a major new ad campaign, a cute little girl mod eing guess jeans. Guess who she is? The daughter of anna nicole smith. It got people to wonder is that too close to comfort, exposing the daughter to the very same spot right there may have spelled doom for her mother. Reporter: Dannielynn birkhead's a bubbly 6-year-old. Loves her teddy bear. Pizza. And, of course, justin bieber. It would all be so unremarkabl except for one remarkable thing, this striking little blonde is the daughter of the late anna nicole smith, small town stripper turned larger than life pin-up and playmate. She went mainstream with those guess ads, and became notorious for marrying a billionaire oil tycoon 63 years her senior. It's ritd here. And I love you. Reporter: When he died, her reputation as the ultimate gold digger was sealed. Half of everything is mine. That was his promise to me. Reporter: Suddenly, there was endless fascination with the buxom blonde dubbed the next marilyn. Her reality show entertained. I'm fat then and I'm fan thin. Reporter: Her slurred speech raised eyebrows. But it was that pregnancy announcement that shocked. Let me stop all the rumors, yes, I am pregnant. Reporter: Sparking a paternity dispute more convoluted than a soap opera. The drama -- her lawyer, ex-boyfriend, trainer and zsa zsa gabor's husband. A bizarre game of whose your daddy. So you are the father? Yes, sir. That is my baby. She looks like me. It's not a doubt. Well, sometime -- yeah. Reporter: But then tragedy. At 39, smith overdoses on prescription drugs, dying alone in a hotel suite, just five months after her daughter's birth. The media frenzy was insane. And the multimillion-dollar question -- who was dannielynn's father? Larry birkhead never doubted the truth, but it would take a dna test before the world knew it, too. I told you so. Reporter: Six years after the tabloid circus, larry has made a controversial call. Dannielynn is the new face of the guess kid's line. Some critics charge she's following in her mom's stilettos. Larry calls it unfair. David beckham's kid did a shoot. Angelina jolie's kids are in a new movie coming out. And really, nobody says anything about that. And that's because I feel like that they judge dannielynn and me based on the way anna died. Reporter: He say's he's devoted to giving his little girl a normal life. There she goes. Reporter: In their home you are set, baby. No double dipping. Reporter: A single dad, 39-year-old does it all, driving his first grader to school each day, tucking her into bed each night. What kind of a dad are you? I think part of me struggles to be the cool dad and then part of me wants to be the disciplinarian, but it's hard to flip that switch. Because she's at the age now where she knows how to push my buttons. We don't hit. No, no, no. Yeah! Reporter: He's part hair stylist. She wanted a fish braid. But I wasn't good at that. Reporter: Part wardrobe consultant. I thought I was bad with my shoes. This is a little girl's dream. Is she spoiled? She used to be spoiled. I'll tell you where I have the problem is the clothes, the kids clothes. I think part of me overcompensates because she doesn't have a mom. But I am working on it. Reporter: But the hardest part of his job? Explaining what happened to mommy. There's days at school where she'll come home and -- she'll just blurt out and start crying, "i want my mom." After you kinda turn the corner and wipe your tears or you say, "i want her, too. But you have a special mom and she's an angel." Then it got to, "well, if mom's in the clouds when -- you know, when you're on an airplane, why can't I get out and play with my mom?" And, "well, your mom's in heaven because the doctor's couldn't fix her." Reporter: But it's not only mom's tragic death that he'll have to explain. In the age of google and youtube anna nicole's sordid past lives on. It's very expensive to be me. It's terrible. Reporter: What will you say to her about the not so pleasant details of her mom's life? I've always said I will use things as a cautionary tale. But right now, we're -- you know, every little girl has a vision of their mom being, you know, this hero to them, you know, and slee doesn't have that. She has -- um -- Reporter: It's tough, huh? I try to make her mom have a presence in some way she can understand. Reporter: A presence seen all over their home, pictures of anna fill dannielynn's bedroom and downstairs a sort of shrine. What does she think of the dress and this picture of her mom? She wants to know how tall she has to be before she wears it. But the pictures around the house, they represent -- they represent what my idea of her mom would be to her. Reporter: Beautiful, lively. so fondly caused him deep pain and shame. She deserted him, fleeing to the bahamas. He had to watch the birth of his child on "entertainment tonight." Get it out. Oh, my god, baby. Reporter: You had loved this woman. Before she died, she really stuck it to you. She did. There's nothing good about holding a grudge. I have a big job to do. Reporter: A job raising a little girl whose mom's image is very much alive, still plastered on those guess shopping bags. Who do you see in her most? Anna, you, both? I think she looks a lot like me. I think she has her mom's eyebrows and her mom's smile. Reporter: And clearly her mom's big personality. She tends to be a little stubborn. She shops like her mom. Daddy, that, daddy, that. That was her mom. Please, please, throw me some diamonds. Reporter: Next week, another similarity. Dannielynn's the new face of the guess kid's line. If she doesn't get any other way to connect with her mom in life and she has that picture of her mom as a guess model, and she has her as a guess model beside it, she might look back and say, we did something together, in a way, you know? Reporter: How did she enjoy it? Oh, she loved it was literally a day at the beach for her. I mean, rolling in the sand and, you know, smiling, giggling. Reporter: Is it exploitation? Are you just milking the anna image this way? Well, if that was the case, you know, we could have done a lot more things. Whatever money that dannielynn gets from the modeling, it's hers. It goes in her account. Reporter: Is it a big account? Did she get a big contract? Well, I can't say that. Reporter: Decent contract? I can't say. I can just say, you know, that -- it really wasn't about the money. You know, we're okay. I will show you pictures of your mama. Reporter: Maybe more than okay. Even though the supreme court ruled dannielynn would never see a penny of that half billion dollars from anna's late husband's estate -- she doesn't have some big inheritance. No, she didn't get a big inheritance. And people think I've got child support from anna's estate and I've not gotten one penny. Reporter: Yet, larry has sold some of anna's possessions. Her l.A. Home recently went for close to 2 million bucks, all going to dannielynn. Some estimates this little girl close to $10 million. Does she know she's famous? She knows that there's interest because of who her mom was. She'll stick her tongue out at a paparazzi or two and -- you know, and play with them. It's kind of a different existence. But she's -- it's all she's really known, you know, since she's been a little baby. I want her to find her way and just be there to guide her.

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