Murdered mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube

In between hospital stays, Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee Blanchard traveled to sporting events, galas and theme parks, and lived in their Habitat for Humanity house.
3:00 | 01/06/18

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Transcript for Murdered mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube
I'm going to children's mercy hospital to see my dentist for my teeth. Reporter: Full of enthusiasm and effervescence, but behind the smiles life for gypsy Blanchard and her mother Dee Dee is one replete with hardships and challenges. Gypsy is in a wheelchair. They were local darlings. I mean, they were the shining star in this town of people who can outlast adversity and get through everything. Reporter: The mother-daughter duo are local celebrities. The subject of countless local news profiles and articles. Gypsy and her multiple illnesses and diseases. Leukemia, muscular dystrophy, she had learning disabilities, had not been able to be out of a wheelchair since she was five years old. So the community really embraced them. Reporter: Dee Dee's originally from Louisiana, a one-time beauty queen. And nurse's aide she marries rod Blanchard at age 24. Together the couple welcomes a beautiful baby girl. Perfectly healthy pretty little baby. Named her gypsy rose. I was excited and very scared. I'm not going to lie I was scared. I'm eighteen years old and I got a baby here. But she was beautiful and perfectly healthy. Yeah, she was. Nothing wrong with her. She looked perfect. I see you. You want to blow me a kiss? Very good. Reporter: But the relationship was far from perfect. And the couple broke up. And not long after Dee Dee was saying that she was sick, had problems sleeping, epilepsy. And it just progressed from there. Leukemia, paralyzed muscular dystrophy, and she would have seizures. Gypsy was probably seven eight years old. She's in a wheelchair now, she needs a feeding tube. Was Dee Dee a good mother? I told Dee Dee she was the best mother. There's no way I can do what she doing -- you have a sick child, it's constantly 24/7 taking care of her and everything I mean, I always praised her and told her, "Good job." Reporter: Rod and his new wife Kristy would have sporadic visits with gypsy, but they are never alone. All the visits, Dee Dee had to be there the whole time. Something never felt right about it. Dee Dee was so controlling. Reporter: This is the last photo taken of rod with his daughter before fate would seemingly deal gypsy and Dee Dee another cruel blow leaving the pair displaced and depleted by hurricane Katrina in 2005. The water is now 20 feet deep. Reporter: Their home ravaged by the storm and flood waters. They took refuge at this nearby special needs shelter. I learned from Deedee, they were homeless, no place to go, so mercy hospital loaded them up on the helicopter and flew them up. Reporter: They were evacuated here to Springfield, Missouri. Birthplace of route 66, a tight-knit community in the buckle of the bible belt. With Dee Dee a full-time caregiver, they're forced to piece together a life largely from donations, disability payments and child support from gypsy's dad. A turning point seems to be when the family gets this home located at the aptly named intersection of hope road and volunteer way. I remember my mother gave me this little glass house and said one day this will be real and now it finally is. The blanchards moved into that house, built by habitat for humanity. A wheel chair ramp was built just for her. She was like one of the happiest people I had ever met and yet she was the most sick that I had ever met at the same time. Reporter: In between hospital stays, gypsy frequently jet-sets across the country. Ball games, Galas, even Disney world. Make a wish, they were taking her down to Orlando, all expenses paid. Hi, everybody. Right now I'm in Cinderella's castle. Eating some real mashed potatoes. MMMM! ??? Reporter: She even got to meet country superstars Miranda lambert and then husband Blake Shelton. Miranda lambert came to Springfield and I think she gave Dee Dee and gypsy money. Reporter: Yes, she did. Look at this $3500 check from the singer's personal account. But that wasn't all. Check her out posing with her favorite actors Elijah wood and Sean Astin from "Lord of the rings." No! No! That sounds like a really awesome life, but, I mean, again, like, I mean, it, it's not worth like what condition her health was in. Reporter: But in private gypsy just wants to be regular teen and find love according friend and neighbor Aleah Woodmansee. She would show interest in like different boys and try to ask me advice on like, you know, how, how do you approach them? How do you like kiss a boy? Aleah says mom Dee Dee didn't approve of the girl talk. She said my daughter has the mentality of a child. Like you're talking to her about teenage things. Reporter: But gypsy ignores her mother going behind her back and sets up this online dating profile. She soon connects with this man and pours out her soul. I need to tell you something. I'm no model I have a medical condition, so I can't walk. I have a chair I use. Is that an issue? Why would that be a problem U are an angel in my eyes. It will never make any difference in how I see U from the inside oud. Reporter: And with a few strokes of the keyboard, a secret online relationship blooms.

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{"id":52173612,"title":"Murdered mom says daughter suffered from illnesses and needed wheelchair, feeding tube","duration":"3:00","description":"In between hospital stays, Gypsy and her mom Dee Dee Blanchard traveled to sporting events, galas and theme parks, and lived in their Habitat for Humanity house.","url":"/2020/video/mom-daughter-suffered-illnesses-needed-wheelchair-feeding-tube-52173612","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}