Mom Reunites With Daughter She Thought Was Dead For Nearly 50 Years: Part 1

Zella Jackson Price said a nurse told her that her daughter Diane Gilmore died after her birth.
10:52 | 09/03/16

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Transcript for Mom Reunites With Daughter She Thought Was Dead For Nearly 50 Years: Part 1
Tonight until when each one. It was a heartwarming and her daughter reunion that we find. Captioned by Saint Louis TV news crews. And think typical emotional reunion today and set seven year old Stella Jackson price of local gospel legend. Reuniting with Diane Gilmore the daughter she hadn't seen since her birth nearly fifty years ago doesn't put in some planes you've become a mom again. Act at a baby and I see where it's fast team. But from that usually is a moment. To a devastating mystery. I know is that a woman could be told this verbatim. And then all of a sudden find out that her baby's alive with the failure of the moon. Tonight the Beatty selling scandal that rocked a major American city and Saint Louis. Hospital homer G Phillips or selling baby simple what did he try to figure out what went wrong how did this happen. Other women saying they're babies had been taken to. Eight premier metropolitan hospital under attack with that fire breathing lawyer fanning flames things were being sold out of court. It was pay for play cash Poland delivery. And the nurses who say no way somebody's lying. It just seemed like it hot and could not have happened kiss my. Okay. Come with us on our eight month investigation as we try to solve the mystery. With the self proclaimed a lot of mountain's only year they really give her the arch. The stadium they'll giver that they and state and the gospel singer laugh about they've humanized him to plus the gospel truth. They had only a fifty. Mystery in the maternity room. Good evening I'm Elizabeth Vargas gave it is off tonight. As so many of us are starting Labor Day weekend with their families a different kind of family reunion. It's part of a fifty year old mystery one that began in a hospital where a mother says she was robbed of her very own baby. But now a lot of people are asking what really did happen in that maternity room here's Deborah Roberts. Selma Jackson prices heartwarming reunion with her long lost daughter dying in triggered a media frenzy. Saint Louis and emotional reunion meeting for the first time and beyond so sad and happy at the same kind of happiness together after fifteen years so glad you're annaly is a look at. But that story began 2000 miles away from the river city. Pastor Rocky Mountains on the far side of the country in Springfield Oregon. A motion lumber town. Home to Diane Gilmore and her children including twin daughters in the makeup and make his death. The 23 year old wanted to give their mom a memorable surprise. Finding the birth mother she never noon. She had her kids. She'd have her mom. This is something that was missing in her life what was the plan this your my mom turns fifty. And we want to do something for her for her birthday. So her girls set out to find their grandmother but cool one she and where it's. Over the years they've heard their mom mentioned a name is Ella Mae Jackson's. Clue big enough for the twins to begin some online detective work police. Jeff on Google it kept popping up. Zealot Jack the price in the music that she does. Aren't we should suspend him. A singer with the following on due to. Her FaceBook page revealing a familiar gleam in her high did you see any resemblance. Mike Trent system looks like like him. Ending I see my grandma her ice I say that's from all sides a striking resemblance. Could miss ticket so he decided to send salad this message. Hello my name is this good Jackson. I believe that you're my grandmother and here at my mom's mom. What she said David Fincher says my mother was born in November the 25 1965. And saying this was or. At homer Phillips hospital is hiring a male. Each sure did zarrella agrees to a DNA test and guess what. It's a match any. Came out in nineteen and boy amendments that this my baby but I. Don't use children being secretly choreographed a virtual meeting with his alma. Determined to surprised their mom right down to the blindfold. Their mom is death so they slowly revealed the unbelievable news we found your ma. Our grandchild your high yeah. Here on a laptop back in Saint Louis zealous anxiously waiting to see her daughter from the very first time in nearly fifty years the two other. I. Oh yeah. If it. Mike I thought island both houses was just screaming from ardent something. Act. So much mind. Even after so many years. But how Stella and her daughter were separated all of this time is a mystery that captivate the city. Yeah yeah. Saint Louis Missouri November 25 1965. With the supremes blaring on the radio. Steel workers have just finished the sparkly new Gateway Arch. And a few miles away at homer G Phillips hospital. 26 year old Sally Jackson say she's being rushed down these home weighs only six months pregnant. Her babies about to be born. The so lovely is so early. What happened they say it she's lost a lot of water. And they put me in a room from side. Unbelievably zealous says she's left alone and strangely no doctors or nurses are inside when she was born out of my myself nobody was with me. No one is she was crying and go free crass act Italian. So you are basically delivering her yourself oh yeah I was a mom that she had. And how my how. When hospital staff finally arrives it's a nurse not a doctor whose illnesses takes her new born baby girl in Spanish ships at the nurse took are weighing you never had a chance holders. How did you come to name her because he barely saw her they asked me did you want to name her passing yes her name is Diane. Hours later Seles says the nurse returns. Arms empty. Carrying devastating news they came and told me your baby pants. He asked conceded baby no no no no it's something about. That time of life. When doctors and nurses who make statements like that you receive a that you believe it. Believe did perhaps because it has happened before to this young married mom to. Just five years earlier Zell ahead lost a baby boy Michael. So she comes to terms with yet another tragic loss maybe something was wrong in nature said his baby's not. Prepared for life so I think they're back did they ask you if you wanted to bury it or not this one. I accepted. Early bird did went wrong. Suze says she went home with heartbreak and without a death certificate. The removes never shakes her faith. The young mom manages to move on. Yeah. Her dynamic gospel voice captivating congregations across Saint Louis and. Okay. Her performance in the documentary say amen somebody catapult Celek into the national spotlight. With her rendition of I'm his child and. Yeah. And sell those musical career grows so does her family she has five children in all. And now fifty years later daughter Diane miraculously makes six when a way it was like here. Baby came back from the dead. Yes. It's amazing to look them in that's last there. Look and it must. As well. It's. That was given to her I just wish it was really. But that initial only and Julie soon deep we need to anger. And ultimately neither Olivia and somebody else. For a meal that their book what did she trying to figure what went wrong how did this happen. My children this amount was gonna do Astec got to hit the bottom of this war I was who. This year pants. I want dances. So she hires how Watkins a renowned and brash Saint Louis attorney. The angst that that has been caused by. Her realization that for fifteen years she could not raise her baby have successes in and failures with her baby you can't help. It's the literally have your heart now. Plus there are a suspicion that maybe just some kind of a strange mix up the credibility with which cell injection price presented. Couldn't be Denard it became really clear to me that something. What significantly in minutes. When we come back. The hard charging lawyer goes public price and are doing turning to unbelievable. Claim that a sinister baby stealing weighing in Saint Louis Davies were being stolen. From their mothers and people were making. In Watkins insist zone might not be the only victim. And slew of women coming forward own telling a similar story they just love it. I loved the skiing witness.

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{"duration":"10:52","description":"Zella Jackson Price said a nurse told her that her daughter Diane Gilmore died after her birth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"41839656","title":"Mom Reunites With Daughter She Thought Was Dead For Nearly 50 Years: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/mom-reunites-daughter-thought-dead-50-years-part-41839656"}