Monica Lewinsky on The Blue Dress

Lewinsky talks to Barbara Walters about the evidence of her relationship with Bill Clinton.
2:16 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for Monica Lewinsky on The Blue Dress
You never thought that this was something that was serious incriminate of course not it wasn't an issue I was never going to talk about this relationship now. Why did you tell Linda Tripp about -- don't -- it was eight. It was funny and then she told you save district yes listen to display. I guess I don't trust the people around him and I -- why even have that three adults and even an event I think. And how -- district nagging thought that feeling I have in the back of my head. He gave -- dressed young mother what kind of a woman saves address. There have been. A lot of things. That have. Been said about. Me -- -- and my family that are not true. As one then my mom did not know about the stress until the rest of the world first heard -- that stress. And it was I think a few weeks into this nightmare. And it was on the TV and she -- -- -- she said what is this about the stresses it's one of these crazy things that they keep talking about. And I -- to turning to. Well. She said -- -- it in the wasted. In your apartment in new York. And she just looked at me and we were both so paralyzed with fear and I didn't have immunity -- And I was. Terrified. Of the way I was being watched how. I was being monitored I didn't know and I thought OK I could watch this I could destroy this. I knew at that point I knew that was obstruction of justice and I was in enough trouble already. Hence does -- didn't you have distress why did you choose African. Because I had to. Getting and keeping my immunity. Became very important to me I needed to take care of myself and multifamily. No one else was worried about me. Did you figure -- then tell the truth about absolutely anything including restaurants you bet. And I did.

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{"id":19170409,"title":"Monica Lewinsky on The Blue Dress","duration":"2:16","description":"Lewinsky talks to Barbara Walters about the evidence of her relationship with Bill Clinton.","url":"/2020/video/monica-lewinsky-discusses-the-blue-dress-19170409","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}