This music teacher composed a team of 3D printers to help COVID-19 frontline workers

Jake Ezzo's idea sparked the SOMA NJ 3D Printers Alliance, which has delivered over 30,000 face shields to health care workers. The project reminds an ABC Newser of his teacher who made a huge impact.
9:28 | 05/22/20

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Transcript for This music teacher composed a team of 3D printers to help COVID-19 frontline workers
I've been living in New York City and working in the film TV business for the past twenty plus years. But I was away visiting when over ninety. So now sheltering in place in my hometown didn't. Staying in the house right. Yellow shirt perfect he still. Treasures and artifacts my childhood years. Sleeping in my childhood bedroom. And it's funny because it hasn't changed at all the day I left home decades ago. We thought we heard the angels sing. In the sixth grade my favorite teacher ever and this is Kelly credits this book. Then she organized this class project around. It was so incredible. Caught the attention of the national news media. We thought I heard the angels sing. And account of how early in World War II eight American service men ditched a plane in the South Pacific. And although one survived for three weeks on rafts until finally spotted and rescued. And Cisco got us to write to the survivors. And invite them to a reunion in Iowa. Former voice changed. This is Kelly was kind of teacher that way way above the. You cannot do this kind of thing without having a lot of teamwork and touched. Countless lives. I was reminded of mrs. Kelly when I heard about what this teachers doing with his students. Why can't I yeah. Really. You really done something here is really cool. Many mistaken as. And no lights I am saying Beatles who choir teacher asks aren't news. You need when you do. People say that you know they're called to do something I know my arm bones that. Means using them the music is secondary. More so I think suit if you can't go and salads. And yeah. Yeah. Hi Alex are out it. Is it. Instead Iraq starts you're one I. Now to New Jersey and breaking news in the gardens staying. All schools in the states will be closed beginning on Wednesday in. When the school closures and news Sox this an as a number of cases grows and bury me home just. Even as CEO. We went all the ring thinning worries and they stared. Seeing good news and there's real soreness or rare responders. Let me see now is really only name he being doctors nurses. Eighties and keep popping sneezing. Are they seeking out it's. Due out hall. When it bought back three. Audit late in. Didn't transparency and saw in. Traded all really cool late BDO and I was like you can't do that. Burgers and then. We'll lands are saying that they shields bit and seen it. I realized. It's an eight degrees outside people who don't are out there workers seen. We could use these and its nine you know this. Court. So these are the 23. Pretty much at all times at this point. They quickly spirited zoo realized net. Indeed it was. Months months greater scope I. Students. At where we've. Got to be being. Used Meehan oh. Peru Peru. This is this like group think. Group I mean it can't be benched. And young age old. The outlook for an hour to do is I'm gonna get them file from like online web site. I'm Tripp in throughout once. So and activism and of the group TV a 180 degrees and let them ready to pregnant I'll get them file I'll slice it. And then I'll send it over to the revered by what accidents. Well and it's pretty natural patient they need to of them. Uncanny gift is the right and it will all of pounding from the figures when a gun. Try to get off. As for coming here with all the other ones waiting being but he curious here. When mr. dampers reached out to pass. Tiny operation it was mr. as though I need a couple of assembling them. Q&A. I'm amber. Yeah and me and the land. We are provided. But mr. either causing kids and movie that we create an assembly line in her house to put these together. He did every night and today the clock and AMP time base like that. They put everything together and what that's all done. That means I expected all offbeat expect the mall dedicated route to come pick it up and deliver and then it's gone. Doctors those pictures here since the pictures with you I'm wearing them staying thank you. He can really eat. Aren't doing. For kids that need weren't seen. Any style it is I think suffering through this sort of the evil even see are that there's other kids. There helping to this scene baby you're doing. It's something that's literally helping sea lions acting extending gives them. Lose. Her wrist yeah and just yet harness and being. How. And it started to get back that relate yet user fees are great mural like I'll read reviews stumbled on it paying. And then it started this don't always bigger and bigger bigger bigger us. Call stomach without guns people read he enters the lions. Our organization it's a 100% restaurants statewide effort to pretty Stacy owns bowler. The tristate region near city New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware. Remember people for you. Mr. President has really created and Ernie as middle schoolers and community members have delivered. It. She open. And the other two Indian nations. I think it's time Jesse just how you can really make a difference just by doing something he loved. And Supertramp. Because I get help them there than what they're like risking their eyes deceive people like. There really that your. It's so far Jake and his team that produced the delivered to your ready for this 181630. And counting. Face shields the hospitals. Across New Jersey and even some cases in a New York. It's so pretty easy you'll go into manufacturing are busily testing would feel blessed or. Out. This isn't providing opportunities to sort of range and Mormon difference when song. So in some resonance this is me thievery and my best concert that we've ever put on because it's something that's truth slowly changing lives. Bernadine. I of course they write in this gonna go back to my classroom. Next my kids angled back to make music with them we're. Seed in the eastern and then he's at my meaning is thinking it's such respect for just how much she's helped. Yeah. It's resolutely to be my sixth grade teacher mrs. Kelly. Mr. as soon thank you think you're doing what you do. And there are students won't remember this mother lives in they won't change. Mr. Anderson and how he talked didn't care about it. Thank you settlements. Thank you mr. as a.

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{"duration":"9:28","description":"Jake Ezzo's idea sparked the SOMA NJ 3D Printers Alliance, which has delivered over 30,000 face shields to health care workers. The project reminds an ABC Newser of his teacher who made a huge impact.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"70836850","title":"This music teacher composed a team of 3D printers to help COVID-19 frontline workers","url":"/2020/video/music-teacher-composed-team-3d-printers-covid-19-70836850"}