What O.J. Simpson said when asked about murder evidence

Part 4: A jury at the civil trial found Simpson responsible for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.
5:20 | 02/19/17

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Transcript for What O.J. Simpson said when asked about murder evidence
They are the questions everyone wanted to ask and the answers every -- wanted to hear OJ Simpson in these deposition tapes being grilled by attorney Daniel Petrocelli. About his role in the murders of Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Petrocelli hones in on the physical evidence like this cut pictured on Simpson's hand after the murders and you remember cutting your finger. I remembered living. I mean who doesn't have an idea how you have an enormous gash on your finger that requires Glaus in the big bandage ending. We're just asking about a little paper prestige of credit on one of the broken pieces of glass. You know I want peace and. Can we take a break there are certain OJ cut is I need a break what was that like to watch as it gratifying it was yeah of course Reynolds actually gratifying but it Simpson was. Rattled then there was more to come. The killer of Nicole brown and Ron Goldman left to key piece of evidence at the scene of the crime. A shoe print stamped in the victim's blood that was a size twelve shoe. Simpson's size and the brand. Bruno Molly only 299. Pairs of that issue in that size ever sold in the United States it's not a common issue. Prosecutors in the criminal trial were never able to prove that Simpson owned those Bruno Mali shoes Petrocelli questioned some about it during the deposition. Giver by shoes that you knew where Bruno Mali shoes don't. Because I know if Bruno Magli makes shoes. Good look like issues they have in court that some Bob in this case over the number one over ugly issues. He thought they have those were ugly ass shoes yes. But then months later a photograph emerges. First in the national inquirer. OJ Simpson wearing Bruno Mali shoes at a football game. Nine months before the murders Petrocelli bring Simpson back for another round of questions. Wash and Jay's reaction. That is a picture of you looking exhibit one correct imprisoning me in us. Look at the close of the issues you believe that those machines that you around at that time no. Those ugly and shoes I would never home. There you are. Wearing issue's been really they're not your. Someone put on your feet you didn't know his story was get asked me in the picture. Of but. Those are not my shoes. Did he say that he was wearing somebody else issues Delhi says I don't remember O issues I had on that day but I didn't have those shoes on because he knew that. Those were the killer shoes. The eleven days of deposition have prepared Petrocelli for the main event the trial putting Simpson on the stand. Petrocelli knows he has them where you want some other story I mean the case inside out. There are no cameras in the courtroom the world does not see the once confident Simpson. On the hot seat and shaken within the first. Pat ourselves and news hyper annaly. Simpson was hyperventilating. He had a certain person error that coming out this as we were questioning him. Very hard at his violence towards Nicole. And by then thirty more photographs of Simpson wearing those shoes are entered into evidence variants. Picture after picture after picture after picture. Of OJ Simpson wearing those ugly ash here's pretty damning. It was. It. But perhaps the most powerful testimony is not from OJ Simpson. But from Fred Goldman a one of the other things that you did in this trial was to put Fred Goldman understand. To bring. The victim who for so many was an afterthought. To life we put up some film but. In death friend and runners singing and stage. It it was heartbreaking and. I think I had tears streaming down my eyes and so do all jurors after 41 days of testimony there is a verdict. And it is unanimous. It is broadcast at the same time as president Clinton's State of the Union Address. It is the second time a jury will rule and OJ Simpson but this time there's a different outcome. Simpson is found responsible for killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Families are awarded 33 point five billion dollars in damages. Today's two and a half years. Little over two and A half years. We finally have justice for Ron and the call. Is it justice. Not the justice I would like but it's a way of getting some justice. For Kim this time there are smiles instead of songs. We did as Iraq. And then to killer got up and walked out the court. Waltrip passing rate passel of meteor rated the crowds waving. And went off to Ben and Jerry's to get ice cream.

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{"duration":"5:20","description":"Part 4: A jury at the civil trial found Simpson responsible for the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"34058236","title":"What O.J. Simpson said when asked about murder evidence","url":"/2020/video/oj-simpson-asked-murder-evidence-34058236"}