Public Figures Who Behaved Badly This Year

Justin Bieber, Donald Sterling, and Teresa Guidice earned spots on the 2014 dishonor roll.
7:59 | 12/24/14

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Transcript for Public Figures Who Behaved Badly This Year
the rest of the year 2014. ? ncnnouer: From the girl singers. I wanted to be all about my curves. Announcer: To the bad boys who stuck out. And made our dishonor roll. If you don't threaten to throw someone off the balcony in Staten, they think you're soft. Announcer: The most omg moments of the year. He'll be running for president. Announcer: The newsmakers and musicmakers. You're not afraid to speak your mind. Announcer: A year when our beloved comedian fell from grace. He's Dr. Hux able to. Announcer: And Alex from target became a household name. You're a star, you're a star! Announcer: So, get ready for the gadgets, the good-byes! Good morning, Vietnam! Announcer: And the good times that made the year 2014. Once again, robin Roberts. Welcome back, everyone. As we continue our look at 2014. No year would be complete without some bad boys and girls. From a real house wife to some real hot messes, the names that made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Here's Dan Harris with our 2014 dishonor roll. Reporter: Here's congressman Michael Grimm taking the notion of campaign promises to a whole new level. Check out what he says to this reporter. Let me be clear to you if you ever do that again I will throw you off this Balcony. Reporter: And wait, there's more. You're not man enough. I'll break you in half LE a boy. Reporter: Pretty quickly Jon Stewart weighed in. How do not you close with I'm gonna throw you off a Balcony. That's your end line. I'm gonna throw you off the Balcony and then break you like a boy. Reporter: So what was Grimm up to when the cameras weren't rolling. We are here to announce the unsealing of a 20-count indictment. Reporter: The feds contend he was cooking the books at his restaurant healthalicious where they say he hid over a million dollars from the, irs. And with charges still pending, he was re-elected to congress by a wide margin. Since then, he pled guilty. I would have to be a psychic to figure out why he was re-elected. They did not teach me that in law school. You know why? He's from Staten island. If you don't threaten to throw someone off a balcony in Staten island, they think you're soft. Reporter: Over the border the Canadian politician and admitted drug user rob Ford makes a return engagement on our dishonor roll. Never camera shy, here he is mugging with a pipe that a local drug dealer claimed was filled with crack. You know, when you're running a city what's wrong with crack. What's wrong with a little crack, man. There's a lot of pressure. Reporter: And here he is caught on tape again showing off his command of Jamaican slang in a fast-food restaurant. , . You were drinking last night? Yes, I was. You know what I love about rob Ford, he sticks his foot in his mouth more than I do. Reporter: Ford dropped out of the mayor's race due to illness but he ran for Toronto city council and won. I love him. Every city council should have a rob Ford just for entertainment value. Reporter: Fellow Canadian Justin Bieber is also back this year for another walk of shame. Actually, several of them. He was booked for driving under the influence after drag racing in Miami and pled guilty to careless driving. He also faces dangerous driving and assault charges in Canada after allegedly plowing his atv into a van with gal pal Selena Gomez in the vehicle. I am afraid to even talk about Justin Bieber because in the next five minutes he might do something else. Reporter: Then, L.A. Police raided his home after a neighbor accused him of egging his house. On the other end, I'm going to be 10 and throw eggs at my neighbor's house. Do you send him to jail, or time-out? We can send it back over the border. ? Reporter: Yet again this year, the sports world was a rich source of scandal. Donald sterling, owner of the L.A. Clippers, had these instructions, first posted by TMZ for his so-called personal assistant after she posed on instagram with magic Johnson. People call you and tell you that I have black people on my instagram and it bothers you? Yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you are associating with black people. Do you have to? Reporter: Sterling claimed it was simply a mistake. Maybe it wasn't racist. Maybe he just didn't want her hanging out with the help. Reporter: But then he made matters worse by saying this about magic Johnson, on CNN. Is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? I think he should be ashamed of himself. He tried to apologize and kept putting his foot in his old crusty, nasty mouth. Reporter: The NBA forced sterling to sell the team despite his insistance he's not a racist and never has been. Reporter: Table-flipping star of "Real housewives of new Jersey" Teresa Guidice is on her way to a new kind of big house. My house is pretty much all marble, granite onyx. But the feds say they lied to obtain bank loans, hid income in a bankruptcy and failed to file tax returns. It's a little baffling that somehow reality fame makes you not understand how to walk yourself down to h&r block. Reporter: She pled guilty but asked to serve her sentence in a halfway house, notwithstanding the fact that the place would almost certainly be free of marble and granite. The judge turned her down. No one on the "Housewives" shows goes halfway. That's why she didn't qualify. Reporter: Also, making the dishonor roll this year, these characters caught on camera. Police say this guy fell asleep while burglarizing the house. There's a man on the bed. I'm scared. Reporter: He was still dozing when police snapped this picture after responding to the maid's 911 call. This woman posted a picture on Facebook wearing a dress she had shoplifted hours earlier. Police were called after the store owner recognized the dress online. There was only one of these dresses that we have. Reporter: And finally, here's Santa preparing for the holidays emptying a post office cash drawer into his toy sack. Police say he headed out, presumably to the north pole, in a tan jeep and is still on the lam. Ladies and gentlemen, those are your 2014 inductees into the dishonor roll. May there be less naughty and more nice in the coming year. ? With so many to pick from, who would nominate for the dishonor roll? Tweet us at the #theyear.

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{"duration":"7:59","description":"Justin Bieber, Donald Sterling, and Teresa Guidice earned spots on the 2014 dishonor roll.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"27808376","title":"Public Figures Who Behaved Badly This Year","url":"/2020/video/public-figures-behaved-badly-year-27808376"}