Under the Radar: The Terror Threat Next Door

Could the brothers have been working on their own, or were they part of a larger terrorist group?
5:47 | 04/19/13

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Transcript for Under the Radar: The Terror Threat Next Door
So the question tonight who are these Brothers and how did they transformed from boys and Boston to alleged bombers. Dan Harris has been working his sources all day and he -- we found out. I never -- would imagine. That some Ohio. They children all of my brother would be associated with the sausage and quickly instead it was -- Even their own family members are asking the question nobody else seems to be able to answer tonight. Why. When -- they provoked this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- able to settle themselves. These -- young -- I can imagine. So why did 26 year old Tamil insert I have -- nineteen year old brother Jeff -- allegedly. -- the most heinous acts of terrorism in America. 9/11. Absolutely shocking on the high school student that I nail in the high school student that. On my classmates knew is the exact opposite of the person that's been committing these crimes and doing these horrible things -- Didn't really seen as -- entity like that would harm a fly. The Brothers are originally from a war torn part of Russian and family fled that -- in 2000 soon. Chechens were persecuting its. There was a man of course at one point there -- about -- and Alex is there an American experience began as a classic tale of immigrant assimilation. Father and -- found work in an auto body shop. Mothers who -- -- became a cosmic colleges and the boys flourished in Boston's academic environment. John. -- -- -- honors class bit he was not someone that was. You know not didn't try -- He made friends -- drama classes. And impress people as gentle and subdued. It's hard to believe that that. Someone that you know was so friendly and funny just a couple years ago could have done these kinds of things. He was also something of a jock. Gephardt became the all star captain of the wrestling team. Every way he was he was to -- the americanized. And -- and really sweet Harvard kid. His older brother to -- -- a bit rougher around the edges however after high school temporal and attended Bunker Hill Community College. For three semesters but he's real passion. Was boxing. He fought his way into the New England heavyweight golden gloves championship and had dreams of representing America in the Olympics and he was considering. Turning pro as a boxer. But in 2000 -- Maryland was reportedly arrested for assault and battery against his girlfriend the charge was later dismissed. The -- today's boxing photos found on the Internet may also shed some light on camera lens mindset. There's one reads I don't have a single American friend I don't understand that. And this there are no values anymore people can't control themselves. Meanwhile by 2011 Jeff -- seemed to be on top of the world. He graduated high school and the city of Cambridge even honored him with a 2500. Dollar merit award he enrolled in the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Lived in a coed dorm and played weekly soccer matches with his friends. Played soccer every week. Monday's. -- that's when minimum bid for less common but -- with the PS2 game here it's the place. I mean you could kind of tell is a little too far ahead -- I mean besides he was just quite it was a really much doing. While there were no overt signs of trouble there was something darker going on with Jeff -- online Alter ego. Look at these alleged tweets in which he says September 10 baby you know it tomorrow is party at my house and never underestimate the rebel with a cause. Death is the destroyer of all pleasures two years ago the FBI interviewed Tamil and on behalf of -- suspicious foreign government -- they found nothing derogatory. By the beginning of this year the Stanley seem to be fracturing the father and -- had returned to Russia for health reasons. Camera -- spent the first half of 2012. Back in -- himself what he was doing there remains unclear. Give evidence positional let me start -- -- I'll say it man's faith in pac spending my -- what else. My my -- -- -- in its -- -- I am like a 100% sure that they could just check out how. The boy's mother and their aunt defended them today and this woman allegedly -- sister living in New Jersey. Fended off the media. -- they related their Brothers. And lost so many questions remain about what finally turned these Brothers. Into alleged terrorists their family is now left with -- difficult task. Of clearing their name. Bible and my family associate. -- not replying for dividend -- -- family. People shame he reported shame on sun in our family -- has -- them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But everyone -- names that play with word Chechen. It didn't look bad shame on and tie it at the institute. Some high emotions from the uncle of the two bombers accused of setting -- park just behind me.

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{"id":19004597,"title":"Under the Radar: The Terror Threat Next Door","duration":"5:47","description":"Could the brothers have been working on their own, or were they part of a larger terrorist group?","url":"/2020/video/radar-terror-threat-door-19004597","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}