The 'Real' Lucky 7

Act 5: Jennifer Habib recalls how her and her co workers' lives changed after winning the lottery.
6:12 | 09/11/13

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Transcript for The 'Real' Lucky 7
r SC Johnson. Cc Announcer:20/20" returns with crazy stupid luck. All right. I've got good news and bad news. Let's start with the good. You've just won a big lottery. Now the bad. You've got to split it with everyone in your office. So take a look at this before you chip in on the next office pool where you could be swimming with the sharks. Here's cecilia vega. How would you react if you won the lottery? Ahh! Like this, right? Well, check out these folks. From toms river, new jersey, they call themselves ocean's 16. They're a group of 16 government workers who just last month announced to the world they were millionaires. We're very happy. Happy happy, as some of my friends would say. They banded together to buy a ticket for the $448 million powerball drawing, and lo and behold, they won. Ocean's 16 looks an awful lot like this group, the lucky seven, seven coworkers from queens whose ship also just sailed in. How do you feel winning all that money? All in all, pretty damn lucky. The truth is, though, these folks are all actors, the stars of the new abc tv program "lucky 7." But on the show, premiering in two weeks, winning the lottery isn't the end of the story. It's just the beginning. You okay back there? The drama is what happens next. In real life, it's a story you don't hear that often. What happens for all those people we all see on tv once the jumping up and down and smiling for the cameras comes to an end? It was a bit of a surprise for this group, also known as the lucky 7, coworkers in a medical lab in orange county, california. And I'm looking at the numbers, and I'm looking at the ticket and I said, "holy , I think we won the lottery!" Jennifer habib says the first big shock about winning was how uncomfortable she quickly felt. I was paranoid about going out of the house for a while. Our pictures by that time had been taken and we're in the paper and I didn't want to be identified. That's part of why she and all her coworkers soon quit. Sure, they didn't need the job, but they say being there made them uneasy. When you win the lottery, it throws you into such a conundrum of other problems that you can't even begin to anticipate. And it's really hard when you have never been exposed to that kind of money at any one time. With their newfound freedom, one coworker split the money with a spouse and promptly got divorced. One moved to the philippines and took up pig farming. None of them anticipated getting sued for a share of the loot, but it happened. A jealous coworker tried to convince a judge that he was part of the group even though he was off the day they purchased the ticket. The judge didn't buy it. Turns out, its not uncommon. In elizabeth, new jersey, the hardhatted five construction workers weren't fighting someone outside of their group, but the guy who bought their winning ticket in the first place. He tried to claim he picked the lucky numbers separately from his group purchase. But he couldn't prove it in court and everyone kept their booty. But in indianapolis, indiana, the sensational stylists are still waiting for a judge to sort out who gets what in the case of a group of hairdressers in a similar tangle -- they can't agree if the winning ticket was bought for the group or not. At this real estate office in plantation, florida, though, it's a very different story for the good samaritans. There it is! Our $1 million powerball check. When a group of workers here got their powerball winnings, there were no lawsuits. This is what I bought with my money. With my money, I brought a new car. I got lasik eye surgery, now I'm 20-15 perfect vision. Beyond the normal life-changing purchases for themselves, though, these folks made life different for others. First, there was jen maldonado. There's our lucky charm. She was brand new to the office and hadn't contributed to the pool, yet after they won, everyone agreed to cut her in just because. Well, that was very emotional. Who gives money to new people who you just met, you know? We were nice and did that right thing. But that was only the start. It became a huge pay it forward campaign. They gave money to strangers. A $100 tip to a waiter, big contributions to charity. It's a feeling I can't even explain. It's a such a warm feeling inside, it makes you feel like I'm changing somebody's life by

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{"id":20220697,"title":"The 'Real' Lucky 7","duration":"6:12","description":"Act 5: Jennifer Habib recalls how her and her co workers' lives changed after winning the lottery.","url":"/2020/video/real-lucky-20220697","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}