Richard Nixon's secret tapes are released: Part 9

On the tapes, Nixon, in his own words, proved that he orchestrated the cover-up of Watergate.
5:26 | 06/17/17

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Transcript for Richard Nixon's secret tapes are released: Part 9
cc1 Test message For the next year so much that went into the water gate investigation was what's on those tapes. The supreme court rules president Nixon must turnover material. When the case comes in the people are afraid to tell the president. Somebody has an idea of putting a sign around the president's dog's neck and all the sign will say is 8-0. Impeach Nixon now. The white house said a segment of the tapes are missing. Here we have a tape clearly on a day when discussions by Nixon are going to be germane to the subject. For 18 1/2 minutes it's been erased. Rose Mary woods is the loyal secretary to the president. She is tasked with transcribing the tapes before they were turned over. Her explanation was she was listening to the tape. As she was listening the telephone rang. She puts her foot down and a pedal wrongly. For 18 1/2 minutes keeps it here. You can see her holding on white knuckled. She is at a 45 degree angle to reach the phone. It's preposterous. Why is there a reason this Nixon loyalist is tanging the fall or erasing what could be a very critical part of a conversation that is harmful to the president. The reason is it's harmful to the president. He knew the tapes would in krim fate him. He department want the American people to know what was on the tapes. On the investigation you know -- It showed from just about the get go president Nixon was on or about traiting the cover up. They should call the FBI and say that we wish for the country -- Now you had to reconsider everything Nixon publicly about the fact he didn't have a role in the cover up. The so-called smoking gun tape proved from his own lips from his own words he orchestrated the cover up of water gate. This was the final nail in the coffin although you don't need another nail if you're already in the coffin which we were. It was public pressure that prompted the impeachment inquiry. Impeachment was not likely thrown around. Impeach Nixon now. The only institution left to provide some remedy is the congress. It's my own judgment this will require they recommend the impeachment of the president. It is water gate that forced the other branches of government and the American people to ask is our president too powerful. The house you dish air committee got to the crux of the matter today, the impeachment of the president. I didn't want to have to vote for the impeachment. For the second time the committee of the United States congress is about to hear formally evidence that may or may not lead to the impeach omt of the president of the united States. I knew it was my responsibility. I'll never forget the moment. It was the 27th of July, 1974. It was 7:05 in the evening when the chairman said to his clerk a record vote is demanded and the clerk will call the roll. All those in favor say eye. All those opposed no. The clerk will call the role. The mood in the room was very somber. It was an awesome thing and you don't do that lightly. Mr. Don hue, eye. Mr. Brooks? Eye. These are Democrats first down the line. Ms. Holtzman? Eye. I don't think anyone on that committee Republican or Democrat took pleasure. Then it got to the Republicans. Mr. Lot? No. The president wasn't fighting it and wasn't intending to resign. I felt if he felt that strongly a lot of the accusations U must not be true. Mr. Fish Mr. Hogan Mr. Butler Mr. Fray lick? Eye. It carried 27-11. The house committee votes to impeach president Nixon for obstruction of justice. The president faced the reality he needed to go. Time for him to go.

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{"id":48095087,"title":"Richard Nixon's secret tapes are released: Part 9","duration":"5:26","description":"On the tapes, Nixon, in his own words, proved that he orchestrated the cover-up of Watergate.","url":"/2020/video/richard-nixons-secret-tapes-released-part-48095087","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}