Robin Roberts' Journey: Going Home

Part 4: After five months recuperating in her N.Y. apartment, Roberts visits her childhood home.
9:26 | 02/22/13

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Transcript for Robin Roberts' Journey: Going Home
Some things will. The day has come -- I can finally leave the hospital! ♪ ♪ lay my burdening down ♪ going home now! Saying good-bye to my fabulous medical team is bittersweet. First thing I'm going to put up when I get home. It's an see you again at an anniversary party. Thank you. After 30 days of isolation, i take my first breath of fresh air. I remember the wind was blowing, and feeling the wind. And just, feeling the air. It just washed over me. It's overwhelming to the sky. Unlike how you usually come to new york. Golly, lots of buildings. Wow. There is no place like home! For the next few months, day in and day out, I would remain in my apartment, a virtual bubble from the outside world. Little by little, I began to add to my life, building up my system and getting strong. After five months, I was able to venture out and give back. So nice to see you. Now, I could be one the off encouragement and someone in recovery from the same transplant I had. David! How are you? Another reminder, david is a colleague of mine, a sound man at abc news. I should be doing exactly what he's doing. And you will be david. Never give up, don't ever give up. And that's what we're doing. It's nice to talk to somebody who's in the same business and going through it. It really is -- sorry for kissing you. They'll yell at us. No, it's worth it. I'll roll the dice. You're family, you are forever family. David's fight is just starting, and thankfully, he is doing well. And to offer him hope, well, that is just a blessing. Another blessing, something as simple as being able to sit down with my gma co-anchors at a restaurant where we'd eaten together so many times before. Sitting on the couch the day of the diagnosis, and something that you said, josh, when i said, about fight. You know, that, "focus on the fight, not the fright." And you said, "it's our fight." What I was going through, we were going through together. Good morning, everyone. Hello to robin at home. I love it when, every morning when you say, you know, "robin at home." We got news from robin. I learned a lot by how you shared the fight. And by sharing it, you've helped countless people, and that is a huge, huge lesson. Welcome home. Thank you. So good. Onwards and upwards. But I knew that before I would be able to return to the set and to my gma family, it was time to go home. And I needed to do that, before I could come home, to gma. I needed to be on my family's home turf, to see some of the oldest friends I've ever had. The gulf coast is my home. I wanted to be with my family for a super bowl reunion weekend, and there were also so many people to thank. Southeastern louisiana university. They are making it happen. All the bone marrow donor drives like "swabbin for robin" at my beloved alma mater and "be the match." The thousands of people stepping up to be donors -- the utter outpouring of love, and so many people wearing those bracelets in support. When I see someone wearing the bracelet, there's just something that tugs at my heart. Light, love, power, presence, being back home was not just a big step for me emotionally, but physically too. I have the fragile immune system of a newborn baby. Wub, welcome back. Thank you. Guy to tell you, inning my doctors orders to avoid germs is not easy. Being around people like the supporters I love. Many around here to watch the gma broadcast live from new orleans. I do not like being told I can't hug. I am a hugger. I'm proud of it. I've been told I'm a very good hugger. I'm southern, it's what we do. It's just hard. It's freaking crazy like just seeing you makes me the happiest in the world. I am so glad you are back. Thank you and I feel it because I know when I am looking at you, looking at me, I can tell I'm getting better. Because the way you look at me, is like you know I am back. The truth is that while i believed I would be back in the mix, deep down inside, I just didn't know. I wasn't really sure that I'd ever again travel the familiar road from new orleans to my childhood home in pass christian, mississippi. Coming home after a parent's death is something most of us have to face one time or another. I hoped sharing this moment might show how overcoming loss is possible even under the worst of circumstances. Let's go inside. Thankfully, my sister dorothy was there for me to lean on. Mom, I'm home. I'm home, mom. She knows it and she's happy. She's up there. Wow, it's beautiful. It's just like we left it. Mm-hmm. Oh, I am going to miss mom sitting right here the most. I know. There you go. I think about that time that you both were in new york on her last visit and we went to a recording studio at her request sang. ♪ When we all meet jesus we will all shout victory ♪ bravo, mother. Oh, mercy. She could just sit down and glide. Nice to see you! To come together here with my sisters and my big brother, butch, is another step in my healing process. Without mom, we have to make a concerted effort to close and I think that's our next journey, if you will. To continue that close-knit family, which I believe that we are. The outpouring on of love from people I barely know, watch and say, I watch your sister, i love your sister. How is your sister doing? You are on the road to spectacular health. The darkest hours are always before the dawn, and it's a new day. It's a new day. Three, two, go. Several hours -- I was feeling ready but getting back in the anchor chair would be the next big step.

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{"id":18572538,"title":"Robin Roberts' Journey: Going Home","duration":"9:26","description":"Part 4: After five months recuperating in her N.Y. apartment, Roberts visits her childhood home.","url":"/2020/video/robin-roberts-journey-home-18572538","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}