A Room 'The Wolfpack' Wasn't Allowed Inside

Makunda Angulo shows ABC News' '20/20' the NYC apartment where he spent his entire childhood.
1:03 | 06/12/15

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Transcript for A Room 'The Wolfpack' Wasn't Allowed Inside
This is a front door right yes this was always locked owing to be honest this looks pretty inconsequential. It does which is why we would have the and scenic. New disease this is an example so let's say this is a latter not always put it. Like here yeah it was much taller you know me. Against the door. Senate honestly thinks nobody going to this forum and knowing could open door and I kept in the dark and when you lift the latter echoed loudly. So he would know if it was to go. This was that when we were never. Allowed to go. I think because right there and that won't be on the wall is the neighbors they can like he which here is that if you can neighbors a pact which is lacking of awareness to like. In this area you would never want to hear or in this room or five. Door but it wasn't that you were being kept secrets. It was in that it was mainly. Not to. Interact. With it was that turn.

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{"duration":"1:03","description":"Makunda Angulo shows ABC News' '20/20' the NYC apartment where he spent his entire childhood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"31725749","title":"A Room 'The Wolfpack' Wasn't Allowed Inside","url":"/2020/video/room-wolfpack-allowed-inside-31725749"}