Royal Baby: The In-Laws

Handicapping potential godparents, and comparing the two "grandmas": Carole Middleton and the Queen.
3:00 | 05/27/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby: The In-Laws
We return now to one young woman and her incredible journey having just received a double hand transplant her struggles are not over she faces some difficult and new challenges now. And so once again here's ABC's John -- After nearly twelve hours in the operating room something quite -- Are transplanting to donor hands on to 28 year old Lindsey pass so have you -- yet. -- -- -- -- one son inside this cocoon is -- new Lindsay hesitant to see what's happened to her overnight what's finally. Happen they feel like normal fingers. -- more hands the initial signs good this is more than we could ever hope for her blood pressure's good all the parameters are good related to. How the blood flow is in and out of her new arms and this is. If you will -- picture perfect course of four. October 2011 get ten degrees -- adding. Less than a month after surgery Lindsay is out of the icu and well into therapy. -- easy and as a -- healthy. At least keep track petitions to -- easier chickens. Telling them that she has started to get to know her new hands. Tell -- about when you first actually -- Action -- Ferris. And me saying I. It's -- my goodness Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah tell me anything -- -- can look these realities. But it's not yet a perfect reality. To prevent rejection the surgeons had to leave pouches of excessive fat and skin on her normally toned and thin arms her new hands and arms. Look like they belonged to someone else in this skin -- never. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- lower arms cures for arms fellows but you have way. And answer questions like that -- And I am so grateful to have them -- and that's not match experience me beside the point again soon. Start with -- left wrist. January 20124. Months after surgery her doctors are amazed by the pace of her recovery. They didn't expect -- motion control for at least another twelve to eighteen months button. Seeing this it is -- And her muscles relaxing and she can pick up -- objects. But don't. This is time -- -- hours today and your job next year hours. Colorado -- -- if you get us. And finally going home on a cold day last February 5 months after that urgent call to come in for the surgery. The prognosis. For both hands. Couldn't be better oh my god you're extension this incredible -- you can. -- June 2012. Nine months after the surgery you know full respect. She can extend -- move her wrists and fingers consent hot and cold a tingling sensation that bothers her nevertheless indicates that nerves are growing back. Her function continues to improve dramatically. At a very accelerated rate in terms of her nerve regeneration -- giving her more strength this -- you concede the weight gain. Forty pounds the result of extra steroids required when her body threatened to reject the transplant. That crisis receded but the weight gain. Is something Lindsay finds more deeply discouraging than she expected I hear you on this -- We want you all these stories as fast as we can get you off them. To compromise. And risk rejection that's -- -- and balance.

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{"id":19268077,"title":"Royal Baby: The In-Laws","duration":"3:00","description":"Handicapping potential godparents, and comparing the two \"grandmas\": Carole Middleton and the Queen.","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-laws-19268077","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}