The Royal Baby: Nanny School

Part 4: Amy Robach goes to Norland Nanny School to learn how to care for a future monarch.
6:30 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for The Royal Baby: Nanny School
The royal baby here to the throne and returns. Once again. -- -- Talk about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A friend bleeding -- Chris. And who's been hired to keep the nurseries and not listen to the rule will Koppel looks one of the queen's housekeepers. Italian and to Nellis there's alone it with a modest salary of 35000. Dollars a year. -- -- And snow that has put a number of jobs the chief to housekeeper that have responds in the teasing cage taking care -- -- overweight and glass plant. Let -- three basic meals but who looks after the little one. In the burial -- they used to be Manning the assistant -- Nash remains and nationally for. So with all those -- still up for grabs. I decided to apply for the role as royal caregiver. As well where can in New York City girls go to learn how to channel Mary Poppins in any Hopkins practically -- seeking a completely. Exists he. Answer is here. I -- to wait in the beautiful English countryside -- back. About 100 miles west of London and lives -- -- college largely considered the harbor and -- English nanny. It's. Training is the Red Sox on Wednesday. For three -- -- -- -- -- She -- three years. Thankfully Norman was willing to give me a crash course on the QT -- In -- training. You. To always -- O'Hara. -- -- Check minimal makeup. -- statutes may have to makes up humans yes one of his people when carrying children. Safety fast. Oh well I -- and his favorite tunes. I shouldn't -- meaningful. Only -- the distinctive and boarding Ian Brown uniform. Complete with both time bill passed. And white gloves a look -- barely been updated since the college's conception in 1892. As a mother of two and stepmother of three I admit I was a skeptic who normally no matter how new months. Tell me something about me I already know the status that the baby in the face while -- -- Include. He's outta baby crying need -- an -- Yeah. And I think my -- -- This has no -- pulled out money from these are -- they had -- practicing on this heinous and across France and oils and. -- -- -- -- -- was on duty inevitable could be changing. That's British for excitement yeah yeah and safe -- but for tenants we think we need guys uses -- news or -- is. Seriously. Changing -- -- New -- isn't a real nuisance. Wellness. And then how can -- line is that time again. -- -- his mom so there's no white piece. When he went with a -- terrorists and assist nine mineral found relay at the scales are exactly the sagging. Not exactly. Prince's can be. So new englanders trains being any name -- mastery Taekwondo to ward off would be kidnappers. And -- BC driving maneuvers. -- the prying eyes of the paparazzi. It is intimidating to see how old. Much they know and perhaps how little we know as parents it's simple and that's. The -- that while she has the expertise is -- support the family and to listen to that needs and to be extremely flexible. Look. Flexible doesn't necessarily described it -- nannies the windsors -- yeah. No wonder -- saying here is the hand that rocks the cradle rules the empire nanny was the most important person in the house and she knew it. Then she may have been a constitutional monarch. Queen Elizabeth was once overruled on the dessert she ordered to cease Charles by his. Authoritarian nanny calendar no nonsense like mine and -- -- we went back today will have something else. They nannies and ran the -- like -- And Barbara marks a strict no -- about nanny do you sleep clashed with Princess Diana over her unwavering -- That was questionable jealously between. And -- Diana fund. That bonds was two pounds on yeah they run -- -- Things. Perhaps including too much. So Obama wasn't then next paving the way -- old problem who had her hands full with these point six -- dubbed. Why don't buy the London paper. It's -- -- -- smacking him when he was -- she was told him not to do something they've kept doing it since she can and will wallop on the backside so much. -- volumes about the unbreakable bond between the princes and their nannies and was -- late last year. Canceling a string of high profile engagements to -- -- -- Powell's funeral and gives -- -- Says Eileen Fulton -- Nissan. In a young murder -- lives in and how important to me than yeah. -- me how much he downtown. It's that kind of bond these young women -- -- forward with a family one day. And they have a -- -- Norman colleagues that supersedes. All those codes of conduct and up. Okay so it isn't about the strict discipline and -- -- best. What -- helpful -- -- some news womb Harrington. Fun love thing. Somebody had moved well and I for the -- -- and -- again talent and after all. Who's more common than -- future king.

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Part 4: Amy Robach goes to Norland Nanny School to learn how to care for a future monarch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19754987","title":"The Royal Baby: Nanny School","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-nanny-school-19754987"}