The Royal Baby: The Prince Has Arrived

Part 1: The latest from London, delivery-room details, global reactions and merchandise.
9:59 | 07/23/13

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Transcript for The Royal Baby: The Prince Has Arrived
The mother won't -- From the -- third in line to be achieved its big boy's. Penis. Where blue -- Hiller the latest on one million -- boom there bouncing baby friends and whether or not he. -- Six of one side showed up -- -- taxi the other -- memorial jaguar. We'll be -- Florio got parents naughty uncle Harry saucy shift. The poignant statements were another grandmother might have been. Christening yeah that didn't come from a baby shower good news this news. -- -- -- -- -- Forget that savings bonds this baby is already. Ankara before things done a royal way. Just thank you will be one of the. Plus where they find -- Mary Poppins for a major monarch who can write the baby was one. And quite gulf war with -- -- NN. It's many -- -- -- -- -- This woman -- -- palaces. We're taking out the paparazzi. -- -- -- business that if. -- -- -- Here is Barbara Walters. He's good evening talk about a special delivery. The navy -- is finally -- The -- -- -- they do of course son to prince William and his wife Kate and right now at least the modest -- of naked little bundle. Anywhere. At this moment the joyous festivities are going on around the world but -- where I think cheers louder. Then in London but our and you -- back has all of the details about the new -- Bar -- what a difference a day makes the newborn -- his first full day on earth is winding down. But what a first -- it has been an incredibly introduction to the world the first time parents. Seems surprisingly calm the first little wave at the top of the hospital steps. Meaning -- grandparents and then just a few hours ago heading home to Kensington Palace. -- musicals the -- route leading. It's gonna get -- New parents William and Kate presented the latest addition to the royal family. A one day old baby boy who already has a -- on the job. Future team -- -- Yeah. It -- -- poignantly reminiscent of 31 years ago when Princess Diana and Prince Charles introduced eight days old Prince William Berry's -- -- Looking at those two images side by side they're ready for a lump in my -- that little bundle of joy in the picture. That represents the future of the industry. But this modern war media friendly couple surprised he never teaching -- for this. It's. An unbelievable these guys it's tablespoon plus you get out -- and we didn't. The future monarch and sent on his. But mercy and Prince William doubled his dad and super -- yeah. Yeah. -- mark the end of the day filled with celebrations. Yeah. Even the royal navy got in on the back and we'll run this case -- headlines and reports around the world announced the -- One -- up William and -- in the coming from Kate Middleton England's newspaper the sun even changed its name today do the sun. Yeah. The baby already has an additional tonight -- his wilderness prints of Cambridge. And with the would be questions. -- left unanswered it was hidden I was still working on an eight. Betting houses across England are taking bets on the possibility. This yeah. Seen in this country if she knows I need not. Two under usual weekday -- maniac tackled -- tell the world waits and -- -- heat an eight bit tipsy stains from previously listening to be announced. They actually -- we will take three weeks -- announced the name of that company you says he's even -- and they just 23 days ahead. Detonate homemade -- themselves we'll be back -- and its name there. -- If they need help with the name game they could always -- suggestions from both sets of grandparents. Who visited today before the duke and duchess left the hospital. Some details have emerged the baby was born Monday morning about eleven hours after Kate and to the hospital. Weighing a healthy eight pounds six ounces new daddy Prince William was in the room for the birth and is already pitching in -- Yeah. And -- baby this time is history making confessions to the crown. Just last April UK's parliament has -- to build a shirt and whether -- royal air where a boy or girl child wouldn't rule. Her majesty has given heroics and the extraordinary historical things it's maybe -- Before the school. School this new board is now third in line to the throne after his grandfather and father and -- -- -- down one's life support. Although this baby won't mean for decades his birthday -- super -- But the torrential downpour didn't stop crowds from gathering around the -- and outside the hospital. To take part in the celebrations. In fact this royal baby hasn't -- today. And yet he's already expected to earn 380. Million dollars for the UK. Aren't going to be they -- the extent and from an economical and he'll also should people will be spending because of the World Bank it's C news. Entertainment. -- of it is. Soon expect an official line of drill baby souvenirs for sale of the -- -- In fact he's been doing some shopping of her own she's been spotted over the last few months picking up -- and antiques. I don't think the royal -- story. Where will the nursery being -- the royal couple could be putting us treated -- all over the UK. One we know for sure Kensington Palace. When will you grew up. How thankful for the men's exclusive thanks to. Community in the wild. Man getting paid consultant to move into a pond one way in which he spoiled Princess Margaret -- in -- -- it. Apartment one -- is more like -- force story mansion on the Kensington grounds. So far about one point seven billion dollars has been spent on the renovation and unfortunately it's not finished yet. He's just days to -- it doesn't matter who you are contacting Amanda coming on time. Rest assured they won't be couch surfing. They can stay -- Kate's parents new house in buckled Mary. Visited their home in angle -- near prince William's military -- -- spend time at Kandahar hall a vacation home the queen is rumored to -- them on her 20000 acres Sandringham estate. But for now they'll stay in a modest two bedroom cottage they've already been living in Kensington. And here prying eyes we'll try to snap a photo of the new prince William and Kate will most likely soon released photos to dissuade paparazzi. If they don't. How much -- the first big -- -- I'm gonna fifty thinks that that I don't think competitiveness. Between -- picked -- but it can and should. -- -- -- Perhaps the best next glimpse of the royal baby will be his Christmas. It will -- tradition and it will be huge royal christening. At the same time William and Kate nasty things -- keeping you very much sanitation. No date has at this. -- been announced. But it traditionally will happen about a month after the birth and -- it's like Williams christening it will happen in Buckingham Palace in the music room. With the baby in the -- down designed prince William and other royals have worn since 1841. The original a long white satin gown with intricate lace an elaborate -- and close. Was retired recently after 163. Years of service. Good news -- news. And I was. And imprisoned and. We had a Dresser Angela Kelly creek an exact replica for the next generation. And as extravagant as all these royal baby -- -- here's one that's not quite as appetizing. Leaving -- following British tradition will reportedly break out the preserve top tier of their wedding cake for the christening party. Hopefully that will preserve -- two year -- -- Of course there are a lot of baby souvenirs to be had but we're all waiting for the ones with the baby's name on them. And that could still be a few days of course it's impossible to leave England without some -- -- of this amazing week.

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{"id":19754898,"title":"The Royal Baby: The Prince Has Arrived","duration":"9:59","description":"Part 1: The latest from London, delivery-room details, global reactions and merchandise.","url":"/2020/video/royal-baby-prince-arrived-19754898","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}