Scott Catt confesses to more robberies in Oregon: Part 6

He confessed to robberies he committed himself that police didn't know about, including five in Oregon. Also, Abby was reluctant to criticize her father, saying she had trusted him her "whole life."
7:52 | 06/29/19

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Transcript for Scott Catt confesses to more robberies in Oregon: Part 6
You hear of bank robberies every day. And they're a dime a dozen. But it is a very rare that you hear of a father reeling in his own children to rob banks with him. A man and his two children accused of robbing more than a It made for great headlines. A family affair, all in the family, the family that robs together stays together. The family stole thousands of dollars. Abby Catt drove the getaway vehicle. People were fascinated with "Breaking bad." I think they kind of see some of the same thing with this particular story. How did such an ordinary looking, normal family turn into bank robbers, waving pistols and driving getaway cars? I just talked myself into robbing banks. I just It, I'll just rob banks. Probably better at that anyway. Investigators were very pleased obviously when Scott started talking about the robberies in Texas, but they were totally taken back when he started talking about robberies in another state. Now detectives have those bank straps they found on the floor of Scott's apartment. And some of them come from Oregon. So now detectives are suspicious that oh, maybe Scott robbed banks there too. Okay, I'm just trying to think about the first one. We had a big chalkboard in there. And he was writing on this chalkboard. First federal savings and Bank robbery one in Oregon. Number two was another one, was in mcminnville. Bank robbery two. Three it was in Portland. Wow, why would he volunteer that? I don't know, maybe he had a guilty heart. I think that's all about what is going to help him. In his mind, he's going to come clean, and he's going to end up with less of a sentence. And in that one, same thing. Some sort of cover with a painter's mask, a hat, sunglasses. So the painters mask thing is pretty consistent. It was for me, because of my goatee. Not only is he confessing to the crimes that they're aware of, but he's now confessing to others that they didn't even know about. Starting off, believe it or not, in the same bank where Scott Catt's dad retired. The newspaper printed a classic grainy photo of the robber standing in front of the teller. And Scott's mother saw it in the newspaper. And I said, "Oh, son, if I didn't know better I'd say that was you." And he grabbed the paper from me and he looked at that. I remember so vividly and he said, "Yeah, it does kinda." And that was it, no more conversation. And you had no idea that he was doing this in Oregon and then that he was doing this in Texas? I swear to god. I got lucky on that one. If I'm surprised about anything it's the fact that he was able to, you know, remain undetected. You would think that someone in his hometown would have known him. These first five were in Oregon. How many of those did either Hayden or Abby know about? None. And now Abby is about to learn everything also. Scott Catt leaves the interrogation room and the next person in is Abby. She's also under arrest and the first thing she sees in that interrogation room is this white board with a list of all the banks that her father robbed in Oregon. You looking at the board? Yeah. I saw on the white board that he had wrote out some things. But I'm sure it was more than that. It struck her, the enormity of what her father had done and what he had persuaded her to be a part of. You know, he's always been there for me. He's been the only person that I have. So it was just, like, okay, almost. You know? And even then she says to the investigators, "He's my dad and I love him." I mean, how is your dad? Is he -- I mean, I didn't know him until today. I mean, is he a pretty good guy, other than what he got mixed up in here? Yeah. He is. Good father? Uh-huh. So, I mean, a pretty normal and happy childhood? Yeah. We're a little every day kinda family, I guess. Despite the horrendous things that a parent can do to a child, in so many circumstances that child will still find a reason to believe in that parent and to make an excuse for that parent no matter what. I've trusted him my whole life. And I just -- I continued on to do so. In the position that I was put in, it was more, like, well, I have to do it to protect my family. That if you didn't help them, then they would do it themselves and get arrested? Exactly. If there is a victim in a group of bad guys, she would be a victim. He didn't approach her initially. He used Hayden to convince Abby to going along with the plan to rob banks. What exactly did they ask you to do to help? Just drive. Drive. When you say drive, I mean, like -- Like, getaway drive. The getaway -- the getaway car. Yeah. Did they ask you to do anything else? No. Never, not once. She's being made to believe, oh, it's nothing. You're just driving the car, kiddo. He said it. I mean, we need a getaway driver to drive. 'Cause we're gonna rob a bank? Yeah. But what anyone knows who follows crime and justice is that you could just be the passenger in a getaway car and still be equally responsible to anyone who's inside that bank. Did it seem like Abby was comfortable in her role as getaway driver? Absolutely not. I know that it was only the influence of me and my father that pushed Abby to do that. I don't think anybody in their right mind would really understand how you get your children involved. I mean, getting your children involved in robbing banks with firearms. But it made you feel better when they told you the guns were fake? Yeah, I mean of course it did, just knowing that no one would get hurt. Until they told you they weren't real, you thought they were real, right? Yeah. Did you ever think that your dad would get hurt, or Hayden would get hurt, or they might hurt someone during this? Honestly, no. No, I don't think they would hurt anyone. And I don't think anyone would hurt them. But that's not true. But it shouldn't come as a big surprise for you that you're gonna have some legal consequences. No. No, it's not -- no, I know. I understand that. Reporter: Both of the kids are now facing big trouble and big prison sentences. At the same time, Scott is starting to scheme. He's trying to get them to do more time so that he can do less time. Why don't you read something this is your letter to Abby, by

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"He confessed to robberies he committed himself that police didn't know about, including five in Oregon. Also, Abby was reluctant to criticize her father, saying she had trusted him her \"whole life.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"64030231","title":"Scott Catt confesses to more robberies in Oregon: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/scott-catt-confesses-robberies-oregon-part-64030231"}