Sex Abuse Victim's Struggle With Revenge

David Holthouse waited 25 years to plot revenge against the man who sexually abused him.
11:25 | 03/28/13

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Transcript for Sex Abuse Victim's Struggle With Revenge
In the spring of 2003. David whole house was an award winning journalist for an alternative weekly in Denver. But no one knew was that David had two big secrets. First as a child he'd been the victim of a brutal rape. Second he was about to kill the man who had -- I arrived to -- and I. Mind where. It seemed to me that. Murder was an entirely rational. Justifiable. And even morally responsible. Course of action. David gold -- -- find your path to revenge. Begins here in Anchorage Alaska in 1978. At the home of his parents' best friends. They no longer live here but back then the friend's son was ten years older than David quarterback for the high school football team. I kind of regarded him as someone of an older brother. You know and he would hang out with me -- -- to treat me kind of as equal. How does that make you feel. Cool he made me feel cool and I thought he was really cool. One night the high school student -- seven year old David downstairs. To play the teams -- this karate here. And as their parents played scrabble one flight above. Hideous scene began to unfold in the basement as the older boy trapped in that in a corner. He'd somehow got me down in my knees and I remember his crotch basically face level to me. High school quarterback -- -- to stimulate him orally. At this point iris terrified and remember that moment and then I remembered being faced down. On his waterbed. With pillow over my head I didn't have any. Sort of concept of sex or rape or anything like that I just knew that it hurt like hell does he say. I don't remember -- saying anything. You see him. I don't think so I think I was just -- Once the team that finished violating seven year old -- he ordered him never to tell anyone what had happened. And then switched on a video. He raped you and many turned on video of him and left. David told no one what had happened but others weren't paying attention he says the teen would leery of him. Let me give me a look and then he would put his hands in a circle around his crotch. And look at me and sort of smile. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- David Europe to become a journalist whose career took him from Alaska to Arizona to Colorado. One night his parents were on the phone with a remarkable coincidence to report. I learned that. -- -- seven years old was -- Denver. The knowledge tormented him memories of his violation flooded back. The sense of up close physical proximity to him. Brought a close emotional proximity. To the fact that he had raped me seven years old and I just fixated on it and fixated on desire to. Killing. Look. And so using the pain -- skills he employed in reporting one of his stories. David -- house carefully. Incessantly. Plotted his revenge. Once I decided I -- Killen -- a lot calmer. He learned where the men lived with his wife and step kids -- -- field where the men would take walks alone. He returned to Arizona and bought an untraceable gun from some gang members in Phoenix. You're an award winning journalist and you -- planning a man's murder. Mistrust. -- -- It felt like the right thing to do. Why do you feel like the right thing to do. Because I was convinced. That. I was not his only victim and that in all likelihood. He was still breaking kids. And therefore. It was crucial for me -- -- -- him off the face of the earth. That's what I told myself that's how I -- added I think it really -- to shoot him. David said a date leak 2003. For the murder. What did you want to save them. He raped and when seven years old -- and and where -- you gonna do after you said those words doesn't shoot him in the crush. But what happened next. Human. Two -- three times. 87. High school senior political analyst David -- knows that spent a lifetime trying to push aside his range. Once you learn that his attacker was living -- He worked out a plan to get the ultimate revenge. Killing his rates. Weeks of plotting let this journalist ready to author a real life story of. Murderous retribution -- -- would you keep giving car. The lack of apparent motive. Now I didn't it seem to me that if I got away from the actual scene of the shooting. That there would be nothing to point homicide investigators my way they've never even give me an alliance. What happened next was something no one could've predicted. As his mother was cleaning out David's old bedroom in Alaska something caught her -- There was a child's diary in the -- had car field on it and. And so -- I opened that. And look through and. So -- it was a long forgotten childhood diary written by David when he was eleven. Four years after the -- I know now that what he did to me is -- I wonder what will happen when I grow up and see him when I -- grown up. Well I smile and shake his hand and pretend nothing happens. What will -- punch him in the face. His mother fired off for brutally frank message to her best friends. The -- parents I did send them an anonymous letter. And told them that their son had raped my son when he was sent. And that I thought they should take measures to protect her grandchildren. And once my parents told me that. I knew that there was no way I -- -- -- my plans to kill him because even anonymous letter. To his parents would be enough evidence. To check back to me. Then David thought of another way he could get revenge. He decided to -- about being raped and about his plan for vengeance he knew that confronting the men at last. So he wrote the -- this news. I remember my childhood years in Alaska very very well especially a certain night that first year Alaskan I was seven it's time for united talk this over. I don't want your blood for your money just one and uncle Tom. Paul. The response was instantaneous. And David -- -- utterly stunning I was. Prepared convinced. That he was gonna deny it just basically said -- I'm so sorry for what happened. They agreed to meet the next day David was carrying two things he didn't want the -- to know about one was that hidden tape record. The other was a loaded gun for self defense. On this spot in downtown Denver David whole house looked into the -- of the men who had -- And -- -- said are you nervous. And -- shaken. And that yet again if you. I'm -- to you as the two men one -- tape recorder captures the man's point. Those words led to another momentous decision. David decided not to name the -- if his story because I thought there was a chance. That he was. Telling the truth. About my having -- his only victim. The story set up a firestorm of reaction. Four years later David whole house is still sought out by victims of child rape tells them revenge is their right maybe even their duty. Not only do you have the right that arguably have the obligation. To exact some form of revenge on person who sexually assaulted you when -- -- kid because. You have that same special critical knowledge that I had you know beyond any doubt. The identity. Of the -- racist. Turn the other cheek. Forgive. Not child molesters. When you planned revenge you dig two graves. That's. -- you think of it. I don't buy it now I have no memory and vengeance. Balance. The -- victimization. What David is willing to offer is what he calls -- forgiveness. As he wrote in a second letter to the man who -- If you were telling me the truth when he -- there was only one and I accept your apology and I offer you my forgiveness and I wish you the best of luck. -- lines and god help you. Pitcher going to him. For David hold -- payback works. Not murder. In a different kind of made. Was running that story. -- more satisfying. Way to deal with what had happened to -- and killing this man. Definitely. I think he did more -- I think -- did more good a lot of people think he's demoted from myself. That's really. -- No charges were ever filed against -- attacker and since their last encounter they have had no further contact. Today David works for the Southern Poverty Law Center whose mission is to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.

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{"id":18828867,"title":"Sex Abuse Victim's Struggle With Revenge","duration":"11:25","description":"David Holthouse waited 25 years to plot revenge against the man who sexually abused him.","url":"/2020/video/sex-abuse-victims-struggle-with-revenge-18828867","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}