'Siegfried and Roy's' Roy Horn is saved following tiger incident: Part 7

Roy Horn survived after doctors operated on the slashes and punctures in his neck. Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher believe that Horn had a stroke onstage and that the tiger was trying to help.
7:29 | 10/01/19

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Transcript for 'Siegfried and Roy's' Roy Horn is saved following tiger incident: Part 7
Humans are hilarious. Breaking news. One of the rare tigers at Siegfried & Roy attacked. Horn was attacked in the throat. A tiger bite to the neck, we don't see that on a daily basis like a gunshot wound. So you have no idea what to expect. This is an animal's mouth with razor sharp teeth. Two puncture wounds to the back of the neck, two slash wounds to the front part of the neck. You're talking about major blood vessels, very rapid rate of blood loss and hemorrhage. The structure you worry about being compressed is the trachea which is how we get air. We had to operate on his neck where the wounds were at and control that bleeding. Within three minutes, you start getting irreversible brain damage. The whole section of his brain up here, blood flow stopped for a while. That's a stroke. A major stroke. Depending on what part of the brain is deprived of blood flow and oxygen will determine what kind of consequences that stroke has for a person. They told me he was clinically dead three times. They tell me he never would talk, never would speak. This is the way how it's going to be. Family members and also a lot of fans have been coming out here in front of the hospital hoping for some good news. When did you realize, "There's something wrong here. I'm -- I'm really hurt?" I was laying on an operation table, had like kind of an out of body experience. You had an out of body experience where you saw that happening to yourself? Yeah, I stepped off the table, I see a bright, bright light, and I followed the light. But I get the definite message to return. Things were really touching and go there for quite a while, but never once did that man give up, never once. When he came out, I had no idea really what his prognosis was going to be. Until the patient is awake and you can examine them, you really don't know what the extent is. What got you through that? Well, first of all, the people. There was such an outpour of love all over. We are here tonight for Siegfried & Roy. Hundreds of people standing in front of the hospital with the candles and singing and praying. Siegfried & Roy were beloved in Vegas. So there was just this outpouring of love and concern, people just turning out, writing messages of support. The next morning, he comes to the hospital with this music that he and Roy had used on stage before, and he plays it. And he sees a tear running down Roy's face, and he says that at that moment, he knew that Roy was going to survive. Right after the accident happens, the usda steps in and launches a massive investigation. They interviewed dozens of witnesses because there were many of them sitting just feet from the stage when this happened. You have said that Roy was not attacked. Exactly. By mantecore. No, it was an accident. Siegfried & Roy both believe that Roy had some kind of incident, a small stroke, in the show, at that moment, and fell down, and animal instincts took over and he got up and straddled Roy, leaned over and picked him up the way he would pick up a cub. And then he picked me up and pulled me to the other side of the stage for my safety. You really firmly believe that mantecore saved your life? Yeah, absolutely. And that he saved your life because you think you were already having a stroke? Yeah. Even though doctors aren't sure if the stroke happened before or after, you are sure it happened before? Yeah. That is not what Chris Lawrence claims happened, and Chris was right there. Chris Lawrence was an animal handler who had worked for Siegfried & Roy back in the 90s, by all accounts a good animal handler. Well, the night of the accident, Chris Lawrence was working. He was in the wings of the stage watching. He says that mantecore missed his mark. Roy then tried to redirect him not by walking him in a circle as he has traditionally done, and that mantecore got confused. Mantecore lunged or moved towards Roy and Roy slipped and fell. Chris says that mantecore attacked Roy. Chris Lawrence went public speaking out about his version of events. He went on "Inside edition." Mantecore leapt at Roy and swiped at his legs and took him off his feet. How horrifying was that to see up close? More than I can describe. And Roy's yelling, "Get him off. Get him off. Get him off." And it was right about that time that mantecore bit him in the neck. Do you think this was human error that led to this tiger attack? Yes, I do. In his view, mantecore attacked Roy and bit him on the neck. And he thinks it was because Roy made mistakes on the stage. Their relationship with the animals was their magic power, and when that happened it kind of was a dent in that mythical world that we associate them with. Chris Lawrence has come forward now, saying -- I know. -- That Roy essentially was to blame. Was he? No way. And that this story -- Yeah. -- Is just a cover to save the brand and save the image. What do you say to that? Well, I feel very sorry for Chris. He had in his life all these problems. You know what I mean? That animal was behaving as a tiger typically behaves. I feel like the semantics between the word "Attack" and "Accident," "Incident" -- those are -- those are language discussions more than tiger bite discussions. Everybody who works in this business, eventually, the tiger will try to attack you. But that reward of that bond, and that -- that experience with that animal is far more valuable to us than the fear of what possibly might happen. I love you, too. Give me a nice smile. Yeah. Next, would Roy ever be what

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{"duration":"7:29","description":"Roy Horn survived after doctors operated on the slashes and punctures in his neck. Horn and Siegfried Fischbacher believe that Horn had a stroke onstage and that the tiger was trying to help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"65916377","title":"'Siegfried and Roy's' Roy Horn is saved following tiger incident: Part 7","url":"/2020/video/siegfried-roys-roy-horn-saved-tiger-incident-part-65916377"}