No significant leads in Lorenzen Wright’s murder for years: Part 5

Although some of Wright’s loved ones suspected his ex-wife Sherra Wright Robinson was involved, she was not arrested. She penned a book, claiming the antagonist is based on Wright.
8:40 | 09/19/20

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Transcript for No significant leads in Lorenzen Wright’s murder for years: Part 5
We honor and remember Lorenzen Wright. Lorenzen's funeral was almost a state affair here in Memphis. It was held at fedexforum, a place where he once played basketball as an NBA player. And now it was where thousands of people came out to mourn the loss of their hometown hero. They put together a beautiful ceremony. His pledge brothers, we were all pallbearers for the funeral. I was asked to do the eulogy. His smile was infectious, his work ethic unmatched, his generosity prolific, and his commitment unswerving. The thing that I remember the most about the funeral is sherra hugging me and saying, thank you for such a beautiful eulogy. Ren would have loved that. It was such a tragic situation, seeing his kids suffer like that, knowing they'll never see their father again. This tragic moment, that funeral, it morphs into this, you know, whodunit. Because no one knew who did it. At the beginning of a case, you have to remain objective. You have to let the evidence lead you. You have to prepare yourself to be surprised sometimes. This is now essentially a cold case because nine days have passed, a body has been in sweltering heat, which degrades evidence tremendously. The killers had a nine-day head start on us. There are no witnesses. So this was not an easy case at all. In these kinds of things, you know, the spouse is always a suspect. They're looking at sherra hard. My number one suspect was the person that I hear everybody else talking about, was sherra. You were suspicious of sherra at this point? Yes. Okay. Did you tell the police? Yes. What did they say to you? We've got to investigate. We got to investigate. We thought she was being forthcoming with information and in the midst of that, she chose to lawyer up. Lawyering up may not look good, but it doesn't mean she had anything to do with the man's murder. You need evidence if you're gonna arrest someone. And so far, there is no evidence that points to sherra. And she denies involvement on a local interview. If I knew who did this to Lorenzen, you would know who did this to Lorenzen. When sherra was not arrest it's like, well, maybe she didn't do it. Then you start thinking about, okay, what about the drug thing? Maybe that went wrong some sort of way. They were absolutely looking for guys who had come into Memphis, hitmen, to kill Lorenzen, and that just didn't make any sense at all. If a guy owes you a lot of money, what's the point killing him? You'll never get your money back by killing him. We did look into it. I mean, if the ex-wife is telling us this, we have to investigate it. What was your interaction like with the police? I was on them. How often did you go down there? Every day. Every day, saying, "I want you guys to get on this and find his killer"? And, "This person did this," and, "Check this person out and this person out." What's the saying? Mama bears take care of their cubs? She was relentless in her pursuit of justice for him. Not to let her son's life and legacy just go down the drain. That's a mother's love for her Deborah Marion she'll keep fighting until her son's killers are held accountable. I'm never ever ever, ever going to give up. Every anniversary of his murder, she did a candlelight vigil. Debrorah Marion says the vigil is for family, friends, and the public to come together and remember Lorenzen. Every birthday she would release balloons at his grave site. My son ain't did nothing to nobody to be murdered. But all of Deborah's efforts aren't making any difference. For years the police don't arrest anyone, and sherra seems to have moved on with her life. After his death, she became more involved in the church that she had already been a part of and did actually become a pastor in that church. To me, of course, my own prejudice, admitted, she was no preacher. Her lifestyle had not changed, and she was just always after the money. The people who want to accuse sherra of being involved in Lorenzen's murder point to the fact that she did receive a $1 million payout from his life insurance policy. Sherra ended up in a long protracted legal battle with Lorenzen's father, herb. And he claimed that she was spending money on extravagant items and not on the children. I didn't work from the time we separated. She was buying fancy cars, and it got pretty dirty. You know, it was all of them in court fighting over the money. That's common for family members to fight over proceeds and end up in court. So that didn't have any significant impact on the case. Investigators never knows when something odd will come up. And in this case, something odd and unexpected does come up. Sherra writes a book. Cheap dime store novel type of book. That is very curious. It has a lot of clues about what The book is called "Mr. Tell me anything." It's the story of a woman who has a tumultuous marriage with an NBA player. It's supposed to be fictitious, but it doesn't seem that way. It's almost like a confession that falls short of fully confessing, and she wants publicity so I interviewed her, July of 2015 for about an hour and a half. Sherra, I'm going to need to you speak up because I'm worried about the background noise. Commercial appeal reporter Marc perrusquia conducts an extensive interview with sherra at a restaurant called J. Alexander's. It's a busy trendy restaurant chain in Memphis. Let me ask you this, sherra. The book -- why did you write what are you hoping to accomplish? In marriage, I mean, you go through your ups and downs. I just believe that when the downs become more overwhelming and there's more downs than ups, then that's the time to kind of go back and see which one outweighs the other. In the interview, sherra explains that the NBA player depicted in the book is abusive, not just verbally but physically. And she claims the character is based on Lorenzen. Lorenzen had a problem with keeping his hands to himself. Well, Mr. Tell me anything, this character did, and I grew him from Lorenzen. I produced him from experiences with Lorenzen. And so, yeah, he had a problem with that. You're planning a sequel, too, right? If I read that right? Yeah. When is that coming out? It's 90% done. It's going to take you all the way up to Mr. Tell me anything's death and just a little bit past Is Mr., I mean, I don't want to give away your book, but is "Mr. Tell me anything" murdered? Oh yes, he is. That was kind of a chilling moment on that recording. But see it gives perresquia an open invitation to ask sherra directly about the real life circumstances surrounding Lorenzen's death. You have any idea who did this? I don't know. She missed her husband. She wanted them to find the killers. And that there's no reason for anybody to suspect her. Did you have anything to do with his murder or his disappearance? I'm a mother. I'm a wife. I'm an author. And the police should find his killer. For my name to be even in the same sentence as something like that -- I'm a minister of the lord, and -- I've never been in any type of trouble or anything. I just -- I -- I'm a mother, an author, and a wife. She just flat denies it. To me she was very convincing. But sherra would soon appear very convincing to another reporter who comes to do a story on her. His name is Kelvin Cowans, and he's about to commit a cardinal sin for a professional journalist. I was like, she's tall, she's beautiful. I'm in trouble. We started dating immediately. Kelvin Cowans may believe he's found true love. Just as a Memphis dive team finds something critical at the bottom of this lake.

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{"duration":"8:40","description":"Although some of Wright’s loved ones suspected his ex-wife Sherra Wright Robinson was involved, she was not arrested. She penned a book, claiming the antagonist is based on Wright.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"73106718","title":"No significant leads in Lorenzen Wright’s murder for years: Part 5","url":"/2020/video/significant-leads-lorenzen-wrights-murder-years-part-73106718"}