Skylar Deleon sentenced to death for murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 10

Deleon was found guilty of murdering Tom and Jackie Hawks as well as Jon Jarvi. The Hawks' son, Ryan, called the verdict "a big relief."
5:46 | 01/18/20

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Transcript for Skylar Deleon sentenced to death for murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 10
A former child actor will stand trial for murder in a scheme to steal a yacht from a retired couple. They disappeared four years ago. Their bodies were never recovered. My family and I have been waiting for this day for a long time. So, Skylar Deleon goes on trial in the fall of 2008, two years after his wife had been convicted. He's charged with murdering Tom and Jackie hawks, and also Jon Jarvi in Mexico. Ryan hawks sat just feet away from the man who allegedly murder his father and mother, Thomas and Jackie hawks for their boat and life savings. I want them to know that I'm there. I want them to realize, you know, that this is what he took from me, and the rest of my family. Jurors also deciding if Deleon killed Jon Jarvi, prosecutors alleged Deleon took $50,000 from Jarvi, slit his throat and dumped him in Mexico. For us the trial was not about revenge. It's about protecting society from this man to do more damage. To my surprise, when Skylar's attorney got up, he went to a large flip chart. Stood before jurors and wrote in bold letters, Skylar is guilty of all three murders. Because we were going to lose anyway. He was going to get convicted. They had the evidence, and they had somebody who was there confess. If I've tried to mislead them during the guilt phase, then they're not going to believe me when I get up there to talk about the penalty phase. His defense was that Skylar had been abused as a boy. He was abused at the hands of his father. Not only physical abuse, the sexual abuse, the emotional abuse, but the abandonment issues. Everybody in his life basically abandoned him at one time or When you think about your childhood, what do you think about it? Pain. I mean, there's lots of times I wished I was dead. I hated my childhood. When Skylar was caught biting his nails, John would stick toothpicks up in between his nails into his finger beds because that would teach him. Your dad physically abused you, beat you. Yeah. And then he had a friend who sexually abused you. Yes. So how does that terrible childhood have any relevance to the situation we're in today, where three people are murdered at his hands? You try to explain it as best you can who the person is, and hopefully get some sympathy from the jury that might impact on whether they vote to impose the death penalty or not. I think the defense attorney did the best he could, but he didn't have much to work with. There's only one problem with Skylar's defense. You have to believe him, and he's a proven liar. He is a pathetic figure in a lot of ways. And he has a hard time telling the truth. In my 26-year career as a prosecutor, Skylar Deleon is the best liar that I've ever seen. For example, he said he was Marine Corps force recon. To hear Skylar tell it, he was this deadly trained sniper. He was sent to the Middle East where he would take care of business for the government. He did join the Marines at one point, but even that he wasn't successful at. He left after about a couple of weeks, went awol. You told people you were a sniper. Oh, yes. You weren't, but you told people that. Yeah. Give me a little insight on that, Skylar. Why would you do those things? I don't know. I guess just trying to impress people I was around, I guess. Skylar seemed happy to talk about his gender surgery, but he didn't want to talk about his murder victims. Jon Jarvi. Was he a friend of yours? Acquaintance, I guess. Just somebody I had met at the jail. I mean, I didn't even really know him that good. Did you kill him? I can't go into that. Slar Deleon is one of the most haunting figures I've ever interviewed. How he tied these poor people up on an anchor and threw them off the boat while they were still alive. It was just the worst thing I could ever think of. Should walk away from this program, this interview, knowing only that you cold-bloodedly killed three people? No. What else should we know? Personally I don't think I'm the person that they portrayed 100%. I mean, I think generally a good person with just a really bad decision. For the most part, I mean, I'm, well, I'm nice person. I treat everybody nice. What do you want people to know about Skylar Deleon? Get it out there, I'm sorry, you know, take some things back. It's probably one of the biggest things. Ryan hawk, who is the spokesman of course for the family, the son, told us that your apology is more about you, you're sorry that you got caught. But you're not really sorry about his family, his parents. Well, I would say, you know, I'm definitely sorry to his parents. I wish I could go back in time, you know, give him back his parents, because now I realize what he's lost. Deleon was convicted of the murders of Thomas and Jackie hawks. Skylar was convicted of the murder of Tom and Jackie hawks and also Jon Jarvi. The jury took two days to find him worthy of being sentenced to death. I don't think there was any surprise. The jury recommended death penalty. That's what they former child actor got. A few months after Skylar is convicted, another accomplice, John F. Kennedy -- he was the muscle -- he's tried, convicted, and sentenced to death. It's a big relief. We've been waiting for this for a very long time. Skylar has finally, I think, become the person that she has (Click)

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Deleon was found guilty of murdering Tom and Jackie Hawks as well as Jon Jarvi. The Hawks' son, Ryan, called the verdict \"a big relief.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"68365136","title":"Skylar Deleon sentenced to death for murders of Tom, Jackie Hawks: Part 10","url":"/2020/video/skylar-deleon-sentenced-death-murders-tom-jackie-hawks-68365136"}