The Strange Rituals of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Act 2: Teens are compelled into certain actions they know don't make sense.
3:00 | 11/16/13

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Transcript for The Strange Rituals of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Fifteen year old Virginia sits in the waiting room two seats apart from mother. -- obsessive compulsive disorder for fear of contamination. Prevents her from sitting any closer. The last time they were here they -- the entire time simply sitting on the scene couch. Karen has not been able to hug her daughter for months now and it is Bridget -- in the -- -- -- in painstaking process every time it's taken seven full therapy sessions just to get this far down the couch. Mothers slowly moving her body closer. All is going well. Until her mother reaches for her or paid their. Bridget isn't free getting close to that person who contaminated -- Okay fine. And now deciding how shall lead the office with her mother is a fight against fear. Now shipping contract with the doors because she -- -- that I can't. That's the -- All of this is irrational and Bridget like so many children we -- CD. Knows that but she still afraid that her mother and the rest of her family -- home is contaminated. And Bridget refuses to go there. Her mother is about to -- for nearly an hour away to -- grandmothers. Project has been living for four months. Like -- said. That put them on top and I -- Friday's. For Bridget everything -- complicated even the simplest of things but getting into the car where she could see -- when she's in the caller. I can't be. Scoring passing and. We'll. Have inside another car another mother and daughter in their own relentless fight against OCD. What -- you trying to tell your season. Fourteen year old Michelle LeClair who hasn't been able to step inside her school for four months now. Her mother Diane LeClair had to quit her job as a teacher to work full time helping Michelle point -- CDs. -- -- -- -- -- She would cry for our hands and sing difficult business school but I couldn't -- Michelle's who CD also involves contamination. -- -- -- -- -- Her family is fine it's the kids at school she's afraid afraid their dirty. She can't go to school or anywhere in public or she is seen the other students. We had -- low -- hours away just to you know get -- a pair parents. Get cleaning supplies because everything around here please contain me all the -- -- because these kids from school -- and then. It is a crippling fear that has left her isolated. At home. For laundering have -- -- -- separately from the rest of the family and one laundry cycles often isn't enough to convince Michelle her clothes are clean. Even -- Washington -- to -- war. -- -- was consistently get home blistering hot water at one point her parents couldn't even get her out of the shower not even when there was a brand new puppy in the home. We're gonna go KB toys take into the storage and so excited -- whole day. Coming out of Charlotte we need to -- if you. -- -- She descent who -- rocked and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is so -- -- democracy with children who -- who CD Michelle plunged into depression. I became suicidal because I couldn't touch any thing. Handling can't really -- anything can do anything. -- -- -- Some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Four different portrait the little girl who was -- a straight -- student a dancer and book dressing up. Child who once proudly displayed her smile. Your school situation will be would we've been up at her she'd already begun therapy with doctor -- And she and her mother are taking the next step on the Rome actually practicing going to school and -- -- empty. They're headed to -- -- the locker room. -- -- -- And -- Phillips has the door frame and then. -- the door -- you know. The doctor has told Michelle to touch what she's afraid of what's dirty. And -- to touch yourself prove that there's nothing W freedom. The -- told her to keep track of her anxiety. And a scale of one to ten. Oakland. Pulled him. Thanks for long -- -- -- touching. And only taken 08 cents. -- -- Alone contain the council on Clinton. Sitting Pope. -- -- -- With the locker room -- conquered the next battleground gym class it's been five months and she stepped foot inside the -- -- cut back home -- -- a million people came here. You know hits fact that -- Isn't feeling. Fit through there like. Coming. Into me and -- Going -- my -- -- full time coach her mother takes careful look -- problems. I'm very proud of them didn't -- -- the -- he's saddened but then she touched -- -- A proud mother and her daughter leave school. After their own sort of -- practice. Well back -- that there Chris office real estate is still far from over. -- -- about to take a huge step to. It's been eight sessions nearly eight hours of intense therapy with doctor way she still has not love her mother to touch -- It's been months since mother and daughter -- -- -- that's pretty good. Bridget and her mother grasp the small ones between them -- you -- -- things -- unions. We just. Find -- center. Sure who's -- two minutes to make doing. Just stay with it. This is the first time Bridget has touched her mother. In four months. Me and him. All of my -- princess. There is it's really. Books and. It's very difficult for parents to come in -- monopoly that they've done something wrong -- kid has all these fears and. And strange and bizarre few years when -- -- wrong. 12 fears subside the doctor pushes bridge hold us hand against this. Yes. Good -- -- -- -- But as we were about to learn Bridget OCD fight is far from over what caused this. And we wonder what's really going on here. So for folks like sales -- -- child's head you found it literally isn't the breakthrough science that just might help since these children free. When we come back how often do you do this the -- took the stole more than once. And what these brand new brain scans reveal anyone's ever thought they might have OCDs. Next.

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{"id":20911733,"title":"The Strange Rituals of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder","duration":"3:00","description":"Act 2: Teens are compelled into certain actions they know don't make sense.","url":"/2020/video/strange-rituals-obsessive-compulsive-disorder-20911733","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}