Supply Closet Kleptos

We've all taken a few pens, but this guy stole $1.5 million worth of printer toner.
5:51 | 05/18/13

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Transcript for Supply Closet Kleptos
Admit it you probably made off with some of those tempting goodies in the office supply closet. After all an estimated 75%. Of us and steal from the office. The most popular items post it notes tape scissors and those highlight. Here no harm no fell right. Well -- also might not agree. There's very little flexibility for that that's what it is you're stealing of course she should be -- It turns out employee sticky fingers cost companies over -- Billion a year every item in the has value and cost money so when it's not -- -- -- up and be able steal it you know those numbers can really increased. Firms are now cracking down big time hiring investigators like -- PI -- to. And installing surveillance cameras to sniff out workplace be. Putting cameras everywhere is that it's not illegal to put that cannot lens camera. Into your -- -- it's your opportunity to determine if someone steal from. In fact we were hit by an off the streets here in the twenty point pantry someone was taking cartons of milk and boxes of coffee. The solution we -- the phony security camera and the problem went away. Flood watches -- Texas police officer gets nailed by a real -- While raiding the break -- -- -- he takes so to hear a sandwich there and then another -- The price of getting caught red handed a thirty day unpaid suspension and embarrassing. But probably not as embarrassing as the case of this Colorado woman who was fired from the hospital where she worked. After she was caught helping herself to the office desk of toilet paper they humiliate -- It makes -- angry. I'm not -- thing. She claims she was donating the toilet paper to a -- war veterans for bosses did imply that. Publicly never a good reason to steal. Psychotherapists Robbie Ludwick has treated office speech she says people often look at office stuffed as a harmless way to get back at the balls it's not uncommon to go to war and feel like. You're not appreciated enough for who you are you're not getting paid enough. Of course pocketing a few high lighters is one thing but this guy can track down -- the concept to a whole new level. Transforming himself from a mild mannered look like. At a respected New York cancer hospital into the John Dillinger also -- Now she's hoping hoping -- in god that I don't record. Marquis guns says his life of crime began the day a stranger approaches with a curious proposition. -- order expensive printer toner cartridges on the hospital side and then sell them to him right out the back door. World is coming game. -- -- downstairs at the little -- And taken from them -- was diving head first into what authorities say -- -- thriving black market in bootleg printer toner. Believe it or not this stuff is so lucrative it's been called black gold in fact just one of these can cost hundreds of -- Middlemen sell the stolen -- at cut rate prices often on line on -- story. It all adds up to big time profits. Jumped case literally bags full of cash can call me back. With the money and attention back in potato chip that's like 36 -- -- -- Over two and a half years gum sold one point five million dollars. Hot critical and those potato chip bags. -- -- fancy clothes. Even on ritzy apartment -- truck plus the New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- Range Rover chronicled and Dillon who just take -- -- -- want booking trips. Cancun Mexico. The Bahamas. -- mean -- thing I was dead in every day you were living this. Unbelievable life. With money flowing everywhere. What was that like. Excitement. And I just come -- thousands -- do whatever you want. And it's not just -- other toner thieves have made big bucks -- this brazen scam in Washington State. Office Depot employee -- Alexander made off with over half a million dollars -- printer toner. He was caught on camera using a forklift to deliver a -- to an accomplice. Who later for instant on -- -- Alexander got a sixteen month jail sentence. Gums to was busted after making a fatal mistake. The hospital realize he was ordering toner cartridges. For printer models that we're no longer in use so that moment the hospital figure out what you were doing what was going through your mind. It was surprising pathetically running catch on at -- It caught -- it was just -- from the right thing everything just. Tap the moment they caught on everything just under trees and the and -- -- daylight again. Films was convicted of Grand Larceny after eighteen months behind bars he's now out on parole. -- back as an -- a lot of people and I want to apologize to the hospital to. Who was disappointed most -- of my mom. Because. She can bring me up like this. Into something I want her to make everybody happy. So workers of the world I think twice before -- -- that sandwich you may just be heading down a slippery slope. Straight to the -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"5:51","description":"We've all taken a few pens, but this guy stole $1.5 million worth of printer toner.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19206429","title":"Supply Closet Kleptos","url":"/2020/video/supply-closet-kleptos-19206429"}