Who was Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer who murdered dozens of women: Part 1

Ted Bundy, who was from Washington, graduated in June 1972, from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology.
7:06 | 02/16/19

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Transcript for Who was Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer who murdered dozens of women: Part 1
?????? ?????? There isn't anybody who grew up here that is of a certain age that doesn't have a Ted Bundy story. His presence here is huge. It's such an amazing story that touches on so many things. It is part of the history of the pacific northwest. It's part of the history of criminal justice in the united States. It's a story worth telling. Who was this young man in the pacific northwest? The son we raised was a wonderful, good person. He was the perfect young man. Empathetic, sympathetic, ambitious. He knew how to flatter people, he knew how to win their trust. Bundy was good looking and charming, and seemingly had the world in his grasp, and was going to be a successful guy. There were two bundys. The only people that ever saw the diabolical Bundy were his victims. There was the personality that was the fake. Then there was the personality that was the killer. I think we definitely have to be careful to not romanticize people like Ted Bundy. I never wanted to think people were evil, but my opinion about that changed when I met Ted. I think he was just evil. Seattle was a smaller, more innocent place back then. The women's movement was, you know, in full early flower then. It was a time when many women were feeling very independent. And so people didn't think right away that a woman who hadn't been seen for a few days might have fallen into harm's way. When you look at Ted Bundy, he was about the right age to be in college. He drove a Volkswagen beetle, very popular car in the '70s. So when he would move into a college campus, he'd just fit right in. So that was also disarming to his victims. He should be here, he looks ke one of us, he drives one of our cars. I remember being with Ted and driving up the road and just having a great time. They have a lot of manmade little Lakes in the middle of Seattle and we'd go out and lay there and go swimming. I liked talking to Ted. He was an intellect, and we talked a lot about political things and how they ran the government and, you know, things like that. He graduated in June of '72, from the university of Washington with a degree in psychology. Why does he get a degree in psychology? From my view, he does that because he wants to be able to manipulate people. One of his activities was to be involved in political campaigns. He worked for the committee to re-elect Dan Evans. He had aspirations to go to law school. He was thought to be sort of a rising star in the Republican party in Washington state. People thought he was going to be, you know, a young Ted Kennedy, but, for the Republican party in Washington state. But, again, they saw an exterior that he worked hard to create, this facade. I think a number of things conspired to make Ted Bundy, Ted Bundy. He was filled with rage at his mother. Ted was illegitimate. There were a lot of things for Ted to be angry about. When you look at the childhood of serial killers, there are some common themes, and I see them in Ted's case where there's dysfunction in the family. What happens is they grow up with a lot of rage, typically towards women. He wanted to be from a family that had money and he wasn't. It's another sort of checkmark to use against his mother that she didn't marry someone wealthy so he didn't have to steal to look wealthy. This is a guy who, from the earliest age, was a petty thief. He talks about having been a peeping Tom at some point. The idea that Ted Bundy was involved in peeping actually makes sense because it's basically a training ground about how you isolate people, how you watch people, how you get into houses. He was a night person. He would get restless, get in his car and drive for great distances. So he was a roamer always. One thing we know is that, as a youngster, that, you know, this very early warning sign about people who become killers, about mutilating animals, he was doing that. Animal mutilation is actually quite common among serial killers because it's a fascination with death. But a part of him longed to be with somebody, or a part of something, a part of a family. You know, he had this long-time girlfriend who had a child that he spent a lot of time with them. Elizabeth kloepfer was a young mother and she was just getting over a terrible relationship. One night she meets a charming stranger in a bar. It's Ted Bundy. They start having an incredible relationship in her mind. I went to go meet with the real Liz, and Liz brought out these photo albums. I'm thumbing through these photo albums, and it's this happy family unit. There's pictures of these three people camping, birthday parties, skiing. There's the young daughter. There's Elizabeth kloepfer, and there's Ted Bundy. When he was with Liz, he said he really enjoyed being a family man. He said the things that, you know, I would expect my brother to say about his family. People are complicated, and Bundy was, too. He was also somebody who had, you know, impulses or at least wanted to appear as a helpful, benign, you know, member of society. One day in Seattle, when Ted was at northgate mall, and he was coming out of the mall, and saw a young man grab a woman's purse, and Ted took off after him. He managed to go and -- and actually physically restrain the offender until law enforcement got there. And got the woman's purse back, and her $30 that was in her wallet. He was ultimately sort of written up as a quote unquote hero. So he's really big on grabbing attention and that's a way to get it obviously. But as the years rolled on, he determined, no. I'm never gonna be married. I'm never going to have children. I'm never going to be a governor. I'm never even going to be an attorney. I'm just going to murder. Nd this is what makes 1974 so extremely different. In the early morning hours of February first, he determined he was going to launch himself into

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{"duration":"7:06","description":"Ted Bundy, who was from Washington, graduated in June 1972, from the University of Washington with a degree in psychology.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61110775","title":"Who was Ted Bundy, the notorious serial killer who murdered dozens of women: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/ted-bundy-notorious-serial-killer-murdered-dozens-women-61110775"}