Teen says she came home and found mom covered in blood: Part 1

Noura Jackson was 18 when she found the body of her mother Jennifer Jackson, who had been stabbed 50 times.
7:19 | 03/25/17

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Transcript for Teen says she came home and found mom covered in blood: Part 1
Reporter: Come to western Tennessee and you can catch sight of bald eagles, snow geese, and even white pelicans. But on this steamy Sunday morning, we are there to catch a glimpse of a rare species of Memphis jailbird leaving prison. Noura Jackson is officially a free woman today. Reporter: Convicted of killing her own mother. It didn't feel real. I was just really scared that someone was going to tell me to come back in the building. Reporter: Her name is noura Jackson, and the astonishing crime for which she's served 11 years is just one aspect of her astonishing story. Ansley larrson, one of just a handful of friends noura has left, drives her back into an outside world that's become oddly unfamiliar. And then when we got in the car she drove off really fast. You are speeding. Reporter: Time now for slow, simple pleasures. Sipping a Starbucks latte, exploring a smartphone for the first time. Where are you the buttons? Reporter: Noura asks to drive past the home where she was raised, the same house where her mother died. You want me to do anything? I want you to keep going. Okay. I'm trying to think of something to say to stop the tears. Let yourself go baby, stop trying to control it. It's okay. Reporter: So many memories, so much pain saturate the silence. Echoes of a horrific murder, a panicked 911 call. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, please, please help me. Reporter: And to hear noura tell it, a miscarriage of justice. Guilty of second degree murder as included in the indictment. Being incarcerated is tough in itself. But being incarcerated for something you didn't do is, is, something else entirely. It's very unusual to have an 18-year-old woman accused of killing her mother. 18-year-olds fighting with their mother, very common, 18-year-old killing her mother almost never happens. Reporter: It wasn't supposed to turn out this way. Noura and her mother Jennifer Jackson lived in this neighborhood just ten miles from the raucous barbecue and blues scene of the famous beale street. Mom was a successful bond trader, a triathlete, regular churchgoer. She raised her only child as a single mom. The fondest memories of your mother. Birthdays were a really big thing in my house. It's really the little things, you know. Reporter: Noura shared these precious photos of happier times together for mother and daughter. She also recalls shopping with Jennifer at the nicer stores in Memphis and says it was mom's favorite pastime. I don't think there's just one I can pinpoint but just having a mom, you know? That's kind of rough. Reporter: As the only kid among her friends raised by a single, working mom, she struggled to fit in. For her part, Jennifer Jackson was by all accounts a very permissive parent. And noura admittedly pushed that freedom to the limit. I had a good life, you know. I was your typical Memphis teenager, I guess. Reporter: Well, it depends on your definition of "Typical." Several people have described your life as one of partying, and drinking and drugs. It didn't seem like a big deal to us at the time because that was, that was our life, you know. We did go to parties, you know. We did smoke marijuana. We did drink. Now I look back and I can't, you know, rectify who I was as a 16 and 17 or an 18-year-old. Reporter: But at 18, noura still hadn't graduated, bouncing between five different high schools, and finally home schooled. She was a brat. Reporter: Ansley Larsson, a family friend who makes her living selling handmade jewelry, saw noura as a diamond in the rough. She knew because Jennifer often called for advice on raising her difficult teen. Noura is extremely charming, even when she's a brat, and I just loved her from the minute I met her. My mother was not just a parent. But she was a friend so when your friend is your disciplinarian, you know, the rules are different for you. And there, there weren't rules for me the way there were for everybody else. Reporter: So other parents thought you were the wild child then. Yes. I was. I had earned that reputation, yes. Reporter: Yes, the shoe fit and noura wore it till the heel came off. Which brings us to the turning point, the hotly disputed events of that Saturday night in June 12 years ago. School is out and the party is on. Noura gets this nice manicure, remember that detail. Then she says she goes out and paints the town red and doesn't stumble home till 5:00 A.M. The next morning. I had no idea what was about to happen to me or, you know, how it would shape the rest of my life. I remember coming in and seeing the broken glass at my house. Reporter: This is the glass she's talking about, part of a broken door window. There had been times when my mother had broken the glass before. Like if she was locked out. That didn't register in my mind that something terrible had happened. As I went back to my bedroom I noticed that my mom's door was open. And I don't even think that I could even describe what I saw, let alone what I felt. But I found my mom. Reporter: At the foot of the bed? Yeah. Can I have just one second? Reporter: It's still hard for her to talk about, and here's why. Jennifer Jackson is covered in blood, sprawled naked on the floor. Stabbed 50 times. Nancy grace has studied the case. The mom was so brutalized, just soaked in blood, she had stab wounds to every part of her body. She wasn't moving. I remember shaking her. And then I remember being scared. I remember running across the street to get help. Reporter: Noura rouses a neighbor and they run back to the house together. She says panic has set in by the time she calls 911. Oh, my god. Oh, my god. Oh, my god, please, please help me. Please send -- Please calm down so we can help your mother, okay? Reporter: An ugly crime, a pretty victim, and a mushrooming whodunit. The 39-year-old Jackson was killed over the weekend. Reporter: But what makes this case truly remarkable is that this isn't the first time. Noura Jackson's been through this before. Her father was killed a year and a half ago. Reporter: That's right, this is actually the second time one of noura jkson's parents has turned up dead.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"Noura Jackson was 18 when she found the body of her mother Jennifer Jackson, who had been stabbed 50 times.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"46362656","title":"Teen says she came home and found mom covered in blood: Part 1","url":"/2020/video/teen-home-found-mom-covered-blood-part-46362656"}