Teen Says Local Actor Asked Him to Use Missing Veteran's ATM Card: Part 3

Sixteen-year-old Wesley Freilich said Daniel Wozniak asked him to withdraw cash using Sam Herr's ATM card.
5:27 | 08/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Teen Says Local Actor Asked Him to Use Missing Veteran's ATM Card: Part 3
Reporter: The digital trail is suddenly white hot. The suspect in Julie's murder, Sam Herr, may be in police sights. Sam's debit card is showing up in Long Beach. Four atm withdrawals and two pizza deliveries. But at the end of the trail, a mystery man, or more accurately -- a mystery boy. We were surprised, like, oh, okay, who's this kid? Reporter: Great question. And to answer it, you have heard of follow the money, how about follow the pepperoni? The cops are hungry to crack the case. And they know from the bank records their suspect is just hungry. A pizza's been delivered to a certain address in the city of Long Beach. Reporter: A police copter overhead, undercover cops watching the pizza house. Police think finally, they may have found Sam Herr's hideout. I hear this helicopter circling. I'm like, what's going on? Reporter: Recognize him? You've already seen this kid. His name? Wesley Freilich, the baseball-capped teen in those pictures taken at the atm. The 16-year-old skateboarder, now at the center of a full-on S.W.A.T. Team, helicopter-hovering raid, looking for a murderer. At his mom's house, where he and a few friends are, you guessed it, half into a large pepperoni pie. I open the door and that's when they say, don't move. Sir, come here immediately. Get on the ground. Wesley was trying to be a tough guy in front of his friends. As we explained the gravity of the situation, that a murder was involved in this case, he had a change of demeanor, started crying. I'm Myself. Everything's going on crazy. I'm freaking out. I'm being questioned about this whole withdrawing money from the atm. Reporter: Police quickly figure Wes is not the murderer. But where's Sam? The police go inside. My mom's door to her bedroom is shut and locked, and the police are assuming that he's in there. So we forced entry into that room to search it. Reporter: Sam is not there, but his missing atm card is. Time for young Wesley to answer a few questions. I immediately told them everything. I said, this is what happened. Reporter: Turns out, the atm runs for Sam's cash were not Wes' idea. He had a trusted friend, an older guy his mom, Lorrie, met in community theater. Oh, he's a cool-- he's a cool kind of cat that I would like to groove with. Reporter: That cool cat is none other than Dan Wozniak. Remember him? He's Sam's broke, downstairs neighbor. They hang out together at the apartment jacuzzi, and now Dan is about to be married. He's currently starring in a local production of the musical "Nine." See what I mean? Reporter: Wes tells the authorities, Dan gave him Sam's atm card and pin number and fed him a story about using that card to collect money Sam Herr owed him. A scheme only a 16-year-old with a hankering for free pizza might believe. Yeah. He had an actual folder of paperwork, saying that this was all legal, good to go and all they need to do is withdraw the money and make sure I wore a hat and glasses. Reporter: So Wes and Dan drive from mom's house around the corner and down the block to the chase atm. Where's he parked? He's parked over there in that parking lot. Reporter: So he can see what you're doing? Yes. The cameras aren't seeing him, but the cameras are seeing me. Reporter: He rolls over to the atm on his skateboard. But at the machine, young Wes has a little trouble. I skate across and come here and I put the card in and gave me the pin. Reporter: Back at the car, Wes says Dan is jumpy. The first reaction actually was why'd I take so long and I told him first time using an atm, so I don't exactly know what I'm doing. Reporter: He knew enough to withdraw $400. And over the next few days, similar amounts that he turned over to Dan Wozniak, who has rapidly become a suspect in the disappearance of Sam Herr, and a person of interest who may know how Julie kibuishi died. At that point it's time to bring Dan in? Yes, it is. I had detective morales call Daniel using a ruse of, hey, we need you to come down. And Dan said he wasn't available. He was at his bachelor party. Reporter: The herrs and kibuishis are waiting for answers. But Dan is busy and blows off the cops. These families, they're experiencing the worst grief that a family could experience. At that moment Daniel Wozniak's on his way to his bachelor party. Reporter: He won't come to them. So they go to him. Dan Wozniak was there with a couple of his friends and immediately when he saw me, you could see the blood drain from his face. He turned pale and immediately looked down. He says, I'm going to tell you everything. I'm sick of covering for Sam. I'm sick of covering for him. I'm going to tell you everything. Reporter: Are Sam and Dan in cahoots? Where is Sam? One thing we know, there will be no celebration on this night for Dan Wozniak. He's under arrest and headed to the interrogation room -- and so are we. How was your life in danger? He threatened it! Then all of a sudden, the pieces start coming together and it is beyond diabolical. You just told us you saw two bullet wounds. No, no, no, no.

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{"duration":"5:27","description":"Sixteen-year-old Wesley Freilich said Daniel Wozniak asked him to withdraw cash using Sam Herr's ATM card.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"37416666","title":"Teen Says Local Actor Asked Him to Use Missing Veteran's ATM Card: Part 3","url":"/2020/video/teen-local-actor-asked-missing-veterans-atm-card-37416666"}