Twisters Strike in Oklahoma

Massive storms strike less than two weeks after dozens killed in Moore, Okla.
6:02 | 06/01/13

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Transcript for Twisters Strike in Oklahoma
-- as we come on the air -- twenties when he tonight and we'll get to all of that in just a moment but we're also following a breaking news out of Oklahoma tonight direct hit. The twister outbreak in it is incredible to believe it was just. A less than two weeks ago we were standing there and more Oklahoma straight to the images coming into ABC news at this hour and this is the storm chaser video that speaks volumes. About the fear in that same community again tonight Oklahoma City and the surrounding suburbs warned at rush hour -- time. -- these tornadoes. We're not only heating up but -- touching down and heading toward bending of the communities. In that area we do know tonight that Moore Oklahoma that same community has been hit again. Norman Oklahoma suffering damage as well and many of the suburbs and Oklahoma City tonight. This is the video coming into a storm chaser footage and there you can see that the dark sky the thunder and lightning descending upon Oklahoma City tonight -- -- with the governor a short time ago she told me it is too early to say whether or not there have been injuries but it's almost to certainty tonight. There are descriptions of the interstate at rush hour a chaotic scene. As those alerts came out right at the rush hour the peak of the rush hour travel on a Friday evening -- in Oklahoma City I want to bring in meteorologist in Jersey who's been reporting into ABC news throughout the evening in ginger. When we came on in the east for world news earlier this evening we could see the skies darkening. As you were on the air this was moving in quickly and you knew this was going to be powerful all over again. The right we've been -- of about four days -- -- actually talking about it last week left weekend David the jet stream so energetic and actually today. The atmosphere -- -- volatile. And boy it was ready to erupt and gave it first started at three separate thunderstorm that -- appear warn that in thirty minutes of developing. All of a sudden it started turning right and that's when we know they're going to go toward -- That happened LB now just west of Oklahoma City and the moment that happened I that we got to get well. We weren't taking -- -- -- but it actually get -- they. And -- -- -- -- -- and eventually are very traumatic speaker felt track from last. -- -- Oklahoma City. -- -- -- let viewers know we're watching this live at this hour -- when he on the air with breaking news coverage of these. Oklahoma tornadoes who is still in the severe weather -- zone ginger and you said. There are several states in the path of the system as it moves on throughout the evening. And -- alerting system did not get here. -- the Oklahoma City still has he major danger ahead of it but all the way through parts of northwest Arkansas. It is jury out east and aren't -- out western Illinois that -- all out and eat that night. -- -- large part of the country needs to be aware on high alert and paying attention and all weather radio on their app I. All the warning that you talk about you'll need this -- Can't even imagine what it was like for the families in this same community where those two elementary schools. I took direct -- just a week and a half ago those same neighborhoods you and I were standing in ginger but you when we were standing there just a week and a half ago -- we talked about. How rarity is that a tornado which hit the same place twice -- we were talking about may of 1999 the last time a major tornado moved through Moore Oklahoma. And now we're talking about to direct hits we didn't two weeks. It is better it can unbelievable that tactic that I did not think possible. Part of the country always get a lot of severe storms and yet more tornados -- anywhere out there actually any day. But -- have -- -- and -- populated area. Again with Intel leaks it just blows my mind it actually stormed from more than a -- I thought it better today I -- yelling in my -- And unfortunately. It all comes there. -- stay with us here on 20/20 and I can report to our viewers -- the Oklahoma Highway Patrol had been. A warning motorists to try to get off the interstate if that was possible but as you can imagine -- rush hour with simply jammed on the highways there. There are some reports that motorists were hurt in this severe weather as it passed through. And as you heard ginger report there are more severe weather on the way for parts of Oklahoma Arkansas taxes. Even as far north as Western Pennsylvania. Over the next 24 hours we will continue to follow this ABC's Mike Boettcher. Who was an Oklahoma City native was actually in his basement with his family. He's come upstairs to talk to us tonight Mike I know you were concerned about another alert coming through another. -- threat of possible tornado can you give us the latest. That's storage dissipated but the -- gender talk about to be peace there are still active in -- tornado warnings for area of southeast Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is reporting at least to death. Along interstate forty west of Oklahoma City -- That entire interstate -- the parking lot is as the tornado practical right along interstate forty. And Obama highway patrolman spokesman talked about -- people being struck out of their cars. There are numerous other injuries being reported. Near interstate forty west of Oklahoma City -- storm track. Straight towards our neighborhood -- daily jog. Welcome drew sharp Oklahoma City. -- two more. Which -- pure golf. -- -- -- -- had been to Norman. But there are poor are gone now that are still active there east get looks like Oklahoma City itself -- the -- clear doubts they're trying to fifth damage. -- and -- -- and -- we're talking about interstate 35 -- we did so much reporting that for viewers watching around the country tonight is the area that. Is in Moore Oklahoma right in front of the hospital the top layer of the hospital top floor simply sheared off in. Not far from their -- two elementary schools and Mike you were telling me that. According sent to police there it's possible that there was another hit right on interstate 35 -- there. Correct -- cloud was reported on the ground right in that location passing through. Now we have more police reports of cars overturned in that area I 35 to cut crime -- track. Solid -- were not moving. Deadline after had like by the thousands up and down twelve miles. And that would have been an extremely has -- situation you -- the problem two of debris. That extends for miles and more being picked up again by this storm with clearly. At least a 150 to 200 miles -- side got tornado that they were monitoring. -- -- Basically. Become projectiles that can kill -- we're still trying to -- What the damage is. South of interstate forty and -- Oklahoma City Moore and Norman. Midwest City paper airport -- -- giant air force base tornado passed through there. All over town all -- -- here right now or aren't. -- will -- -- -- minutes ago were gusting over fifty miles an hour now it's purely silent. Well Mike stay safe and we appreciate you reporting -- -- and for the folks were watching from all over the country. You're likely thinking what we are which is to simply shaking their heads that this could hit again a week and a half later and I wanted to give you a sense of the alerts that went out this is our affiliate KO COO. And the warning from the meteorologist their moments before these -- came -- take -- look. To be getting injured tornado shelter right now we see the circulation right here. This is getting it did move to the southeast the weather service is saying that -- storm spotters -- track he confirmed tornado four miles northwest of more all right so at least for a time. -- circulation was on the ground so it you know if you -- in more. You gotta get below ground right now get -- your safe area to be honest there are so many circulation on the southern edge of this of this massive super cell. I can't keep up. Ginger -- just a few moments left can you describe again these incredible storm chaser pictures tonight. That simply show us all the hornets returned to the same spot. -- where we were all reporting just a couple of weeks ago we're looking at that formal form right in front of us this is almost impossible to. -- -- -- -- -- Governor credited for the first time and clicking on video and my friends either my urology at storm JB -- -- known more than a decade. I am and I was shaking just repeat what has happened here. I don't think I would ever -- -- -- usually I stayed pretty far away especially with the big crew. But I can't say they've been dormant -- probably north and try out acting out of big part of the problem here multiple tornados well. To Jersey reporting from the storm zone tonight she is in Oklahoma as we stay with -- footage coming in to ABC news at this hour you can see the dark sky there. And you can only imagine the fear for those families the children. The brave teachers we all -- just a week and a half ago we'll continue to stay on this and the rest of 20/20. When we Canada well --

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{"duration":"6:02","description":"Massive storms strike less than two weeks after dozens killed in Moore, Okla.","mediaType":"abc video","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"19302553","title":"Twisters Strike in Oklahoma","url":"/2020/video/tornado-emergency-twisters-reported-oklahoma-19302553"}