Tragedy at the Elementary School: Clergy Help Heal

Part 5: Members of the clergy help to explain and help town recover after shootings.
2:55 | 12/14/12

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Transcript for Tragedy at the Elementary School: Clergy Help Heal
Amy, this is how we move forward. How does the community heel? I'm joined by monsignor rice and father shaver. This is a difficult time. Monsignor, let me start with you. You were entrusted with the most difficult moments when you meet with families who have lost what is so precious. What are they saying? Today, many of them just said thank you for being here. Presence was everything. We prayed together and mostly we hugged and today we had a beautiful service at the church. And there that is one thing about the community. If there is any consolation, it's through each other. It's really a wonderful place, in spite of the tragedy to bring people together and bring hope to the families who lost loved ones. Newtown should not defined by the community. Rabbi, they beneath faith, they need it more than other. And the question, why they lost their children. Why someone would do this? How do you council? I could never explain. I can deal with the pain and grief that is happening at the time. I can talk about how they loved their child and I can understand those feelings. And I have a first grader also named noah. And that was a victim. And all you can do is just connect and let them know you were there. You love them. I don't have the answers. I do not have the answers. But the answer is always love and support. Is here in newtown, we do programs and different kinds of things. We have a let's talk program. So we have a lovely community over here. No, this does not definen newtown. We have wonderful schools and we will don't thrive. You are heading into one of the biggest christian holidays and to weave this in in and message of hope. Absolutely. Someone asked me tonight if people should turn their christmas lights off? And I said, absolutely not. Are 20 brighter stars in hempb, the beautiful children. Christmas will never be the same for the community. You can't lose the meaning of the season. And that is the happy to we have in the trust in the lord. I say that many families we encounter today never really lost that hope. They are turning to god to look for strength and consolation and hopefully we can led tloem that. Monsignor, rabbi, thankso much. One thing we know from being here, in sandy hook and newtown,

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{"id":17980803,"title":"Tragedy at the Elementary School: Clergy Help Heal","duration":"2:55","description":"Part 5: Members of the clergy help to explain and help town recover after shootings.","url":"/2020/video/tragedy-elementary-school-clergy-heal-17980803","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}