Uber driver shoots 4 women, teen in restaurant parking lot: Part 6

As Kalamazoo, Michigan, authorities scrambled to find the serial killer loose in their community, a group of friends and a 14-year-old were shot outside of a Cracker Barrel.
7:52 | 02/23/19

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Transcript for Uber driver shoots 4 women, teen in restaurant parking lot: Part 6
Reporter: It's been about five hours of terror in Kalamazoo. Jason Dalton has shot a young she is fighting for her life. He's murdered a father and a son, and just minutes later, five more people are shot. Kalamazoo county 911. I'm at the Kalamazoo cracker barrel. There's been gunshots in a car. Okay. Has anybody been hit? Two cars have been shot at. I had just laid down in bed when my cell phone went off, that we had a quadruple homicide. County unit, shots fired. Cracker barrel. Multiple shots fired into a car. This is 143 on scene. I pulled in and saw two male subjects waving me down, trying to get my attention. They were pointing over to two parked vehicles, which ended up being the two victims' vehicles. Is anyone hurt? That woman -- somebody over there, looks like -- these all three are all shot. Reporter: This the third shooting that day, and it's a tragic ending to what had started as an ordinary night for a group of old friends. Mary Lou nye, Mary Jo nye, Judy brown, Barbara Hawthorne, and a little girl who considered Barbara her grandmother, Abbie Kopf, had gone to a live performance at a theater. Abbie was around a lot of older women. She would hang out with barb and all her friends. She was adopted by barb as a grandma. Barb would take her to card games or to her sewing class or whatever. Barbara Hawthorne was a retired worker from Kellogg's, the cereal maker. Mary Jo nye was a schoolteacher. Her sister-in-law, Mary Lou nye, was a retired employee from the department of motor vehicles in Michigan. My wife made a heck of an apple pie. Nobody's ever made one better as far as I'm concerned. Judy brown was a caregiver for senior citizens. She took care of older people. They met at the cracker barrel. Had dinner and then they took one car because my wife didn't like driving any more than she had to. So, after having a wonderful time together, the women and Abbie return to the cracker barrel parking lot. Mary Lou nye was in her van. The other women and the girl, Abbie, were in the car. Jason Dalton drives up and opens fire oou nye in her van. The women respond, you know, are hysterical, and then that's when he opened fire on the other car, shooting all of them. Reporter: And so you go up to the cars. And what do you see then? I saw one victim in the driver seat of the minivan and then I saw three subjects in the sedan. Ma'am, ma'am, you guys okay? That's when I heard Barbara talking to dispatch on the phone, so I ran around to the right side. I'm on the phone with the victim. She doesn't have any information. Elderly woman. And then that was when kdps officer brooks arrived on the scene. Is she alive? No, this one's not. The one on the right is, though. Reporter: So, trooper donnay is talking to Barbara in the back, right? He was trying to help her out. Yes. Reporter: At what point do you notice that there's something actually living, Al Sergeant Nielsen comes up. We both happen to look at the same time and seen there was something moving. There's a kid in the front! He opens the door and sees Abbie in the floorboard of the car. Hello? Hi. Hi. Hello? We see that she's got an obvious gunshot wound to the head. We knew that we needed to try to stop the bleeding, and try to preserve as much as we could so that we could package her up. So that when the ambulance got here, that we could get her on her way to the hospital. I believe we put her on the first ambulance, got her out of there right away. All right, Barbara. We're going to bring you out, okay? Barbara was still talking with us. She actually tried to help herself out of the vehicle. We gotta get you out of here, my dear. We gotta get you out, okay? She was actually still conscious and talking when I handed her over to the ambulance staff. One chion the way to the hospital, probably going to die. My aunt called me. She asked me if I heard from barb and Abbie, and I said, "No, I've tried calling them and I haven't." And she said, "Well, there's a crazy man out in Kalamazoo on a shooting spree." My heart sunk because I kept texting them and there was no response. I kept calling her cell phone. Leaving messages. I tried calling my sister's cell phone. Of course, on both phones, I was getting just straight to voicemail. We had cell phones from all of the victims and, like we always do, we had removed them and set them on the roof of the car. And I still remember to this day, all seemed like they were ringing at the same time. Did you guys see him leave thy? I saw -- it was a black hhr, or a dark blue hhr. It flew out of here. Reporter: Surveillance video from both the cracker barrel and that car dealership show that the shooter is driving an hhr. What police don't know is that he's the same person who was called in as the erratic Uber driver in the silver Chevy equinox. And Jason Dalton continues to go on and drive his Uber and pick up passengers throughout the night. The house phone rang. And it was about quarter to midnight. She said, "Well, we're from Bronson methodist," and she said, parents of an Abigail." I said, "I'm her mother," and I said "What's happened? What's going on?" And that's when she told me she was shot in the head. Her comment was that you need to get up here as soon as possible because she's not going to make it through the night. Breaking news coming in out of Kalamazoo county right now. After the shooting at the cracker barrel, that's when the live news coverage begins as people try to figure out what's going on. Police have responded to reports of a shooting here at the cracker barrel. Currently, we have three dead here and two that are being treated for life-threatening injuries at Bronson. As I was falling asleep, I saw that there was a shooting, and then within a half an hour we got a phone call. They just said, "Come down, we have Barbara at the hospital, we need you to come down." Gene drove 90 all the way It's about a half an hour drive. We ran almost every red light. We made it towards the hospital. They had the hospital locked down. It was already such a random series of events. How do you know that this shooter, if you live in that area, isn't gonna show up in your street, on your street, and start shooting at you? So, people were afraid. They weren't letting people in. I said, "I was called down here, you know, to see my aunt. Can you tell me what she's here for?" And they said, "Well, she's been shot." And there was no story in my head that would lead to aunt Barbara ever getting shot. They walked us up to this room in the icu. And that's when I saw Abbie for the first time. A couple hours later, she flatlined. Then they tried to do cpr. And that was horrific to see. We told them to let her go, if it was meant to be, it was meant to be. At that point, we started to our good-byes. I was holding Abbie's hand, and I looked right at her and I said, "Abbie, if you can hear me," I said, "This is mama." I said, "If you can hear me at all," I said, "Give me a sign." And she squeezed me.

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{"duration":"7:52","description":"As Kalamazoo, Michigan, authorities scrambled to find the serial killer loose in their community, a group of friends and a 14-year-old were shot outside of a Cracker Barrel.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/2020","id":"61251337","title":"Uber driver shoots 4 women, teen in restaurant parking lot: Part 6","url":"/2020/video/uber-driver-shoots-women-teen-restaurant-parking-lot-61251337"}