Ultimate Betrayal Continued

Part 2: Christopher Wells put a hit out on his wife, sister and brother-in-law.
8:08 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Ultimate Betrayal Continued
I got a phone call from a mutual friend. And she said, "tammy's house is all over the news." Police confirm that two people are dead this morning at a douglas county home. Right then and there, I knew. I said, "he did it. He killed her." I knew immediately. I knew he had killed them. Reporter: For months, tammy and her husband bob had been sheltering amara wells and living in fear that tammy's brother, chris, would attack them. And no and bob had been brutally murdered. The police were sure it was chris. There was only one problem. Chris was in jail. Obviously, that was going to be our first suspect. To learn that he was in jail stopped us cold. We told them that, you know, there had been some the deaths in his family. I want to know what did this. Why would I have any idea? Who would do this. Of course there are some fami members that will point this to me. He would start exaggerating being upset. No, no. You know, shaking his head and almost screaming and acting out. This can't be happening. This can't be true. But then the next second, he'll be calm. Should I have my attorney here? Are these going to be attorney kind of questions? It was an act. A complete and utter act. Reporter: The police start where chris used to work. You don't expect to find what detectives will ultimately discover. Four used car salesmen moon lighting at murder. The first one they interview is michael woody, son of a well-known local pastor. He said or done anything that would suggest that he really disliked his wife? Yeah, he would say, i hate her, she's keeping my kid from me. What about something like, I'm going to have her killed or -- no, he never said that to me, actually. Reporter: At the crime scene, the police are looking at the evidence, and it speaks volumes to them. It was very obvious that there had been a very large fight. Somebody had been pushed or shoved through, you know, part of the drywall. Reporter: Returning to the car lot, police notice that one of the salesmen, 26-year-old josiah sher, has cuts and bruises on his face. He's a four of several children and was working on commission. He had been in the military. Clear cut. Very likable person. Reporter: They arrest him the next day. Josiah. Yes, sir? You have the right to remain silent. Reporter: Police don't have enough to make the charges stick but they're not telling that to josiah. So, I'm already arrested for murder. Oh, yeah. Done. Done deal. Can I ask how? How what? How me so quick? You can ask but I'm not going to tell you. Reporter: It turns out chris wells was willing to pay to his his wife and sister killed. He asked michael woody, his coworker, to set it up. All micah had to do was look across the used car lot to find josiah. You wouldn't think a used car dealership would be so full of human evil. Or maybe you would. What did maya exactly tell you? That chris wells was offering money to someone to kill his wife. Josiah had a child on the way. So, the idea of getting real fast money is what drove sher to commit these murders. Reporter: Josiah got a friend to help him. And on a cold january night, the two men drove to tammy's house. They parked outside and got high on cocaine and speed to get up their nerve. Josiah sneaked inside and looked for his targets. Chris's wife, amara, chris's sister, tammy, and tammy's husband, bob. The price for each one of those human lives -- $5,000. He had been told the most important thing was to kill amara. He went to her bedroom first. She ran towards the stairs and he shot her in the back. Josiah heard a noise. That noise would have been mr. Bob rafferty. There was a huge fight. There were pieces of teeth laying around on the floor, indicating just a huge struggle. Reporter: Bob had a shotgun but he missed. He kept fighting until josiah shot him. Watching it all was amara's 6-year-old daughter. Later, tammy thought that bob fought on to save the child. One of the most beautiful things that we heard, shortly after, was from the sheriff, who said that bob was an incredible hero that ni that he fought with everything he had. Reporter: It was bob's struggle that allowed amara's daughter to get away from the killer. She was terrified, but she remembered the escape drills the family had practiced. Her presence of mind saved her life that night. I have never seen a child go through such trauma and be so strong. That little girl is absolutely nothing more than amazing. Reporter: In the end, chris's wife and brother-in-law lay dead. His sister was faired, only because she was out of town. How much money were you supposed to get. 15,000. What happened with that? Uh, the wife was out of town. Oh. So, to kill the other female there, it would have been an extra five. Yes, sir. Reporter: To spare amara's daughter the trauma of testifying in court, the family decided to let chris plead guilty and avoid the death penalty. In return, chris had one condition. He wanted to tape a message to his daughter, in a bizarre video tape. Hi, it's daddy. I'm doing this from jail. He put together a very short, co cold video tape, basically, that he wouldn't be able to see her anymore and that oddly enough, she should be a good girl and stay out of trouble and not do bad things. Be respectful to all adults and always be a good girl. He never apologized. It was as if he really doesn't even think he did anything wrong. No emotion. None. He's without a soul. You know, you look at what he was able to do -- he knew his daughter was in the house. He knew -- he knew that war was going to be raged in that house and she was there. Reporter: Chris got life in prison without parole, along with his coworker at the used car lot, josiah sher. But even from behind bars, chris wells is a threat. Tammy says she's discovered that her brother's receiving money, every month in prison. Money she believes he earned from his drug dealing. Christopher wells is still dangerous. He's a man that can find desperate people like josiah sher to carry out his acts. Reporter: Amara wells tried to escape chris's control and bob helped her do it. Now, they're dead. Tammy defied her brother, too. Today, she lives in fear. I know what chris does when he has access to money. His job isn't done. I think he wants to come after me. Because I wasn't home that night. I think it is possible that chris wells may try to have somebody else threaten, scare or maybe even harm, you know, his family. I think chris wells is the type of person who won't stop. For more on this story, you can go to ourer withsite at abcnews.Com/2020. We'll be right back.

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{"id":18844053,"title":"Ultimate Betrayal Continued","duration":"8:08","description":"Part 2: Christopher Wells put a hit out on his wife, sister and brother-in-law.","url":"/2020/video/ultimate-betrayal-continued-18844053","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}