Woman Believes She Has Finally Found the One

Act 4: Inspired by the new man in her life, Remee Jo Lee trades in bikinis for pants at her new job.
8:11 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Woman Believes She Has Finally Found the One
She thought she had met mr. Right, the son of a doctor training to be a doctor himself, and when she got pregnant after a whirlwind relationship, she thought she finally found a future as a family. But he saw things very differently. Now, the controversial case making headlines and could set a precedent in court. What sinister trickled he play on her, to make everything go away, including her unborn baby? Reporter: She thought she'd met the one. I prayed to god and then he walked in. Reporter: To hear her tell it, they had a connection that would change the person she was and wanted to be. I had given up a lot of hope, but he was there. He picked me right off the floor. Reporter:27-year-old remee jo lee had been a student at the university of southern florida until bad luck and a few poor choices took over. She straddled both sides of the tracks. A student by day, a sizzling dancer by night. Then, john andrew welden, a handsome student studying medicine, the son of a rich doctor, literally walked into her life. We met at the class act, which is a gentleman's club where I was working. It's a bikini bar. Reporter: So your uniform was to wear basically a bikini and serve drinks? And chat with the men. Reporter: It sounds like the old sort of japanese custom of geisha clubs. I guess a redneck geisha. Reporter: Right, a redneck geisha? Remee's from lutz, florida, a quiet town on the outskirts of tampa. It served as the inviting, pastel suburban neighborhood in the romantic fantasy film "edward scissorhands." And up until a few months ago that was lutz's claim to fame, but then came another romantic fantasy that even hollywood couldn't have imagined. Remee says the two had an instant connection. We hit it off. It was great. He was finishing up his last year at usf medical school. I was very impressed with, you know, his perseverance and his drive. Reporter: So impressed that she began thinking about upping her game. It was time to hang up the bikini. Well I feel as if he caught me literally with my pants down. This was somewhere I never imagined I would be. I wanted to be someone who he could have been proud to be with. Reporter: Her time working for tips at class act had come to an end. Well, I quit that job after a week. And then I got my wonderful job at chipotle about a month later. My job with pants, as I like to call it. Reporter: "Your job with pants." A job with pants. Reporter: So out of the most unlikely of places, that dimly lit bikini bar, a relationship seemed to blossom. Remee says she was spending more and more time with 28-year-old andrew, the man she nicknamed "muffin." So how serious a relationship did you consider this to be? It was just this emotional connection. Reporter: Did you understand this to be exclusive? During parts of it, yes. Reporter: And during other parts? No. Remee acknowledges that andrew had an on again, off again relationship with another girl. He went through a long-term relationship with a young woman named tara, and he said that that relationship had ended. Reporter: Did he say, "i love you?" He did. Reporter: Did he ever say, "i want to marry you?" No, but we did talk scenarios that would be in the future. Reporter: Andrew may not have been ready to take her to the altar, but it didn't take long before he was taking her to bed. Surprisingly, there were never any discussions about birth control. Reporter: Did you have any understanding with each other around birth control? We never used any. He never even used condoms with me. I went through my grade sex ed class. I was well aware of what could happen. Reporter: If that sounds a little reckless, listen to what happens one early morning this past january. After a night of drinking, andrew and remee get into a car, and sure enough they're pulled over on suspicion of d.U.I. Do you love me? Of course. Are you going to stand by me? Yeah. Reporter: Remee was the one behind the wheel. And though she wouldn't be charged, you can hear the desperation and disappointment in her voice as she tells the officer her worst fear. Her behavior may have cost her the man she loves. That's the love of my life. That is the inspiration. I let him down now. I'll never marry him now. Reporter: Maybe not, but apparently the sparks of intimacy were still there. Within days, she would become pregnant with andrew's baby. I took a test and it came up positive. I took two more and they both popped up positive. And oh boy. Reporter: Oh boy good or oh boy bad? Well, it's going to be an adjustment for everybody involved. Reporter: Quite a surprise for andrew, who was still inching toward a degree in biomedical sciences and religion. People who would like to see the worst in people will say, "she's desperate. She feels this prize out of her reach now, slipping away, and she does something to get him back. This was never a plot. This was never a plan. This was never a scheme. It wasn't the right time now. But whenever I found out about it, everything changed. Everything changed. Reporter: Remee, ecstatic, had already picked out a name. So tell me about the name memphis. How did you come up with that? Well, memphis was his favorite place and we always spoke about it. I wanted to name him after his father and his mother. So memphis remington. Reporter: But she still had to break the news to andrew. And I was trying to get in contact with him. And he wouldn't pick up the phone, he wouldn't respond. And I had to text it, and i texted him a photo of the of the pregnancy test. response when you texted him that message? He was not pleased. Reporter: What did he say? "What are you gonna do?" And I told him, you know, "keep the baby." Reporter: The string of text messages that followed shocked and saddened her. Begging her to abort the baby, but remee had made up her mind. No. No. I was never gonna do anything to harm that child. Reporter: Then, curiously, andrew suddenly becomes the doting dad to be. He brings remee, now nearly seven weeks pregnant, for a prenatal exam at the office of the most respected reproductive doctor in town, stephen welden, his father. I didn't have medical insurance at the time. And I thought that a loving grandfather would perform the best services for me. Reporter: Did you see the heartbeat? They simulated it. It was so exciting. There is nothing like seeing your own child grow inside of you. Reporter: And how did andrew seem during the visit? He was very upset. He looked like he was about to cry, and it deeply hurt me because, you know, how can you not be excited? This is your child as well. Reporter: The very next day, her prenatal test results came in. But surprisingly they weren't coming from the doctor himself they were coming from andrew, the doctor's son. He said I had a mild infection and that I just needed to clear it up, that it would not hurt the baby. Reporter: So he said he was gonna bring you a prescription for what? For amoxicillin. Reporter: So when he brought you the prescription did everything look normal about the bottle and the pills inside? As far as I knew. He brought that, and he brought other prenatals. Reporter: Prenatal vitamins? Yes. Reporter: Maybe andrew really was coming around to the idea of being a father? And I thought, when memphis comes along, he'll be holding him and showing him off and a proud dad. Reporter: At work she could barely contain her excitement and showed off the sonogram of baby memphis taken by andrew's father. I was so excited. And all my co-workers were so excited for me. They knew how much this meant to me. A few hours later everything would change. Reporter: While on her way to work, she took one of the pills andrew had given her. Her shift was 4:00 to 11:00 p.M., But she wouldn't be able to make it past 7:00. Stay with us.

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{"id":20404034,"title":"Woman Believes She Has Finally Found the One","duration":"8:11","description":"Act 4: Inspired by the new man in her life, Remee Jo Lee trades in bikinis for pants at her new job.","url":"/2020/video/woman-believes-finally-found-20404034","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}