The Year With Katie Couric: Guilty Pleasures

"Gangnam Style," "Fifty Shades of Grey," "Call Me Maybe" and Honey Boo Boo anyone?
6:27 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for The Year With Katie Couric: Guilty Pleasures
-- -- guilty pleasure. But there were many people we got addicted -- this year they called. We answer. What a year you pat how would you describe that. -- -- -- -- -- Carly may just catchy song Caminiti. How this past second runner up Canadian idol -- super -- -- -- -- -- The video became the game the summer. Appeared and then hundreds. From school teachers sit topless service men and Afghan. I was standing waiting for somebody New -- -- and -- Filming themselves for the city -- -- everyone got into the act. -- visiting your quick reaction to some -- -- the Olympics twenty expert. Say -- Albert Handel on -- Hansen is being hailed from. I've seen the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders I had a lot of guys. Cookie monster. As well I think it's a wide. Beach having left on Sesame Street and -- -- We never thought I was and I and the stuff that Wednesday but cannot speak up when my son but -- you'll. Cremated tickets onto -- trilogy we couldn't put down. See shades of gray tennis turning think these shades of red. I had -- -- -- And why is officially changing day I'm hoping there will be a fourth. And I said. Just don't. -- Granted before you're allowed to every walk around some women look a lot more relaxed this idea that you -- to whites over. -- until July. And -- -- three votes 26 packs and our next addiction was Channing Tatum. Channing Tatum -- who are sexy man of the year on -- -- Magic by hand and my own country Clinton disguising them from the sky and give the perfect pitch for a future peace in the region. When a man who looks like Channing Tatum takes off this close he deserves to be rewarded. It worked for Olympian Ryan Block he. Who was rewarded with more than just five Olympic medals. When different -- here makes. What is that been like for you to go from something nobody news a house full name. -- -- I never thought that -- would give me some place -- right now. However with a movie star good looks landed major endorsement deal. And never -- getting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Experience hasn't been totally positive you know people have been. Mocking you went away. Its latest sex idiot on thirty riot if you say. And then -- -- I wanna do that. I mean I definitely wanted to be on thirty -- and yeah -- like the wholesale city and in many you know I can't see -- And -- At the same time this kind of letter like the same thing with that SNL skit -- -- so we have to be -- Anytime you give me specialist now. -- -- And it TV star who really made -- this year. -- pint sized Georgia peach with a -- now. Just the other -- -- even the president shocking and that's -- -- -- -- pleased that both you know known as the Learning Channel. What were we supposed -- -- from -- and yeah. TLC. Audiences don't know whether to laugh with them for cash items but they couldn't stop watching. Q how -- describe our addictions in 2012 a new word was added to the dictionary this year. Ear -- that name for a song that's hard to get out of your head. If you worry. Teenager back here more than. Direction. And for every one else. One god knows -- predicted just a year ago that the world would be addicted to a silly song -- in Birmingham. You can -- like time. -- -- -- It's not like that really matter how well it is that very you know video where it's hard to learn all the best. All you gotta do that by either ride the horses love -- you got. Gangland style is now the most watched video in the history of YouTube soon to pass one billion views. And the dance is a worldwide phenomenon. Inspiring hundreds of happy -- That's good shots and stopped. So called -- -- Call him guilty pleasures. They -- the biggest. When -- -- even if we want to. -- baby is the only way they -- Didn't get the waiting -- is out these.

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{"id":18021612,"title":"The Year With Katie Couric: Guilty Pleasures","duration":"6:27","description":"\"Gangnam Style,\" \"Fifty Shades of Grey,\" \"Call Me Maybe\" and Honey Boo Boo anyone?","url":"/2020/video/year-katie-couric-guilty-pleasures-18021612","section":"2020","mediaType":"default"}