Panda Express Celebrates Chinese New Year

ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman check out the specialty items Panda Express is offering for Chinese New Year.
9:21 | 02/09/16

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Transcript for Panda Express Celebrates Chinese New Year
Hey everybody I'm Rachel got your Bible rock band great ABC news digital and we are here at camp X brass. And the chain and continue their own plan on celebrating Chinese New Year we did you guys to believe grades are. While ago and the now are mixing it up and talking about the importance of. And trying to carry out and level won't panda around the foot tell you what it's like you haired set pretty crazy. What you would expect from my busy panda express. Omnia upper east side of Manhattan and we have. We have a special guests yeah. Here went back to gonna gonna walk us there on it. Okay that we publicity. I need right. We are doing here. Dwellings. Dollar quite convincing. What's your comment. Reddish colors like. He's been written in Chinese. Why. I'm very traditional mom I don't. Oh yeah. Schooled about Ritalin. Eddie's dad he didn't get great marks today and only today it's the it and let. At least. And we all the cops. That right yeah. Let him walk back and blatantly meanwhile avoided either. Found that heart. Hi did not let him laughing and paying them. Fortunately. They do one last close on the movie. And it came back up I can't fat. We might even have a little thing here at least I. I'm me. You guys can't think even on yeah. The red envelopes you. I don't know. Bennett. Here Friday ending a lot you. But it is bad for him at all. I'm reading right now. What we're not right I think that's an endless there. Asking what is your favorite of it and of course definitely Andre magnetic what was your favorite part now. Yeah we'll and then they that you said that because we're acting and didn't I didn't look at how that's made the let back into the kitchen. Beat out of me right. I didn't hear it. Reality. Here on the. You are really exciting about I had. Only time here actually. Mom I'm when it. Getting started you get what. They don't run them. It felt good really the fulfill its not helpful. While they build Internet. The plot but it and I are going to be. I will be that would have been together. Well is getting. About blown. Very. Evening air yeah. Yeah. If Nolan right now the real life now and incredible. I happen today. About it. Already it repaired right yeah I. And yeah. And I got a. Hello audit. I'm. I've birthday. And what backpackers like them and everything. We won't be here and it only and that kind if you. I think that they weren't enough here. I'm let me. Get. Or goes away and. It my happily into the. In the night he got it hot will make so much. The. Larry look well. Years. And panic spread. You. They're big as well. I they before. Close did we have lyric. Another question of right it was. And then. We. There was an accredited triangle. Story five. What he did end up like our. That's right Goldman. Leon to have them. The best at bell pepper. We appreciate. I don't aren't that that you are getting a lot of talk has to go further I think it's important. Outside. Just to get another quick glimpse of the in a lot of customers coming into the Chinese. Here here it is hard at work making it. U the I didn't like that prior record kicking him in the Chinese hero here in the next few months ending get it quick if you want it gets really got it. But I'm craps and here pretty easy digital I'm here and it's Pratt and everyone. Happy I didn't hear.

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{"duration":"9:21","description":"ABC News' Rachel Scott and Michael Rothman check out the specialty items Panda Express is offering for Chinese New Year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews","id":"36798824","title":"Panda Express Celebrates Chinese New Year","url":"/ABCNews/video/panda-express-celebrates-chinese-year-36798824"}