The Benefits of Being Bilingual

Can speaking more than one language make you smarter in other ways?
3:00 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for The Benefits of Being Bilingual
The benefits of being bilingual. Here's one of my friends -- -- -- What do you call -- his feet below its price. What do you thousand speaks to finally. What do you -- someone has -- just want. An American. Carney right well the joke is actually grounded in some -- Only 18% of Americans who speak the language and English they sticky tape percent of Europeans and speak -- one news. For 19% of black beans and speak yeah. So why -- -- -- that -- It has long been -- that learning a second language teacher who is your child's Internet -- the -- They're just harder loses. Its license six seven many schools across the US. -- -- -- that England will actually has many beneficial side effects and Bruce many parts of the brain the only. We also know that it's much more difficult to become fluent in the language learned that you even language usually -- -- So here's some of the many benefits and you've got -- -- of -- a second language -- -- recent -- that if the person obtained a second language to -- the two language systems that inspect each making it more difficult to master -- And making a person works and both languages. They -- only partially wrong. Turns out one language system -- indeed it struck the other an early years. -- researchers are now finding that this process forces the -- -- -- part of -- process to resolve this internal conflict. Essentially making -- mother and making our brains strong it. Researchers have found at the minds of violating rules are better than adapting to changing -- In the minds of my peoples especially a young team. Scientists think that's because the -- command center which is responsible for problem solving claiming interestingly detention. Is more nimble and violent that it is in the -- -- So what are the drawbacks when scientists -- them honest and have a -- vocabulary as children by. An arraignment tomorrow quickly access the words they're looking. There was -- was able to catch up look at their position -- -- -- age. Scientists also found a few other benefits of speaking more than. One study showed that dementia said in an average of four years later and wolf than it did you think people who speak 96. Another showed that bilingualism is equipped with a two point 8% increase in wages. -- -- -- that Stein speaking more of them online registry because you can make friends who have deep. Which is always a good thing. I you.

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{"id":19084624,"title":"The Benefits of Being Bilingual","duration":"3:00","description":"Can speaking more than one language make you smarter in other ways?","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/benefits-bilingual-19084624","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}