Quick Questions, Long Answers: With Devendra Banhart

Devendra Banhart Talks Identity, Venezuela, and Writing in Spanish
2:35 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for Quick Questions, Long Answers: With Devendra Banhart
The I am I just wanna stop listening. Really just like -- interviews and Cameron. -- -- yeah. I used to live com what I found. So close then. -- mule Livingston today. Because -- cameras any worse. Because it's more of activists superfluous. And spies -- you know certain mosquito in the night as a person and Austrians and -- Now shaken -- V. Usually is bends -- and I am an assortment. -- and I -- I represented in this. I don't know I BankAmerica and myself and the Soviets and everywhere except -- That's the truth from me. And it's also the truth of many people and -- -- -- also our South America and -- don't live there. Again. Can you help me album com this. -- -- -- -- -- -- Local yeah. Do live in the home. Us now. On this record as saying in Spanish. And English. And German and but I put out a song in Spanish one or two and every records -- many homes. I'm Venezuela. And and violence you know gotten so. -- and question witnesses and. And still leasing again it's now. That -- my film and it's seeing. Didn't usually into a real mobile home. Wheldon killed me remove them. Live the Larry -- say -- back. I can identify with a culture that I would never. Have no relationship. And that's -- to. -- that's it. -- in Baghdad. Just to me they didn't. -- Thank you so --

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"Devendra Banhart Talks Identity, Venezuela, and Writing in Spanish","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ABC_Univision","id":"18793622","title":"Quick Questions, Long Answers: With Devendra Banhart","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/devendra-banhart-talks-identity-venezuela-writing-spanish-18793622"}