Getting to know 'East WillyB'

'East WillyB' creators and cast, Flaco Navaja, Yamin Segal, and Julia Grob
3:00 | 05/14/13

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Transcript for Getting to know 'East WillyB'
We're kind of stuff in this no place in -- sense that. We love American television. We don't necessarily relates this Spanish language television completely but then there's nothing camera isn't enough news. I don't know I -- you know the Walking Dead. And name. Don't see myself on you know. -- got to -- You guys who didn't think that I -- I -- And even -- -- -- this season and really I'm fine. -- soul. He is an American story and Cindy -- and -- -- -- That -- thousands -- central character in the story that's. Tonight this is just a lack -- shown -- this disease up to us here really transcends -- -- -- -- of them actors. I'm so very much -- -- -- -- able to play the strengths of our actors then. And there and -- and challenges -- this season 60000. An amazing singer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dream of being a sense at all but because of taking on the responsibility of the bar it's an unrealized tree. Comment you know with my character as the -- white Latino. And so we definitely -- like let's you know we want to use that. Light skinned -- team. You more like transparent -- testicles on her own personal an exploration. Manager. -- We're going hands to -- that's right you're going him. You -- every. You never know when you do something bloodlines that resonate. We just jokes are gonna stand out. There's so -- in this -- -- is that -- this season and this is really cool to watch people respond. And comment on the night that I was Larry yeah. You know that was -- -- -- -- know there are other things that you want to highlight. For example that was because he's very Italian than three point very close and these stories we went through this new world. So many different obstacles which is what Brooklyn really bids and you know growing up -- Brooklyn that's that's what was great about -- you all these. Cultures come together to create and -- And -- that -- it's very important for us represented us. We speak English me we. We speak Spanish as well. -- were connected to our parents and our culture. Yet we have our own identity. And our own style home speech our own language all of.

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{"id":19178617,"title":"Getting to know 'East WillyB'","duration":"3:00","description":"'East WillyB' creators and cast, Flaco Navaja, Yamin Segal, and Julia Grob","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/fusin-east-willyb-part-19178617","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}