The Jack and Alex Show: Episode 5

Jack and Alex celebrate their 5th episode with some amazing celebrity guests. And Doug.
3:39 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for The Jack and Alex Show: Episode 5
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- I have the irrepressible -- -- and death and -- that's right into night we have a terrific show for you not like dozen other ones are more. Is this one is really great because this at this these are -- want. That's right -- -- It. And inspiring -- -- change the world -- pictures. That's right so please welcome Carol can -- of the groundbreaking insight. My face an author of the new book leaning slightly sideways -- think -- so much for joining. Okay you're so successful and influential -- limited -- a lot of hard work. And you're -- -- -- itself and mistreated in high school was voted prom queen. And K. And only four franchises Pizza Hut and Taco Bell so I guess my advice to myself and beaten to -- -- The flatly. So what doesn't need to be good to lean slightly sideways. How can help us in our professional lives. -- -- -- It's sometimes best you can you -- -- copy machine art you know can we -- all of the private messages for users on search mind you meaning. Through it seems like you're paying attention. Not too much. That someone will call you record count on you like it thank you so much your being here today Carol thanks so much think for having me. Our next guest is mr. Roberts an expert. At it let's welcome to ship it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Not a day that -- variety. -- Some questions -- -- had -- sweater. -- Just wait until I heard it's what -- -- OK my question. Removed. Do things here and there yeah. So we all learn something that we. Our next guest professor Constance public. She -- an online course and cute and animals and astrology. She's here to discuss the top five cutest animals ever Jack announcer so let's talk a -- -- And it over but we have an act is done. And number or -- we -- and whiskers. -- Debts that he. We're. And number happen. -- -- I you know what I. I'm shutting this down -- game happy fifth anniversary. Upbeat -- Episode -- itself. As always. Jack and I -- -- led to another. He's got.

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{"id":19105486,"title":"The Jack and Alex Show: Episode 5","duration":"3:39","description":"Jack and Alex celebrate their 5th episode with some amazing celebrity guests. And Doug.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/jack-alex-show-episode-19105486","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}