Jenni Rivera's Children's Emotional Good-Bye

Jenni Rivera's youngest son and oldest daughter among those giving emotional farewell.
5:45 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for Jenni Rivera's Children's Emotional Good-Bye
And the. This is it easy this is in probably the hardest thing I've ever had to appease. But I know nothing is impossible if I have got as the NDP. In nineteen. Not only that but I'm a product of the strongest woman. -- ever know. So I have no other choice they got I have good good blood flowing demining. All -- -- in my mind. Day and night. She -- you have to be -- this. Which is why -- steady here before you off because I know that's my mom wants from all of us. To stand strong with no -- for the queen is still here it. -- wondered how queen and I -- face of this. -- I know -- here with me I could feel you more than ever. Please know you continue to be my Iraq the -- of my heart and the ocean which -- -- looks upon. I miss you so much us more than I -- ever begins to express. Nolan gives me peace keeping god is that now do know for sure how much I truly that you. I promised to do my best to take care of your babies. Our babies just please guiding me. I want to do is make you proud because you have made us so proud. I will honor and respect into the day we meet again I can't wait to hug -- -- look at your. But meanwhile keep shining like the star that you -- make you always say I'll catch you on that side. I love you. I ahead. -- -- a fusion or are you sure eleven years and my mom. But. To lose it sure it lemmings and sheep trader best sits at the best example she could food. My whole life and she still -- -- used to try to make the best example and -- never -- in -- there weren't so tired. But accomplish. Anything -- seagate -- she's very children. To. To -- man. It's. It's real honored as saying. That Denny Rivera the Prince Andrew and Diana. -- -- The hardest thing I've ever had to go through my entire -- But -- happiness and a man. Had moved on. Just. Is finally happy and she rested. Related news mattered anymore nothing master it she is. She's just trying cheese. The issues and my dad. Anyone could ever have -- I -- -- almost -- plus it is. So much. I noted dean Jeremy and it's. Anomalies seen Karen YouTube. Well. Okay everyday I wake and think. -- didn't have to -- -- But. I know you -- -- happier Daryn. Do you -- -- I just want to thank you for being the best money could ever be. Supporting us. And just doing everything. You did in these eleven years. I wanted to make everyone here. For -- my mom his. To many in view she's the best entertain and she'd be the best actress she's entered messed everything. And to me. She. The -- also mother I could ever. And she brought me. -- -- -- One can ever have. I just. And is thank you all for bringing us to this plane. Because. -- would tell -- day she would never met my dad. And I just. All of you because you Protestants --

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{"id":18019921,"title":"Jenni Rivera's Children's Emotional Good-Bye","duration":"5:45","description":"Jenni Rivera's youngest son and oldest daughter among those giving emotional farewell.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/jenni-riveras-childrens-emotional-good-bye-18019921","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}