Living the American Dream, But Not in Michigan

DREAMer Javier Contreras can now live and work in Michigan but he can't get a driver's license.
3:20 | 01/17/13

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Transcript for Living the American Dream, But Not in Michigan
And the. I just wanna have -- -- -- of the American some of my life. Like all Americans do here and is very hard without driver's license conspiracy and I'm limited to -- colleges -- can platitudes. I came here and -- for so I have no -- memory of the very -- fainted memories of Mexico. And this is my home machine in my -- at anchor appears to those born this I can speak a language have all my friends here I. I -- just console -- living here is home. I am a senior skyline high school. I participate -- school I mean this year -- part of National Honor Society I'm in the Bancroft but I am part of -- -- union. -- to allow with the -- closer -- and I was declared this year's homecoming king. And you -- current and I world school. -- Duluth. -- in the morning. A mom dropped me off to the bus stop and take the bus to school. And you know have -- school. And after school my friend using it and -- home and then just come home to home. The contents can take me somewhere my friends are gone right and -- myself taking both buses and there's little -- that comes. And then I go downtown to -- some of the bus stop you. Movie theaters and super impressive present as even -- had to take my bike. It's mind that I got a call from him -- -- -- -- a biologist declare that there's going to be deferred action and really happy and they got my hopes for the laid out and things I look up now. I was really hoping for retirement without Michael and I can drive my seniors in need a lot better and now we have everything we. We have the worst turn we have social change -- -- -- we must be willfully -- terms and but then my name -- the announcement and weird sometimes really what's going on -- houses putting in the singles out. For most the job and applying to you have to write -- when you have a reliable sources temptation. After the times I don't have. I feel like that you know kind of look my chances of getting the job anyway -- At school I really wanna get an internship because they offer a lot for conspiracy and named one of the field only going to. But oftentimes those Ireland its landing if he really hard and you get to and check -- we have family members -- and the country in different states and I could go live. Over sometime in terms placement or even just like other states like California they -- in state tuition and driver's license thing that -- -- welcoming there. And here it's kind of -- Block from Eyewitness. News. My brother and I were kind of things are chains seem almost might have to -- them as being like we're forced him. If you Tyson than being here. -- I'm so limited. I really -- -- I mean I feel. It was just a misunderstanding of the law and they just mean the federal from the federal government just doesn't think of him looking as listens to -- to those. Things just change -- I just hope I think has its own. I just want to help the community I mean I want them pay taxes than one have a legal job here and don't contribute -- I want normal American.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"DREAMer Javier Contreras can now live and work in Michigan but he can't get a driver's license.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ABC_Univision","id":"18240038","title":"Living the American Dream, But Not in Michigan","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/michigan-dreamers-drivers-licenses-18240038"}