Nail Artist Ami Vega Is All About The Small Things In Life

3:00 | 12/07/12

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Transcript for Nail Artist Ami Vega Is All About The Small Things In Life
Of if there was ever a moment in time that I know that I was going to be in -- was one time in high school. I did a tiny -- I'm talking about probably -- inches by one inch. And I did this painting watercolor and I rolled it up and I took -- piece of thread and tied it and gave it to my friends. It is the tiniest piece of paper so -- then. I've been very much and indeed sales nail is definitely be getting big EC is in commercial spaces -- -- four they have their own -- far. There's even I think and Duane -- in Chicago the hasn't nail salon. Which is crazy. And if it's something that's -- worldwide. From Japan the rain -- from what I hear in places like Japan and Korea. It's an everyday thing for women to walk -- mentions in rainbows and unicorn -- -- -- it's really extreme. Where here it's catching up but it's more like on occasion. Because some sort of special -- people do it but I'm seeing more more people -- to walk around with their nails really exaggerated really colorful. Kind of making a statement but very small state -- -- still send out. I've -- it does watch me work occasionally when she's around. And she. You know she might be chayet for residential warms she initials on how to have polls there Hanson I can take -- -- -- out -- there may -- as I do it's often to her. She's becoming big Miller fanatic herself that they she asked me for the -- -- of Mickey Mouse race specific threats that have -- -- yes. She has she's actually her -- Firm myself from my brother game -- was my business partner we hope -- to open in the salons in the near future. But friend and I would love to -- editorial -- to Fashion Week. Work with campaigns in magazines that's my current goal but nothing in the future to have our own salon suffered physical and silencing them.

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