Tacos on the street in Mexico's ritzy Polanco?

Yes, some of the best food in this fancy hood is sidewalk fare.
4:56 | 03/18/13

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Transcript for Tacos on the street in Mexico's ritzy Polanco?
And. We're here in Mexico City and we're gonna have -- with a subtle. If Mexico City hasn't equipment Beverly Hills for the upper east side here for -- one of the richest neighborhoods in all that's. But despite the fact that some of the world's best restaurants are right here some of the most delicious and Parker who can be found right on the street. And right now the -- -- production of the school sidewalks -- the screen. You don't have a grill here or you don't have a spin for instance like it's -- -- -- Three prepared talking. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- XP they -- in their own -- sides so I think they're just a delicious option to have as opposed to some of these restaurants where you can spend. 4050 dollars a person -- watch. -- -- -- -- These days doctors and -- or so turned up more stand here tonight -- Keep -- and. Another stash -- -- out of here for Michael here Italian peninsula. And the -- -- right here now is just government does have a it's Freeport crashed just so in the green sauce and other drinks and they'll have her wrists and it is kind of informal. Tenuous agreement between the authorities of the city and the vendors here who -- coming really because they have customers they have. This livelihood that they depend on it. And so again -- vendors in Mexico City remains -- point of contention. This issue between the culture of the city. Street culture -- culture society -- It goes back to the -- times. -- the dynamics of a modern city which involves regulations -- rules he. Health concerns and the political concerns that really -- -- and having this area between. Formality and informality in fact. This Bender disappeared the day after visiting. She was gone for weeks before -- another example of that shadowy underbelly of Mexico City street from. But for some reason -- don't -- to apply at night. This stand. Didn't get another -- city. It's -- -- him that night usually completely -- talk. -- tell you. -- -- Pretty impressive for spectrum. And the -- is probably range room very mild to very spicy. And usually the revelers. Were considered spies use an off -- victory -- We'll -- from home and that I'm somewhat. The rough him up I don't -- -- people you can find -- preliminary agreement to put down. -- -- -- -- The English. -- -- -- -- And I just love bowel. Makes -- -- -- -- like -- Rituals of prince's response was. Irrespective of class stature differences it's kind of -- -- This is total -- and so that is reflected in the way people interact. You're referring to maybe little. Elegant changes book and I got out of the way it happened the way it's hard to -- -- It doesn't matter and -- -- government. We're sectors of society that amendment raises -- stratified in many other aspects of this. Talk girl kind of like pillows -- -- -- I'm. And.

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{"id":18755810,"title":"Tacos on the street in Mexico's ritzy Polanco?","duration":"4:56","description":"Yes, some of the best food in this fancy hood is sidewalk fare. ","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/tacos-street-mexicos-ritzy-polanco-18755810","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}