Inside Univision's Award Winning Fast and Furious Investigation

Univision's Investigative Unit led by Gerardo Reys, right, received a Peabody Award.
3:33 | 03/29/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Univision's Award Winning Fast and Furious Investigation
-- These -- the unknown faces of operation fast and furious. The reason why are we start these investigation was because the -- -- media wants to concentrated. In the Covert op. Operation I beat you -- -- and the and Washington. And the cute you know one of the -- agents of the Border Patrol. But the question wants and what was the impact of these operations in Mexico where the -- -- Illnesses. Most of whom were obviously for a global food groups political news when it would inevitably affect the speed of -- -- on the beginning. Three months and what we did personal way to send in -- months to and so not. -- into -- and the guys that person that so war got -- intermediaries of the -- truck. -- -- -- We weren't going around Arizona special in the Phoenix area looking more than forty Doris trying to find the coastal parts hazardous. In trying to find out why -- above them and how this Elliott to. Indeed they -- -- not involved in this India for resorting to drug cartels and as you can in -- in the world kind of sponsors some closed just close the door. -- -- is don't wanna talk to us but we find some of them who talk to us and give us really good information that -- Bustamante -- investigation. We found the least of these -- young homered off or -- cones that word prior. In the operation thousand -- I'm old school. The hope the -- very big league east of Prague arms that were found. In in his kind themes. He Mexico. -- co host the two databases are we found on these 100 columnists doubt where no reporter. By the investigation. Of the congress in the United States. The sting operation -- more than 2000 weapons to disappear into the hands of criminals hundreds and -- open ahead. -- Mexican drug cartels. It what's Tom Ward because it wasn't obvious -- make that -- of the oil leases since then Mexico here's what's -- as the seat beacon was not. That's as good as soon as we -- -- thanks to the people opinion you -- get to cross the date and we then we get to those hundred weapons. And then we started when studying where those hundred weapons and and -- concrete. Situations -- it's one of those weapons. Fast and furious was not the only secret gun walking operation. You have to kind of -- in -- of the investigation one was in the congress of the United States. Out -- when you run the story. They ask it. For more information to -- Dave -- of justice and Mexico down in Mexico through the congress the Mexican congress school for. Investigation of how -- These aren't cause they have -- into Mexico. On how the authorities are warning -- the -- of the -- they know all they don't nor about the operation. The good -- -- prices aren't that. Maybe we are going to get more funds. For the next front.

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{"id":18841624,"title":"Inside Univision's Award Winning Fast and Furious Investigation","duration":"3:33","description":"Univision's Investigative Unit led by Gerardo Reys, right, received a Peabody Award.","url":"/ABC_Univision/video/univision-wins-peabody-award-fast-furious-investigation-18841624","section":"ABC_Univision","mediaType":"default"}