Anthony Kennedy joins Supreme Court in 1988

Kennedy was sworn in as the newest member of the high court, replacing retired Justice Lewis Powell.
1:52 | 06/19/18

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Transcript for Anthony Kennedy joins Supreme Court in 1988
For the first time since last June the Supreme Court. Has a full complement of nine justices has the White House this afternoon. Judge Anthony Kennedy was sworn in to fill the Supreme Court seat left vacant by the retirement of justice Lewis Powell. As our law correspondent Tim O'Brien reports the court's newest member. Has his work cut out for. It was a lighthearted Anthony Kennedy today telling reporters he's already found a temporary apartment in Washington and not enough for the whole glamour. Kennedy appears to have something for everyone supported by some of the country's most conservative senators. He appears can be. Can be very very dangerous and by distinguished liberal law professors I think that judge Kennedy has the potential to develop. Into a truly fun Supreme Court justice. Kennedy replaces retired justice Lewis Powell and inherits his swing votes which could be crucial on issues like affirmative action and abortion. But it will take time for his influence to be felt most of the important cases of the term have already been argued. And Kennedy may have to disqualify himself from one of the few major cases remaining. Tuesday the justices consider whether private all male clubs have a constitutional right to exclude women. Kennedy's recent membership in just such a club San Francisco's Olympic club with a sore point at his confirmation hearing. Kennedy said today he's been doing his homework and will be at the conference table tomorrow when the justices consider whether to reveal a constitutional challenge. To the appointment of special prosecutors. A lower court found that violates separation of powers Kennedy's writings suggest he might well agree. Overall Justice Kennedy is expected to follow justice Powell's style land home keeping a High Court on its current middle of the road course. At least until its next change in membership. Tim O'Brien ABC news at the Supreme Court.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"Kennedy was sworn in as the newest member of the high court, replacing retired Justice Lewis Powell.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Archives","id":"56009562","title":"Anthony Kennedy joins Supreme Court in 1988","url":"/Archives/video/anthony-kennedy-joins-supreme-court-1988-56009562"}